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  1. Re: Zl'f portrait by Storn Might as well post her current hdc file too. The last hdc of her I posted here was v434 (79 XP ago); posted in September of 2007. My character records system uses Experience Points earned plus Base 350 points, not total points spent. So she currently has 9 unspent XP.
  2. Re: Cold -based Character "Winter" - Natasha Khrushchev - Whose is she? I've posted that short story to our campaign website: http://home.earthlink.net/~jeffspur/id52.html Feel free to browse around.
  3. For my birthday this year I decided to do something I've dreamed of for well over a decade: Get a professional rendering of my character Zl'f by Storn Cook. This is the 20th year I've played Zl'f and also the 20th year for our MidGuard campaign; she's the only player character who has been in play that entire time. (She's also has 164 XP now). The result exceeded my wildest expectations: [ATTACH=CONFIG]43322[/ATTACH] I wanted a Graeco-Roman mythological motif to go with the name and I thought the short Greek style tunic (based on a picture of the Greek goddess Artemis) and lace
  4. Re: Hero Designer 3 die roller ported to Android? Maybe, but that's really beside the point. I already have a die roller. I just greatly preferred the one in HDv3 and would like one that provides the same appearance and functionality for my Fire. I was hoping either the original author or one of our other programmers here would try porting it to Android - an app for which I and I suspect many others would be willing to pay $3 or even $5 for.
  5. Re: Hero Designer 3 die roller ported to Android? Dan, I checked the browser setting and JavaScript is enabled but it still won't work. It may be something to do with Amazon's dragging their feet to integrate the Kindle Fire with the web because they want everyone in their "walled garden." As of the moment they won't even allow alternate browsers but only their own Silk browser.
  6. Re: Hero Designer 3 die roller ported to Android? It doesn't work, Dan. I tried it repeatedly. Besides, I have a tolerable die roller. I just want one with all the bells and whistles for Android to run on my Kindle Fire.
  7. Re: Hero Designer 3 die roller ported to Android? You just add a "k" after the number of damage dice. It's not particularly elegant, but it is simple.
  8. Re: Hero Designer 3 die roller ported to Android? [ATTACH=CONFIG]43130[/ATTACH]
  9. Re: Hero Designer 3 die roller ported to Android? No idea how to post or store pics here.
  10. Re: Hero Designer 3 die roller ported to Android? Let's see if this works: file:///C:/Users/Steven%20C%20Willson/Desktop/Hero%20Designer%203%20die%20roller.jpg
  11. Re: Hero Designer 3 die roller ported to Android? I can take a screenshot from my laptop but I've got no way to post it. If you like I can take one and e-mail to you.
  12. Re: Hero Designer 3 die roller ported to Android? It's located under "Tools" in HDv3 - and again, it doesn't work at all if you are using Java 7. Looking at HDv3 info, BC Holmes was the programmer for the die roller.
  13. Re: Hero Designer 3 die roller ported to Android? Ht locations would be handy as well. I suggest people look at the HD3 version as a starting point. Note: It will not work with Java 7; you will have to roll back to version 6.
  14. Re: Hero Designer 3 die roller ported to Android? I know there are other die rollers out there - half our group uses Dice Bag - but mostly I'm hoping somebody might port the one in HD3 over to Android so we can use the real McCoy. Everyone in my group and probably thousands of other Hero players out there would pay $$$ to have it on our phones or tablets.
  15. While I've tried numerous die rolling programs in my nearly 35 years of RPG's, none have been as great as the one included in HD3. Nothing even comes close. I don't recall who the author of that program was although I'm pretty sure it was not Dan Simon. I was wondering if that unnamed genius might consider reworking it as an Android app? I would happily pay several dollars to be able to run that on my Kindle; and every member of my gaming group with a smart phone concurs.
  16. Re: Effect of Flash on Sense of Touch Thanks, that's at least a starting point. Do you know if a similar rule exists for 5ER?
  17. I was sure I remembered 5ER rules for what the in-game effect of Flashing the sense of Touch, but my search-fu is weak. Some sort of combat penalty from "numbness" seems logical, but does anyone know where and what the official rule is?
  18. Re: How to build the appearance age in 5ER That's good.
  19. Re: Cold -based Character "Winter" - Natasha Khrushchev - Whose is she? Thanks. Doesn't look like Psylint has posted here in a couple of years. I want to post that short story on our Champions campaign's website; and possibly work her into a scenario I've got in mind. I'll try sending him an e-mail to see if he'd mind.
  20. Several years ago another member and I collaborated on a short story involving his Russian character "Winter" (Natasha Khrushchev) and my own Russian character Zl'f. I'd like to use the character in a scenario and give Winter's creator due credit but I cannot recall who that might be. If Winter's creator sees this or if someone else here remembers who it might be please let me know.
  21. Re: How to build the appearance age in 5ER The same person; needing to look older. Ordinary people start showing signs of age of aging by their mid-20's; a 30 year old who looks 15 is going to raise eyebrows and perhaps get unwanted questions asked.
  22. I would like to have a character be able to look older than she actually is (without actually being less capable) and change back to her normally youthful appearance at will. The ability would be inherent, not using makeup or other external materials. I'm thinking a limited variation of Instant Change (Cosmetic Transform) is the obvious way to do this but I wondered if anyone had other ways to do this..
  23. Re: Olympic sprinter So you're saying an extra +1 SPD and +4" of Running would do it? That seems fairly reasonable. That's only 18 CP; well within the margins for a Talented Normal. I just thought characters couldn't go faster than SPD 2 for non-combat activities? So if, say, a martial artist has a 6 SPD he can use those extra Phases to outrun the Olympic Gold Medallist by a considerable margin without even buying up his Running? Sweet.
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