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  1. Note: In our MidGuard campaign, at the time this story takes place in February 2000, supers have not yet gone public although some have been operating "below the radar" for a number of years. Crossover For what she expected would be the last time, sixteen-year-old Elena Alekseyeva turned for a moment to look at Saint Petersburg. The city of both her birth and earliest childhood, it was still the true center of Russian culture. It had taken her nearly seven hours to run from Moscow to Saint Petersburg, where she had spent a tearful hour with her Uncle Dmitri and Aunt Katya
  2. La faune nocturne de Paris I'M SORRY BUT THIS FORUM'S SOFTWARE APPARENTLY CANNOT DEAL WITH FOREIGN LANGUAGE SYMBOLS SO IT HAS SCREWED THIS STORY UP QUITE BADLY. IT MADE LITERALLY SCORES OF ERRORS SO I DON'T HAVE TIME TO CORRECT IT ON THE FORUM, SO IF YOU WISH TO READ IT PM ME AND I WILL GLADLY E-MAIL YOU A COPY OR FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW. You may read the story on our campaign website here: http://home.earthlink.net/~jeffspur/id7.html Note: I first posted this story on the Hero boards in July 2006. This is a minor revision; mostly involving retconned names. (
  3. Cassandra Johannsen Sixth Grade English Mrs. Castillo My Summer Vacation My dad owns the J Bar J cattle ranch and we also take guests in the summer. Usually these are fat old men or sometimes married couples with kids. This year was different. When the first dudes arrived Friday morning they were pulling a horse trailer of their own and they were two women! I watched them stop and get out of their SUV. One was a blonde woman with glasses. The other one was a blonde girl as tall as me wi
  4. IIRC, Oddhat said that buying your character with "Healing; Regenerates Limbs" is pretty much an open invitation for your GM lop off an arm or leg so you can get some benefit from the Power you bought. And I've always taken issue with that. It could mean Regeneration is part of the character concept, or it could mean I expect that getting dismembered MIGHT happen and I am willing to invest points into "insurance" against the possibility. Just because I have a fire extinguisher doesn't mean I WANT my house to catch fire. Oh, I agree in this instance, but sometimes weird
  5. Keep in mind that a GM doesn't have to take away a Focus to create a "fish out of water" scenario. A speedster hit with a significant SPD or DEX Drain or a brick whose STR fades when he's exposes to Unobtanium can be just as crippled combat-wise as the guy who loses his doohickey. Disadvantages can also be tremendous handicaps. The best scenarios always feature the character triumphing in spite of the odds; Foci just give the GM more obvious hooks to work with. And really, the best players will play their own Disads rather than having them forced on them by the GM.
  6. Amen. We have an irregularly-played character in our 350 point base MidGuard Champions campaign who uses martial arts with her two fighting sticks. Not that I have an issue with foci, but even with her martial arts this character only does a maximum of 9d6 in HTH combat, and 6d6 of that is from her OAF foci. So if this character is disarmed she is essentially unable to fight anything above street-level mooks. Yes, she also has Find Weakness 13-, but that's not real effective with a mere 3d6 attack. I have literally begged the character's player to reverse this ratio, although even 6d6 is prett
  7. Actually, it seems to me it's more of an example of the master using his superior levels defensively and not using his full attack capabilities.
  8. IIRC, Oddhat said that buying your character with "Healing; Regenerates Limbs" is pretty much an open invitation for your GM lop off an arm or leg so you can get some benefit from the Power you bought.
  9. I think it goes beyond that; I think it becomes incumbent upon the GM to play those Limitations. That doesn't mean that if the character has (say) an OIF it should be taken from him 33% of the time, just that there is some likelihood of that Focus being taken away during combat, malfunctioning, being immediately unavailable, or even stolen. It doesn't have to be the whole scenario, just during it. As an example: a powered armor type in our campaign was once kidnapped while in his Secret ID after his helicopter was shot down; and was unable to put on the suit he was carrying in his briefca
  10. I think the style of martial art is mostly dependent on the character concept/origin. A Japanese guy named Hiro Takata being a master of kendo makes sense; his being a master of Chinese kung fu makes much less. I also prefer to either select a specific style such as Crane style kung fu or design my own from scratch. A character in our MidGuard campaign has a style called Cloud Dragon kung fu; which not only has martial maneuvers but also gives him some quasi-mystic powers like Clinging, Mental Awareness, and Teleport. Personally I rather like STR 15 for MA's; it keeps them from burning to
  11. Black Widow is very clearly a Martial Artist; arguably just a 200-250 point agent rather than a true super. If I were building her I wouldn't give any higher than a 5 SPD. She has some nifty gizmos, but nothing about her is superhuman.
  12. It's a classic trope in kung fu flicks: A kung fu master, facing an inferior opponent, literally puts one hand behind his back and proceeds to defeat his opponent, usually as a way of demonstrating his superiority and with a certain air of contempt. There are of course other reasons to only use one hand, such as holding something which must be protected in the other - an infant or fragile antiquity for example. Or even just missing one arm. Now the most obvious way to represent this in Hero is probably just to give said character a CV several points higher than his two-handed opponent or
  13. Re: Zl'f portrait by Storn I remember that from a few years back. Is it a downloadable program, or does it work strictly through the browser?
  14. Re: Zl'f portrait by Storn I like it! Did you you use some character-drawing software to do that? If so, what was it and where can I get it?
  15. Re: Zl'f portrait by Storn Just got confirmation that Эльф is pronounced El'f from another Russian language website. There is in fact no "Z" in her name at all; Russian has two letters Э and 3 which depending on the font can look almost identical and represent E and Z respectively. I must have transposed the two letters years ago even though I was using the correct one: Э It is rather entertaining (and oddly humbling) to consider that even after 20 years one can still learn something new about one's character. Ah well; I should look on the bright side: at least nobody will need to a
  16. Re: Zl'f portrait by Storn I was finally able to log in to Forvo and put in a request for the correct pronunciation of ЗлЪф (Zl'f). Hopefully some kind Russian speaker there will enlighten me within a day or two. I did get a correct pronunciation for her given name, Елена (Elena). Turns out there is a soft "Y" sound at the beginning of the name so her named is correctly pronounced more like Yil-ena. That may explain why I have often seen it transcribed as Yelena. EDIT: I just now got a pronunciation of Эльф from a Russian speaker at Forvo. According to the MP3 he recorded, the "Z" in
  17. Re: Zl'f portrait by Storn Well that's more info than I got. I'll try them again in a day or two. Thanks!
  18. Re: Zl'f portrait by Storn I found a multi-language pronunciation site: http://www.forvo.com/ which looked like just the answer I needed. Alas, despite literally a dozen attempts to open an account (on two different devices) I could not establish an account, so I'm kinda stymied. If you're feeling adventurous, perhaps you'd care to try your luck? The word is ЗлЪф
  19. Re: Zl'f portrait by Storn I pronounce it Zil'f with the accent on the first syllable. The apostrophe in Russian transliteration indicates a soft letter following. That may not be correct but I've been unable to find a Russian native speaker to give me the correct pronunciation. (I am currently playing two games of go online with a woman in St. Petersburg Russia but I was unable to explain to her exactly what I wanted to know.) It may well be Zl'f with no vowel sound at all but I honestly just don't know.
  20. Re: Zl'f portrait by Storn Of course, as long as she doesn't do anything inappropriate. I have a several page writeup of her powers (in non_Hero terms) and personality if you're interested.
  21. Re: Zl'f portrait by Storn We try to get in a Champions game about every other month; the other months are taken up with our Pulp Hero campaign or Real Life. And of course some scenarios last more than one game session.
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