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Death Dragon and Cult of the Red Banner

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Hello everyone,


Are there stats on the Death Dragon and the Cult of the Red Banner in the Champions 5th and 6th edition books? Or other resources?


What about Hi-Pan?


Please l let me know where I can find them as I'm thinking I will do a storyline for my Champions Worldwide: Agents of UNITY campaign that features the Tournament of the Dragon in Thailand (where the players want to go).

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On 1/20/2019 at 5:46 PM, csyphrett said:

4th edition watchers of the dragon had the first mention of the tournament with various NPCs drawn up.



And it's in pdf form in the Hero Games online store: https://www.herogames.com/forums/store/product/672-watchers-of-the-dragon-pdf-4th-edition/ . The Tournament is thoroughly described. Admittedly that's for an earlier incarnation of the Champions Universe, but the Tournament, and Dr. Yin Wu (senior Watcher of the Dragon ), have both been carried over into the current setting, so the info should still generally apply.


WotD also describes and game-stats the Death Dragon; but that monster is only one aspect of THE Dragon, primordial source of the most evil impulses in the human psyche. You can find the Dragon extensively written up in The Mystic World, source book for the  "magic" side of the CU: https://www.herogames.com/forums/store/product/304-the-mystic-world-pdf/

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Nothing about Hi Pan in the books, though. He's a Cryptic creation whom Steve Long wasn't fond of  -- too obvious a pun on Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China.  But if you read the Red Banner PDF which Greywind pointed you to, you should see where he would probably fit within the Cult's hierarchy.

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