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  1. I think the system can handle much more powerful characters, but there are mechanics particular to Hero that create conundrums(the Speed chart, e.g.--once you are throwing around enough points, why isn't everyone SPD 12?) and "building to concept" can hit a figurative wall when your PC is defined as human, not superhuman(legendary stats are impressive compared to normal and competent stats, but not to cosmic or godlike stats). I do think sometimes campaigns get into a kind of "rut" of simulating the equivalent of low and mid-range comic book heroes and shy away from the high end ones, except
  2. As a relevant historical observation, the road to the first American Civil War was about 40 years long, starting with the Missouri Compromise in 1820. I don't know what the first step on our current road was, but it's safe to say we've been on it at least half that long. Arguably it started during the first Bush administration.
  3. There was a writeup of the Hulk in a gaming magazine somewhere, done, IIRC, by Steve Long.
  4. Sadly, modern global temperature recordings only go back to 1850, though you can get temperature recordings from England and parts of Europe as far back as 1657.
  5. LA is currently the hottest it's been in....125,000 years.
  6. AIM's Supreme Scientist is female nowadays, I believe. Sometimes it's more fun to DIY and write up a whole backstory.
  7. This has now been corroborated by a second reporter's own independent sources. That this is obviously "beyond the pale" is manifest. It also further illustrates what I've thought for years: No one has more contempt and disrespect for supporters of Donald J. Trump than Donald J. Trump.
  8. I don't really envision the setting as being that grim and bleak. The heroes are overwhelmingly likely to succeed eventually. There may be some early indicia of success, like preventing a nearby star from blinking out. And the simple miraculous appearance of superpowered beings is likely to instill a greater belief that a "miracle" will save humanity. In terms of resource allocation, I expect that for the first decade or two preceding the start of the campaign, the spending is in the "black box budget" territory, a few tens of billions a year. When the crisis becomes more public, th
  9. I think that a large portion of the public won't take it seriously until the end is fairly near(when the Andromeda Galaxy blinks out of existence, e.g.), and the government will be trying to pump up optimism and hopefulness to keep the economy and fabric of society from collapsing. It may be part of the early storyline that the heroes have to show some signs of small success in order to stave off global depression(in the emotional sense).
  10. One of the sub-themes is that the various competing projects may create "factions" vying to be the ones to succeed. And, yes, there will likely be a nihilistic cultlike group wishing to bring upon oblivion and sabotage efforts to thwart it.
  11. I think it would emerge that the underlying problem could only be addressed by superhumans. I think the world at large would be aware of some kind of crisis but not fully cognizant that the end was near. I expect that there would be some opportunistic villainy. The culmination of the effort might be to seek to "reboot" the universe the way comic book companies reboot comic book universes.
  12. So, whilst navel-gazing about the nature of reality, I hit upon a really weird campaign premise. Basically, around 2025 or so, quantum computers have developed sufficiently that they can predict future natural events(like weather forecasting 2 weeks in advance, astronomical phenomena, and so forth). One day, a quantum computer projects that a distant galaxy, a billion or so light years away, will simply blink out of existence suddenly. Scientists don't know what to make of this prediction, until it actually happens one day in 2030. Some further disappearances of distant galaxies begin
  13. Awful. He should have his own thread. RIP. I can't believe he filmed BP while battling colon cancer. Great actor. A real loss. Should not be recast.
  14. Pretty sure the correlation between the ADL's designation of hate groups and the SPLC's runs around 0.95, but oddly only the SPLC is singled out. Wonder why.
  15. Senile people can't be "well-rehearsed" and they can't hit all the nonverbal "marks" for a speech like that. I think he will handle Trump in short order at the debates. In fact, he may do so well, and Trump so poorly, in the first debate, that there may not be a 2nd or 3rd debate.
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