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Anyone use Kingdom rules from The Ultimate Base?

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I am tinkering with the idea of running a Fallout/The Morrow Project type of game for my group.  It looks like I have a 6 months to a year, so no pressure in designing it.  I have heard of The Morrow Project and just bought it to mine some ideas.  Additionally, I have played through about 3/4 of  the Fallout 4 video game.  One of the main ideas/missions in Fallout 4 is the creation, building, upkeep, defense, and/or subjugation of settlements.  I was wondering how to represent a settlement other than the classic size of town/base/camp, types of inhabitants, and special features/loot/weapons.  I then remembered that I bought the 'The Ultimate Base' a long time ago.  Never read it, but it mentioned Kingdom Rules in the jacket/write-up.  I am starting to look at them right now.  


I was wondering if many people have used those rules and how they liked them. I am looking at the rules with regard to the following thoughts:


1.  Use Kingdom rules in combat.  Could I speed up combat buy having the PCs classified as a unit and attack the town/base?  Would this simplify things a little too much?  Maybe bore the players....


2.  Should I just use this to organize and cement the idea of the towns, organizations/groups, and bases?


3. Would using something like this push the PCs to actually scout an area and not just go in guns blazing?  Would it actually change the perception of the towns, etc?


So I am coming to the forum for advice on if I should use the Kingdom rules and how to use them if I do.







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I think in the abstract, those rules could work.  The use of STR seems a little hinky, though.  If one unit gives you 10 STR and another 15, is it accurate that combined they give you 25 STR, and if you lose one, your STR drops to the score of the remaining unit?  Seems a bit off.  

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I thought that I would write my thoughts after reading through the rules (and only skimmed through the maneuvers).  One of the things that frustrate me on any forum is when people ask questions or help but do not summarize their plans/thoughts at the end.  


At this time, I plan on using the kingdom rules for organizations and to simulate the interaction between these organizations where the PCs are not involved.  I will have to think on it more.  I am hoping that this will give the world/campaign a more living and changing feel.  Less structured plot.  This could allow for the re-use of the setting, just in different locations.  From what little I can tell of the Fallout universe, even though there are Brotherhood of Steal (yes, misspelled on purpose) are in most places, they seem to be more of a feudal system.  The individual Elders are given a lot of leeway on how they run things and how they pursue their goals.


We will have to see how much time it adds.  If I can get this working, I hope to re-use the idea in other campaigns. For example, worlds/homeworlds in Star Hero, actual kingdoms in Turakian Age.  and prominent families/clans in Valdorian Age.  We will have to see.


Thank you for responding Assault and Megaplayboy.



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