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    I'm an aspiring fantasy writer and game designer based out of Kansas City, KS. I've written for Hero Games and even created an entire superhero gaming campaign setting that has been featured in Hero Games' official fan magazine, Digital Hero.
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  1. Looks like Hero System is alive and well in 2016! Fantastic!
  2. Re: [New Product] Champions Complete Thanks for the review, Stormfalcon! Now I need to scrape together the $40 to get this! Maybe there's a plasma clinic nearby... ;-)
  3. Re: [New Product] Champions Complete No, it hasn't. Gojira's point is that there are NOT any major changes between HS6E and CC like that. In fact, except for extremely minor points (such as how Classes of Minds for mental powers are handled and how Categories of certain skills are handled), CC is HS6E, only presented with comfortable brevity. So, "conversion" should only be needed by the epically anal-retentive.
  4. Re: What version of Luck do you use in your game and why? As I'm writing Meriquai Falls, I'm encouraging readers to use the "starting 2d6 of HAP with Luck dice added to the roll at the start of the session" rule. This is to represent the favor the spirits have for the character. HAP can be used for die roll adjustment, power stunts, and much more. And, yes, for those of you who remember Shotgun Rider's writeup in Digital Hero, that does make the veteran Legend Force hero insanely scary. Then again, he survived the Great Meriquai Falls Massacre when most of the rest of his team died f
  5. Re: [New Product] Champions Complete [rant] If you don't like the concept of Champions Complete, then don't buy it. Buy 6Ev1, 6Ev2, and Champions 6E instead. They'll still be available as PDFs on the online store. See, problem solved. If your FLGS (not just "LGS," you lazy biznatches) doesn't carry a book or if a book isn't in print, buy it in PDF format on the online store. See, problem solved. Sheesh, why do people need to make things so complicated? (Oh, and the first distinguished gentleman who pops off with "I absolutely refuse buy PDFs because I prefer the viscer
  6. Re: [New Product] Champions Complete Okay, THAT'S important. I can now think of at least eight characters in Meriquai Falls (between the Imperions supplement and the Primer) where I can now either cut out a smidge of word count or readjust the character point total. Very helpful.
  7. Re: [New Product] Champions Complete Dang it, LL! Hermit! Quit making comments like that! I can't give you guys any more rep! LOL!
  8. Re: [New Product] Champions Complete I am so looking forward to seeing how this will turn out. Derek's no slouch in the Hero community, so I'm expecting to be pleasantly surprised. Sketch did pose a question on FB that I'm curious about as well. Will this be purely crunchy bits or will there be chewy bits thrown in? Sketch's question was specifically about whether a new in-house setting was in the works or not. I also had a question of my own. Are third-party writers encouraged to refer their readers to this product?
  9. Re: Corporations Text Template Man, I can't give Hermit any more Rep. Thanks, dude! And thanks, Steve, for covering for me... again. lol
  10. I'm sure there are plenty of fans here who remembers the old 4th Edition supplement, Corporations. Due to circumstances too sordid and whiny for me to get into here, I've lost my copy a while back. Does anyone here want to post a "template" of what a corporation entry in the book looked like? I'm not looking for actual material from the book itself, just looking for what a typical entry looked like. I remember liking the format and wanted to use a similar format for the various "sidebars" discussing corporations in the world of Meriquai Falls.
  11. Re: CHAMPIONS BEYOND Sneak Peek: The Cover! Absolutely gorgeous!
  12. Re: Fantasy Hero 6E - initial impressions I love the new, full-color layout of the book itself. The artwork blows my mind, although I wish we could have kept the old illustrations for Drudaryon's Legion and colored them, but that's just my own personal opinion. Steve added a metric ton of illustrative quotes to this edition... it adds some literary air of authenticity to the book and are quite welcome. Perhaps one quote per section header would have been enough, though, because the quotes seem to overwhelm the main text at times, particularly in the first couple of chapters. Outside o
  13. Re: What do you really think of Champions Online? Two things stop me from getting full-on into the game. One is finances. I'm a (retired) long-time player of both EQ1 and WoW, so I'm used to the pricing scheme that CO follows. Comparatively speaking, I feel it is fair. Sadly, I have only a part time job and need to support a wife and two children, so maintaining a subscription to the game isn't very responsible of me. More than likely, the wife will try to keep me from playing it anyway (she feels it locks my attention and keeps me from being a responsible father), so I wouldn't be a
  14. Re: I took the plunge! Yay!
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