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  1. Re: Your greatest Chmapions moment Hey! That should be my sig! Give it to me or I will fling an enormous rock at your head!
  2. Re: Your greatest Champions moment Mine happened with my very first Champions character, Ranger. Ranger was a very heavily defended powered armor type I played for four years; from '82 to '86. This happened near the end of his career, when he had over 120 XP. Our team, the Sentinels, had tracked down a terrorist group (VIPER?) who were planning to detonate a medium-yield nuclear weapon in the center of Manhattan. During the course of the fight, the bomb accidentally was struck by an electrical attack, and the Time to Detonation timer abruptly reset to 01:00 and started counting down. ...59...58...57... Oh s**t! Ranger grabs the bomb (he was also our team's brick) and flies out the window with it. While he's only a SPD 4, he's still the fastest flyer on our team with 25" X4 NCM, and he immediately goes to non-combat flight. ...55...54...53... At his maximum flight speed Ranger can fly 4 kilometers per minute, or less than 2.5 miles before detonation. I tell the GM that Ranger is heading east out to New York Harbor to get it as far away from the city as possible when it detonates. The other characters and the bad guys have basically stopped fighting, because they know they'll be within the blast radius if it goes off. ...30...29...28... Right about now Ranger passes out of the city and is flying over water towards the Atlantic. ...20...19...18... Right about here the GM reminds me that despite Ranger's extraordinarily high defenses (62 PD/58 ED, most of it Hardened and Resistant) there is no way he'll survive being at Ground Zero when a 100 Kiloton nuke explodes in his arms. I nod as Ranger Pushes his Flight; no need to conserve the END Battery at this point. ...12...11...10... The GM tells me it's time for Ranger to drop the bomb and escape; making it clear that with his defenses Ranger only needs to be a few hundred meters away to survive the blast. I look up and meet the GM's eyes and smile; and I see the astonishment on his face as he suddenly realizes Ranger isn't going to drop the bomb. Every second he can carry it further away from New York will save hundreds or even thousands of lives; and with Ranger's Total "Protects Innocents" no other option is possible. I didn't even have to think about; I knew that's what Ranger would do. ...3...2...1...click! Click? Seems the hit which had screwed up the timer had also damaged the bomb's firing mechanism. Or, at least, that's what the GM claimed afterward. I've never been sure if that was really true or if he was just afraid of killing my character. I've always been half certain he cheated. I honestly wouldn't have minded a bit if Ranger had died then, because it would have been a hero's death. It would have been a glorious way for a superhero to die, saving untold thousands of innocent people. Figuring anything else would be anticlimactic after that, I retired Ranger shortly thereafter and started playing a ninja. (Hey, it was the 80's!)
  3. Re: Batman Begins: Batman This may seem like a dumb question, but why is Autofire 2 Shots a +1¼ Advantage? My Hero Designer v2 shows it as only a +¼. I think you may have badly overcosted the missiles. I agree that in the first movie the Batcave is little more than a hidden garage. It doesn't yet have any of the gizmos that justify buying it as a base.
  4. Re: Batman Begins: Batman Nice. You forgot the missiles used to blow through the parking garage wall and later to knock down the elevated train tower. I'd make those about a 4d6 RKA. And it also had "bomb caltrops" he dropped during the police chase. One question: Have you figured out how fast 57" X4 NCM is in miles per hour? It's 547 kilometers per hour, or about 328 MPH. That may be a bit faster than you need. I didn't notice him outrunning the police; he outmaneuvered 'em.
  5. Re: Batman Begins: Batman Overall, very well done! Two things I'd add: 1) I'd build the bat-shuriken as 1d6 RKA. They clearly are sharp. 2) You've got to design his Batmobile before you can call him complete. Of course, it's fairly tame in Batman Begins compared to other movies or the comics. The only new thing was the jet-assisted jumping. Repped.
  6. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? I'm currently listening to the soundtrack for the musical "Cats." (I've seen the show on stage three times.) I use Windows Media Player. When that's done, I'm going to put on "Riverdance;"which I've also seen on stage. What? So I like musicals. Sue me.
  7. Re: Champions Jargon I believe kawaii_gin_neko was deleted last week for making threats (at least she no longer appears in the member's list). I'm not sure if anyone else was though.
  8. Re: Champions Jargon The difference is that in our vernacular Wombat refers to the character, not the player. So to amalgamate the two, a Rapist would typically design and play a Wombat.
  9. Re: Champions Jargon Wombat: A character built with every conceivable loophole and Limitation to maximize power. Flight bought "Not Underwater", Energy Blasts and Force Fields bought with exceptionally rare Limitations (Not in Intense Magnetic Fields; Not on Odd Numbered Tuesdays) adding up to +1 or more. Our group's equivalent to "munchkin" or "cheese." Combat Wombat: A PC built and optimized solely for combat. Has no non-combat skills or abilities at all; in fact may not even have a name for his Secret ID or a method of earning a living in said Secret ID. Really bad ones may not even have a superhero name (He's still "Bob's character" after two years of play.) Usually has "Current (nameless) Girlfriend 11-" as an NPC; particularly egregious ones may take this several times ("He fools around."). Often applied to characters (I use the term loosely) with totally unrelated Powers with an overarching "concept" ("Um, he's a nanotech-enhanced mutant bitten by a radioactive weasel. Yeah, that's the ticket. He fights crime!") A Combat Wombat may or may not be a Wombat (see above).
