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  1. Played it a bit ago. The change in the world could have been interesting, but we never got far into it. The game system changed too much from what it was. I cannot even remember what i hated.
  2. It has been a good decade or more since I have been to Dragonflight. I may try it. It will depend on how comfortable I am going out. Not really sure how they will be with any sort or distancing. May just go with what you said Spence... buy a ticket, not go, and eat the cost. Second.... that is the weekend of my wife's birthday. Will have to see. Good luck with running your games, Spence.
  3. Thanks Steve! Now I am going to have to go back and read the Turakian Age thread. Sheesh. Maybe even pull out the book or bring up the PDF and start going through it again. Been playing DND 5E lately because of the ease of support in Roll20 and Character Sheet integration. Anything to get me coming back to some HERO properties is welcome. Voted Tavrosel also. Probably for the wrong reasons. First the right reason.... From the description it would seem like a good place for a party to be from with different backgrounds and can have either land or sea beginning adventures. Aarn would probably be the most sensible choice for something like that. Now the probably wrong reasons.... Behind the scenes, not sure if it would easier or harder for Steve to write something with a “melange of cultures and religions”. The place can hopefully be a starting point on Steve working on a process for other towns/areas/countries. Other small city books can have the details of the cultures and religions. After the process is good, then try Aarn as it will (hopefully) be bigger than the others. Yes, I know that I am putting the cart before the horse. I have been spending all of my money lately on the various small or Zine Quest Kickstarter over the past month or so. Plan on using them for tools, tables, and/or ideas. Crap... looked back in email and realize it is 10 projects over the past month and a half. $5-$10 a project.... Anyway, I need to go look through the Hero Store and grab things from Fantasy and Sci-Fi sections that has come out in the past 9 months. I usually grab all of the fantasy item collections that Greg Elkins creates. Anyway, I rarely post.... and then I ramble. If this is for the Hero Store (like Champions International) or a Patreon (could have voting on the next item like Inkwell Ideas does it). I am in. Let me throw money at it. Good luck Steve. I hope that this is a type of project you can get behind and do. Especially since this is for Fantasy Hero (Turakian Age/Ambrethel).
  4. One of the many patreon/kickstarter projects I sponsored (Narosia, Extinction Event, etc) but did not get around to reading. The only other idea i have for sectional books to merge them in with what Spence and Hugh said.... drop in items. Mainly adventures. Can you have a series of small adventures with a map/graphic or two that can either be dropped into a current campaign or gathered into a campaign when you have 3-5 of them? Back in the day, I did buy Fantasy Hero Battlegrounds and used most of those adventures in my group's campaign.
  5. I think that one or more of these were mentioned earlier in this thread. I really like the idea of sectional books or the idea of a way to buy the collection (finished bundle). Various ideas for sectional books: Real and fictional equipment and vehicles. I realize that a lot of this is covered under the 6E Equipment guide, but was not sure if you could break them down by genre and/or intellectual property. Old/Low tech: High/Low Fantasy, Historical eras around the world Modern: Dark Champions, Champions, Danger International Future: Traveller/Terran Empire, Super Science, Alien Blended: Post-Apoc, Urban Fantasy/Supernatural, Anime, Pulp Hero Maybe split up and expand the 5E Vehicle Sourcebook. Geographic, (geo)political, social areas. Like the Champions International series coming out right now (assumption as I have not bought any of the series) Terran Empire races, worlds, continents. Valdorian Age city states Turakian Age countries (expand them) Historical empires Galactic Champions areas Pulp, Fantasy, Champions secret societies and organizations Steve's Mythic Hero line. Yes, I went there....
  6. Hi Simon, I apologize if this is somewhere on the site that I am not aware of. Are there release notes or a summary on what the latest update to Hero Designer covers? Don't need any real details, but would like to know of any changes to features and such. Norm. PS. Is there a way to watch the purchase page in the client area to be notified when you update Hero Designer?
