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  1. The amazing fact from reading that article: Bob Newhart is still alive. He's 92 now.
  2. megaplayboy


    The best real world radar system can detect a basketball sized object in geosynchronous orbit, 22,000 nautical miles above the surface. One could probably extrapolate the necessary telescopic and PER adds to achieve that effect, and assume that's on the low end for a starfaring civilization. Determining the precise speed and heading of an object further than a light second away is probably going to be challenging.
  3. To be blunt, the Republican party "strategy" is to suppress the vote enough in 2022 to win back the House and maybe the Senate, and then in 2024 if Biden still wins, including in a few key red states, reject the results and install the Republican nominee as president. There's no plausible scenario where a Republican House and Senate will accept the legitimacy of a Biden win in 2024. What's sad is that this reality won't dawn on a majority of citizens until after it actually happens. The Republican party has given up on democracy and they've given up on governance. All they want now is to rule.
  4. I think "Bodymore, Murderland" has you beat. I wonder about the possibility of doing Mythic Hero as a series of sectional releases, pantheon by pantheon. That has the merit of not needing to be completely finished writing it before releasing sections.
  5. He was 50. Overdose and heart attack. 8 studio albums. Not my favorite artist but he had some good songs. possibly NSFW(explicit lyrics).
  6. I think they could probably either do a Squadron Sinister film or put together a team around Nefaria who's effectively an "evil Justice League" for the Avengers to face off with.
  7. Yeah, whenever the old one was up, I was there for that. 9/11 is kind of a convenient marker in that regard.
  8. I had the idea for something called "biofusion", basically a biological equivalent to nuclear fusion. Entities with a biofusion metabolism(in my campaign setting, most supers), process food vastly more efficiently than regular organisms do, converting a portion of the mass to energy. Sufficient energy to punch through steel, run hundreds of miles per hour, fire laser beams from their eyes, and even throw tanks around.
  9. I've only seen the first two episodes of WandaVision, but I already have some theories, one of which is that the sitcom homage will "update" over time. Already by episode two there's a transition at the end to color, much like sitcoms transitioned to color broadcasts in the mid-60s. Perhaps we'll get a Normal Lear/Brady Bunch/70s homage later in the season.
  10. There's a lot of false equivalency being tossed around on the right to try to downplay and equate the insurrectionists with BLM, Antifa, and people concerned about Russian interference. I'm assuming this level of diversion and denial lasts until the first domestic terror act to occur during the new administration, likely committed explicitly in Trump's name.
  11. Coincidentally this is also the only thing UUs don't tolerate.
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