  10. Re: Subway Cars Very nice, John! Where'd you get the physical data for the dimensions? It also occurs to me that a similar drawing of a mass transit bus might be useful. I'm sure there are gamers who have never been on one.
  11. Re: Your campaigns campaign limits. That's probably the single most intelligent post in this entire thread. Walk away, Whamme².
  12. Re: Your campaigns campaign limits. Yes, that was my reaction to your assertation that we should use CP as a basis for comparison. I'm glad you've finally come to realize how inane that was.
  13. Re: Your campaigns campaign limits. I've already illustrated earlier in this thread how an MA built with identical SPD & DEX to your hypothetical brick who spends the same points on Martial Maneuvers and DCs will defeat a brick built solely with the same amount of character points in STR. The added DCV/OCV from the martial maneuvers more than makes up for the difference in PD and Stun. So your erronious supposition about the superior efficiency of STR has already been clearly disproven. Perhaps you should go back and actually read it this time?
  14. Re: Your campaigns campaign limits. You were the one who decided CP were a valid basis for comparison; not I. 12 PD is still only 0.57% "better" than 10 PD by your method. So is CP really a useful method for character comparison? (I think we all know the answer to that.)
  15. Re: Your campaigns campaign limits. Hardly. The MA would have spent those points the brick spent on STR on DEX and SPD; meaning he's spent 50+ more points on not getting hit. And since he'll get hit less often, he doesn't need the same kind of CON either, so all that CON would be a waste of points. More DEX and SPD there too. Our MA will always be faster than your brick. And you'd still be 100% wrong; as you have been throughout this entire thread. STR is neither too cheap nor too expensive. It's priced entirely properly with regard to its effectiveness.
  16. Re: Your campaigns campaign limits. Now your criteria for comparison is Character Points? How did that come about; and on what basis is it a valid scale for comparison? On a 350 point character 4 PD is only 0.57% better than 2 PD. That's hardly enough to get excited about IMO.
  17. Re: Martial Art Question I think your initial ideas for Tai Chi Chu'an or Aikido were pretty good, although jujitsu is also a good art if one needs to use an opponent's STR instead of one's own. Do you have UMA to look at those styles? I can PM you the maneuvers that go with each if you wish.
  18. Re: Stranded in the Past Phasers do far more than just kill opponents. They can stun, they can heat, they can vaporize, they can blow holes in walls, they can cut through tough armor like a cutting torch. They offer far more versatility, and are far more portable, than a modern machine gun or even a handgun. That's what better technology offers: More versatility, reliability, and portability. A modern semiautomatic pistol isn't significantly better at killing a single man than an 18th century muzzleloading pistol, but it shoots more rounds, is vastly more reliable, is 50X faster to reload, has much better range and accuracy, and can be used even if it's been submerged in water. A phaser would be a tremendous weapon in modern times; it could probably take out a main battle tank. Try that with a Glock or machine gun.
  19. Re: The status of normals in the Superhero genre
  20. Re: Multiple-Power Attacks--Untenable Rule Like many things in Hero, MPAs can be abused. That having been said, in 23 years of Champions play I've never actually seen one used by player or GM. Multiple Sweep attacks, yes. MPA, no. It's one of those things that in theory looks really awful but doesn't seem to get actually used much. Who wants to play with metagamers anyway? I generally avoid those like the plague.
  21. Re: The status of normals in the Superhero genre "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to input.jack again." I couldn't possibly have expressed it better. Normals have to be as competent, in at least some circumstances, as the heroes are, or the heroes lose not only all sense of scale but their very humanity. In our campaign we try to define our characters as much by their friendships and hobbies as by their powers. I gave all the players in our campaign a short questionaire about their characters, and the one filled out by Blackjack, who runs Silhouette, our team brick and scientist, has a couple of amusing and I think relevant answers: 9) What would your character be doing with her life if she had never had her powers? Spending more time in the lab... 10) What would your character do with her life if she were to lose her powers? Spend more time in the lab. Sarah Richmond, AKA Silhouette, defines herself first and foremost as a physicist, not as a superheroine. The density control powers are nice, but they are not who she is. Who she is is the 2003 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, the expert piano player, the hardcore science fiction fan, the socially timid geek who gets dragged shopping or horseback riding by her best friend, Elena Yurievna. Powers don't make characters; normal life does.
  22. Re: The status of normals in the Superhero genre
  23. Re: The status of normals in the Superhero genre Thanks. The chronic shortage of vowels has plagued the Slavic nations for centuries, despite recent attempts by the Western nations to export tons of emergency vowels. A similar problem inflicts Wales.
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