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  1. Basically, traditional liberal Democrats and newfangled progressive Democrats are both Social Democrats, using state intervention to offset the ill effects of market capitalism and providing a safety net for all citizens. They're not really out to seize control of private corporations but instead to regulate and reform them. So calling Democratic policies "socialist" is just hyperbolic silliness. We're just trying to continue doing what FDR started, what LBJ continued, and what Obama revived. But social democracy does require a robust tax base, which is really what upsets conservatives.
  2. I don't think any of the 26 Democratic presidential candidates, nor the 4 members of the "Squad"(the 4 freshmen congresswomen), have actually advocated workers' ownership of the means of production, so none of them are really socialists. What they are, more generally, are Social Democrats, in the vein of FDR and LBJ, who both created and expanded the so-called welfare state. Social Democrats see a role for government in offsetting the ill effects of capitalism--exploitation of labor, corruption, concentration of wealth, environmental pollution etc.--and providing a safety net for all citizens while distributing the benefits of prosperity more evenly throughout society.
  3. The "debate" over whether the President is racist is now starting to resemble the "debate" over whether manmade climate change is real.
  4. It's a real challenge. The best hope is for a relatively rare blowout win in the presidential race, by 8+ points, because that would have long coattails for the Democrats.
  5. It's not just about the verbal sparring. It's about the body language. She will dominate him on the stage, and the audience watching will see it.
  6. I think Harris would annihilate Trump in a debate. She can put him off balance and off his game with ease, just by tweaking his ego here and there, walking him into traps.
  7. The concern, from the Democratic perspective, is that Republicans have opted, in the face of demographic changes coming in the electorate, not to adjust their message and substantive policy to be more broadly appealing, but to essentially game the system or even rig the game to maintain minority control of state governance(and of Congress) by any available or necessary means, including gerrymandering via computer, using a citizenship question to suppress Latinx reporting on the Census survey, using "voter id cards" which are not particularly easy to obtain for people of limited means, playing games with voting machines/hours etc to effectively suppress votes in Democratic precincts, in order to preserve and maintain a hold on power for as long as possible. The tyranny of minority rule, so to speak, or at least that's the Democratic case against these measures.
  8. I think Warren and Castro did the best in the first debate tonight. Beto had kind of an off night, imo.
  9. Because of differences of scale, duration and quality of treatment. Anyone who treated the children of detainees the way they are currently being treated would be out of a job in the prior administration.
  10. There were concentration camps before and after the Nazis...put a group of "undesirables" into detention facilities, concentrating them there. Deprive them of many basic necessities, treat them poorly...even without forced labor or a program of extermination, some of them will die from disease and neglect. But, as many others have observed, "the cruelty IS the point."
  11. Just an observation...regardless of protestations over the connotations thereto, the technically correct term IS "concentration camps". George Takei, somewhat of an expert on the topic due to personal experience, has it right.
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