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  1. Yeah, whenever the old one was up, I was there for that. 9/11 is kind of a convenient marker in that regard.
  2. I had the idea for something called "biofusion", basically a biological equivalent to nuclear fusion. Entities with a biofusion metabolism(in my campaign setting, most supers), process food vastly more efficiently than regular organisms do, converting a portion of the mass to energy. Sufficient energy to punch through steel, run hundreds of miles per hour, fire laser beams from their eyes, and even throw tanks around.
  3. I've only seen the first two episodes of WandaVision, but I already have some theories, one of which is that the sitcom homage will "update" over time. Already by episode two there's a transition at the end to color, much like sitcoms transitioned to color broadcasts in the mid-60s. Perhaps we'll get a Normal Lear/Brady Bunch/70s homage later in the season.
  4. There's a lot of false equivalency being tossed around on the right to try to downplay and equate the insurrectionists with BLM, Antifa, and people concerned about Russian interference. I'm assuming this level of diversion and denial lasts until the first domestic terror act to occur during the new administration, likely committed explicitly in Trump's name.
  5. Coincidentally this is also the only thing UUs don't tolerate.
  6. Security at Federal and State government facilities should be tripled for the rest of the month. There's already planning and talk about a new wave of attacks/"protests" on the 17th. Sedition and insurrection are no laughing matter and a threat to liberty anywhere is a threat to liberty everywhere.
  7. To be more specific, the officer was beaten to death by "patriots" using a fire extinguisher.
  8. This is utterly shameful and every protester who stormed into the building should be facing serious charges for this. And Trump should be completely finished for this in any political sense.
  9. If you see someone who looks like this, JUST...WALK AWAY.
  10. Very glad to hear that. Survival rates have gone up dramatically in the last few decades, and eventually, hopefully, all but the worst case scenarios will be highly treatable.
  11. I have a campaign NPC megahero in Germany named Der Morgenstern whose archenemy is NeoMephisto. The two beings' origin starts when a sorceror/alchemist named Faust struck a "powerful demon lord" in the chest with the Spear of Destiny and a piece of it stuck in his heart... There's kind of a Sentry/Void dynamic going on there.
  12. It's sort of mind-boggling that we're on track for maybe passing WW2 in total US deaths by Inauguration Day(also the anniversary of the discovery of the first case here), and a significant chunk of the population still believes it's an overblown hoax.
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