  7. Sorry if this is rambling.... still in a little bit of shock and things are kind of raw right now. Saw this thread for the first time today.... after reading 3 pages, skipped to the end since it was 22 pages. Not even sure why I am writing this. Today, my family became one of the statistics. My 75 year old mother-in-law died this afternoon due to complication from the coronavirus (respiratory failure). She was very healthy for her age... only on thyroid medication.... no heart, blood pressure, cholesterol, nor any other 'old person' maintenance drugs. She had a slight fever for a couple of days and did not feel well. Went to the doctor on a Thursday, had a slight temp (~100) and a 98% oxygen level. Doctor thought it may have been an infection from deviated septum surgery a couple of weeks before and gave her some antibiotics. She went downhill fast over the weekend and went back to the doctor on Monday. She almost passed out at the doctor's office since she only had around a 60% oxygen level. Was taken to the ER by ambulance. The ICU rooms in the hospital were full and they had to call around to other hospitals to find a room for her. By Monday night, she was in critical condition and on a respirator. That was a little over a week ago. She was able to be put on an experimental drug study since she was so healthy and not on a lot of medication. It may have slowed some things down, but did not seem to help. Don't want to fan the flames or anything. Amazon is back-ordered a bit, but get an oximeter for yourself and your extended families. If exposed and not feeling well, it can at least give you another data point beside temperature and feeling like crap. Not sure if/when I will come back to this thread. Take care everyone and stay healthy
  8. The wayback machine failed me also. It did take me down a rabbit hole to see OLD versions of the site along with other people's sites I used to look at (Red October BBS, Dungeon Hero, Surbook's Stuff, etc). I forgot that Surbook's Stuff has been around as long as it has. Memory lane... man am I starting to feel old. https://web.archive.org/web/19980204044814/http://www.herogames.com/herogames/links.html https://web.archive.org/web/19980702070157/http://www.herogames.com/herogames/links.html https://web.archive.org/web/19981206215529/http://www.herogames.com/links.html
  9. Since no one responded to you in the forum, you can always try the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of most of the HERO Games website pages. That seems to be the standard answer for these types of questions. Good luck.
  10. YES! This is the organization that I threw at my gaming group after a couple of small adventures. Interrupting a kidnapping or two brought the party to the attention of the local group of the Red Talons. The party started to investigate some more and was getting an idea that this was a larger group than they thought. Suddenly DNCPs/contacts/family/friends were threatened/investigated/kidnapped by the Guild to distract them. Fun for all.
  11. It is like Lord Liaden said. It is a D&D 5E book. I was able to find it on Lulu. http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/d3adventures huh.... searching around.... seemed to have found a HERO version on DriveThru https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/226923/Here-Be-Dragons-Hero
  12. The D3 version is 6E. I bought mine back in 2012. It has the 6E picture on the front cover. I was combing over the site and could not find it. It is strange, because I still see other 5E and 6E D3 items in the store. Interesting..... According to rpggeek, the Evil Beagle version was published in 2017 https://rpggeek.com/rpgitem/122280/here-be-dragons-hero But RPGNow (sue me, I am old) says it was last updated in December of 2016. Give me a minute to download it. It appears I purchased it sometime, somehow.
  13. Thank you for putting the Early Hero bundle out there. I am going to grab it for The Armory. I had the physical book and sold it a decade or so ago when I did a purge of a lot of my physical books. I have regretted it since. Do you know if you are going to be putting out the 4e era Hero as a bundle sometime? I see that Champions 4E was a bundle back in April 2017, but nothing for Fantasy Hero, Star Hero, etc.
  14. Both. Full write-ups in the first book that I am looking through. Equipment, profession templates, racial templates, etc. For example, the K'kree template has 61 points in abilities and -40 points in disadvantages. When I bought it, I did not realize that it was 5th edition. I did not know you could buy them in the Hero Store (under 5E Star Hero). https://www.herogames.com/forums/store/category/15-star-hero/ Still glad I bought the CDROM.
  15. Mainly I am tired of subscriptions. Don't mind some of them, but I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. $10/month for this.... $15/month for that.... Anyway, I finally went through the store and bought around $30 of supplements and adventures. Things that I would like to see.
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