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  1. I do worry a bit about the fate of brick-and-mortar "nerd" specialty shops--comics, video games, fantasy/sci-fi bookstores, tabletop gaming stores, etc. If they're shut down for 2-6 months, some of them, already operating at very marginal profits, may never reopen.
  2. When this is all over, many many thousands of totally avoidable and unnecessary deaths later, I hope that one of the questions Americans ask themselves is "Why, oh why, did we ever suffer fools so gladly?"
  3. the linear trajectory may be misleading because we are limited by the number of tests available. The death trajectory, sadly, will be likely the most accurate measure of pace. The next 3 months will be a combination of boredom, depression and terror.
  4. Can someone tuned into Trumpville explain to me how 100 to 200 thousand completely avoidable deaths of American citizens equates to a "very good job"?
  5. AIUI, they objected to the part where he called it a "hoax" as deceptive/false advertising. He kinda did call the concern over it a hoax, though. We are heading into a month(or two, or even three) of perhaps some of the most tremendous losses our country has ever faced. While it may seem "partisan" to some to point out failures of preparedness and heel-dragging by 45, the grave import of these errors will be apparent to even the willfully blind soon enough.
  6. Our lives are in the hands of fools and idiots. Thank God (some of) the governors have some semblance of prudence and sanity.
  7. Google hangouts works pretty well for that.
  8. This whole thing is just taking post-apocalyptic LARPing a bit too far, methinks.
  9. Plane with 5 passengers on board: Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, The Pope and a 10-year-old schoolboy. The plane is about to crash and there are only 4 parachutes. Trump says I need one: “I’m the smartest man in the USA and am needed to make America great again.” Takes one and jumps. Johnson says, ‘I’m needed to sort out Britain’. He takes one and jumps. The Pope says, ‘I need one as the world needs the Catholic Church.’ He takes one and jumps. Angela says to the ten year old: “You can have the last parachute. I’ve lived my life, yours is only just starting.” The 10-year-old replies: “Don’t worry, there are 2 parachutes left. The smartest man in the USA took my school bag.”
  10. We're on track to pass China in the next two weeks, we might even be on track to have as many cases as the rest of the world combined within the next 4-6 weeks.
  11. Bernie Sanders is going to be more than 300 delegates behind Biden after tonight, with roughly half the total delegates selected. It's nearly impossible for Sanders to catch up, and we all remember how messy, fractured and contentious the extended primary was, and how that poisonous atmosphere continued into the Democratic convention. Only 75% of the Sanders primary voters supported Clinton in the general election, and half of those who didn't voted for Trump. I don't want a repeat of ANY of that. Bernie needs to quit, and soon.
  12. Dry cough, fever of 102-104, and shortness of breath are the major symptoms. If you have a persistent fever(lasts more than a day), see a doctor. Shortness of breath and high fever are definitely "red flag" symptoms in any event, even if it's not COVID.
  13. I think a pile of dead parents and grandparents is a bit harder to weasel out of, politically and otherwise.
  14. All gatherings larger than 250 people banned in Maryland. We're a couple weeks away from Italy, which has about 10x our official case count right now, but 25x our fatalities(yikes).
  15. I'm getting ever closer to the "shake them and slap them" stage of "dealing" with people who aren't the least bit concerned about the pandemic.
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