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  1. Well, you either have a really compelling "signature" setting, or alternatively you can offer a plethora of original campaign settings(I think 3rd party writers have come up with a half dozen sci fi settings for Star Hero, e.g.). The only downside to that approach is that you need to follow up those settings with another half dozen(or more) campaign supplements to keep the settings alive and fresh. I'd like to see more original superhero, fantasy and modern settings.
  2. I believe Dr. Destroyer has a reputation bonus of +5/+5d6 to appropriate interaction rolls and PRE attacks("Holy crap, it's Dr. Destroyer!"). That costs him 15 points. 15 points of SA(beauty/sex appeal) will get a +5 to Charm(seducing and befriending people), Persuasion(getting people to believe you and persuading them to do things which may or may not be in their best interests), and Conversation(getting them to reveal personal information about themselves or casually let slip important information or even secrets). It also gives a +5d6 to related kinds of PRE attacks. Adding 5d6 to, say, a PRE of 15-20 will get you PRE+20 effects against normal(they are awed, IIRC, and lose a full phase). If you want the same incremental effect as COM, just buy SA incrementally, so you get +1, small group; +1, medium sized group; +1, large group, etc. If you want COM to have a meaningful effect consistently, you're going to have to come up with your own house rules for your campaign. E.g., COM rolls are complimentary to some kinds of social interaction skill attempts, add dice to some kinds of PRE attacks, and a high COM is as noticeable as a high PRE in everyday social situations. To me, though, I think those benefits are functionally identical to SA, but with SA you don't really have any "wasted" points.
  3. With the adjusted STR range from 10 to 50: STR 10: lift 100kg STR 15: lift 150 kg STR 20: lift 200 kg STR 25: lift 300 kg STR 30: lift 400 kg STR 35: lift 600 kg STR 40: lift 800 kg STR 45: lift 1200 kg STR 50: lift 1600 kg Then it doubles every +5 after 50. Which means it takes a STR 80 to lift 100 tons. Overhead press should be about 40% of the above, per The Ultimate Brick. Which means the "real world" cap is a shade above 35 on this scale, and a "cinematic" super-strong but still vaguely human character could go higher than that. I can see using that scale for a heroic campaign, along with upscaling the limits for DEX and CON accordingly.
  4. I think the scale for the 6 stats, should there ever be a 7th edition of Hero, be tweaked so that the peak legendary human stats for physical and mental stats be identical(e.g., 50). You can tweak STR lifting capacity for the first 50 points to progress at half the rate, and DEX and CV are no longer linked. Action heroes could be more impressive, and there'd be much greater granularity for "human" characters.
  5. Another way of looking at SA, very limited group is equivalent to an 8- roll(infrequent)--enough people react favorably for it to be worth something, but most people don't. The next level is equivalent to an 11- roll--maybe half of people react favorably, but a decent number do not. At the 3 points per +1 level, it's a very large group, equivalent to 14-. 3 out of 4, 5 out of 6, 9 out of 10 people, something like that. Near-universal attractiveness. I suppose if you wanted the SA to be "universal" for, say, all female humanoids or somesuch, maybe a 4 point level might make sense. 5 points, less so, because at that level, you can just buy straight PRE. I will say that a lot of people opine on the non-universal, subjective nature of attractiveness IRL, BUT! Hero simulates "cinematic realism". In cinematic realism, attractiveness is, if not universal, near-universal. When someone is strikingly attractive, everyone or almost everyone has a strong reaction to that. Every man goes gaga over the femme fatale, every woman swoons over the strong-jawed handsome hero, etc. It's as much of a trope as superheroes wearing masks, capes and tights.
  6. Women like pretty things. This includes very pretty men.
  7. As to the last point, it would be a reasonable "optional" characteristic, with real effects in game, in some kind of soap operaish setting, where social interaction and roleplay was 85+% of the campaign. If social interaction is all important in the campaign, then it's likely important enough to justify a physical attractiveness stat. But in a lot of settings it would just be superfluous.
  8. If you keep in mind that Striking Appearance can be costed out in small increments--+1, very limited group, 1 point; +1, limited group, 2 points; +1, wide group, 3 points. This means you could have +3 SA, very limited group, or +1 SA, wide group, or +1 very limited and +1 limited group SA, all for 3 points each. You can even mix and match higher and lower cost versions of SA--certain features might be widely attractive, others might be strongly attractive only to a smaller group of people--being a "leg" person, having a thing for redheads, etc. You couldn't really do that with COM, except by applying limitations to some of the COM points--and at that point, you might as well just go with SA, imo.
  9. Lifting a 50 ton tank overhead requires around a 65 STR, higher if the super waving it around can actually throw it. The potential energy of a 50 ton tank raised overhead(say, 2.5m) would be around 1.25 megajoules. Assuming one could channel all that into a single punch, it's not enough to get through modern tank armor, not frontally anyway, but you could probably cave in the turret roof with a haymaker.
  10. Standard deviations might be a useful way of looking at it. 1 standard deviation above average puts you in the top 15%. 2 puts you in the top 2%. 3 is around 1 in 500 to 1 in 1000. 4 is about 1 in 30,000. 5+ puts you firmly in "legendary" territory. Every 3-5 points of a stat value above 10 could be one standard deviation. Maybe for the physicals--STR, DEX, CON--it could be 3 points per SD(standard deviation). For the mentals--INT, EGO, PRE--it could be 5 points per. So a stat of 30 in the physicals is ultra-rare. A stat above 30 in the mental stats would also be super rare.
  11. Eh. I think they mixed humor and pathos reasonably well in the two previous GotG films. I think they recognize the danger of becoming too campy.
  12. My impression was that, while Dad Bod Thor may have been played for laughs, the subtext of it was that Thor had suffered so much profound loss, with no way to resolve in a satisfactory way, that he had kinda given up and sunk into a deep depressive state post-snap. He lost his parents, his brother, half his Asgardian brethren, Asgard itself, and many mortal friends and allies. That's some serious PTSD! So I was fine with it, and I am also a huge fan of comic book Thor.
  13. One could illustrate this by looking at paper--a single sheet, a 500 sheet "ream", and a box of 10 reams. You can punch a hole in a single sheet with a mere sharpened pencil(1 pip KA, at best). That same pencil may break if you try the same stunt with a ream of paper. Exertion of 5 STR would enable one to easily rip a sheet of paper in half. Ripping a ream of paper in half would take near-superhuman strength. A ream of paper might stop a .22 LR bullet from penetrating. You'd need a high powered rifle bullet to go through a box of 10 reams. I do take the premise that thickness increases BODY, not DEF, though I'd suggest that a thickness below the standard guidelines might reduce DEF by a point (or two).
  14. graphene would be a better coating, imo.
  15. My only input--it's an epic 5 turn fight. In the first couple of turns, it's just Cap, Thor and IM vs Thanos. At the end of the second turn, the rest of the heroes show up. At the end of the third turn, Captain Marvel shows up. The fight ends abruptly at the end of the 5th turn.
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