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  1. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) [ATTACH=CONFIG]45726[/ATTACH] Demoiselle Nocturne.
  2. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) [ATTACH=CONFIG]45721[/ATTACH] Photon.
  3. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) [ATTACH=CONFIG]45720[/ATTACH] Alchemica.
  4. Re: Wearing the Cape / West Pacific Supers Wearing the Cape and Villains, Inc were YA novels intentionally written to appeal to a tweenie-girl demographic.
  5. Since this is a follow-up to Bigdamnhero's "Dispel and Area Effect" question, it might be more appropriate in the discussion forum. Move as appropriate. When using a Dispel that affects a power like Blast that has an instant duration, I've assumed that it has no effect unless it is done at the exact same time as the subject power. Thus, with a Dispel Blast, Trogdor the Dispellanator would have to hold an action, then succeed in a DEX vs. DEX challenge with the Blasting opponent, then actually roll well enough on the Dispel effect roll to shut down the Blast. And then the opponent could just try again on his next action, without any further impedement. In other words... really not a very useful power. More useful against the occasional Constant-advantaged Blast, but even then all it would do is force the opponent to make another Attack Roll on his next action. Am I wrong in these assumptions?
  6. [ATTACH=CONFIG]45504[/ATTACH] Preparations for my campaign are nearing the starting point. My initial lineup of PCs include: Adam Smasher: A flying brick who can phase. Enermatrix: An energy projector who can draw upon an infinite supply of zero-point energy to generate electrical effects. Silver Dragon: An UNTIL technician and agent who, when injured, transforms into a Japanese dragon. Smokescreen: A reformed thief who can convert his body into smoke. Pinball Wizard: A mutant born with a pneumatic, bouncing body and incredible grasp of ricochet trajectories. A sixth character is in development.
  7. Re: Northern Guard (Canadian Super Hero team) I actually consider the Engineer as filling that roll, Liaden. But Cyberlord is probably even better at it.
  8. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) Sorry, I'm not a professional and don't plan on trying to take potential business from the pros who do reasonably priced commission work. (I make an exception for the games I'm actually in.). This thread is actual fan art more for my own practice and use.
  9. Re: DC and Marvel: What Makes Them Different?
  10. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) [ATTACH=CONFIG]45359[/ATTACH] Decibelle.
  11. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) [ATTACH=CONFIG]45358[/ATTACH] Whoops, here is a bigger version of Mechana.
  12. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) [ATTACH=CONFIG]45357[/ATTACH] Mechana.
  13. Re: Trying to Understand 6E I don't believe a 325 point character with no complications will generally be the equal of a 400 point character with 75 points of complications. I think it is better all around to phrase it as 400 with 75 that can be bought off later if the player wishes; otherwise the 325 player will limp with an underpowered character.
  14. Re: Trying to Understand 6E If your players put redundant points into stuff covered by your freebies, one way to address is to occasionally make them non-reduntant. Like, have a gadgeteer villain unleash a gizmo that Suppresses all those flight rings -- but he didn't count on the physical wings possessed by the terrific Titmouse!
  15. Re: CU Hero-vs.-Hero Scenarios Some good stuff, but some of it is problematic from a gaming perspective. For instance, a love triangle between three NPCs would be difficult to roleplay; why would the PCs care? Possibly if two of the three were NPCs, and involved a PC with a rival or two suitors who are rivals with each other it could work. I'm really looking for workable adventure seeds linked to specific parts of the Champions Universe. For instance: An older version of the fallen superheroine Augury appears, presumably from the future, dying of severe radiation poisoning. She announces that one of the PCs will be responsible for a nuclear holocaust that will destroy the world unless he is killed as soon as possible -- then she expires before she can give any details. The superhero community is plunged into debate, and a few grit their teeth and declare they will "do what has to be done." Agents of the evil Egyptian god Set contact superheroes around the world and warn them to destroy the avatar of the goddess Ma'at living in Cairo (see Champions Worldwide). Ma'at, when confronted, declares that she has concluded her investigation of the modern world and will "fix the world and set it right" shortly, but refuses to elaborate on what that actually entails. Some heroes fear she will eliminate free will and seek to stop her; others think she will usher in a true utopia and try to defend her. Battle lines are drawn, but some suspect Ma'at might just be performing some elaborate "test." Even if it is a test, what must humanity do to pass it?
  16. Re: Trying to Understand 6E Basically. It's more accurate to say the GM can give or take as he pleases, keeping in mind that it is his responsibility to provide a fun and reasonably balanced play experience for the players.
  17. One of the most popular moneymaking tropes in comics is the Hero vs. Hero fight. From the Human Torch vs. the Sub-Mariner on, its been an oft-used cash cow to the publishers. I'm looking for ideas applicable to the Champions Universe that would cause recognized superheroes to come to blows with other superheroes. There is the obvious generic stuff -- Menton mind-controls one superteam to fight another, or superheroes are replaced with some kind of evil doppelganger like a Teleios clone or a doppelganger from Left-Handed Earth. I'm ore interested in scenarios in which the characters actually and of their own free will start to fight each other for real, without either side having "turned evil." What issues in the CU could cause such a sharp divide?
  18. Re: What elements should a great superhero setting contain? Don't know. I stopped following all books that went through the New 52. I still read some of the new books that weren't active immediately prior to Flashpoint.
  19. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) Here is a cool article about magenta http://www.biotele.com/magenta.html
  20. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial)
  21. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) Thanks. I actually prefer the action poses, though, mostly, depending on personality of the character.
  22. Re: What elements should a great superhero setting contain? Wow, I so disagree. Silver Age Batgirl was excrutiatingly uninteresting, a precocious teen sidekick who didn't even get to sidekick. The Sin incarnation was dumbass, not only being stupid in her own right but cheapening a good character, Lady Shiva, in the process. But Bryan Miller's take on the Stephanie Brown Batgirl was exceptionally good, acknowledging the grim broodiness of the rest of the modern "Batman Family" while totally counterpointing it. Meanwhile, Barbara Gordon went from disposably bland backup character to one of the most interesting characters in the DC universe after she was shot and became Oracle. Reversing that was a bad call, making Gordon less interesting and delegating Brown to obscurity.
  23. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) Yeah, I went too far over the top with Dreamwitch, she's one of several in this series that I've modified since posting.
  24. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) [ATTACH=CONFIG]45328[/ATTACH] Warpath.
  25. Re: Women of the Champions Universe (Fanpictorial) [ATTACH=CONFIG]45315[/ATTACH] Zephyr.
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