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  1. Just wondering if anyone has heard of Legend Keeper, a new personal wiki-style world-building tool for Game Masters that's in beta right now and being developed by a guy named Braeden. I just read on his patreon page that he quit his full time job to continue development of the tool. I'm very excited about it and considering supporting the project. I'm pretty sure it's not system-specific in anyway (though a lot of the promotional material seems geared towards fantasy settings) so it would be of interest to the HERO community.
  2. What's better... having a gaming group that fell apart as a result of pandemic, or not having one at all? lol
  3. I'm in this class, but I hate classes. Funny I should find this thread, I was just thinking I would post about personal GM bios, curious how other people see their own roleplaying game style and philosophy. Should I post here or start a new thread?
  4. Hey y'all. Didn't really bother reading the whole thread but it seems to have got slightly off topic. I wanted to respond to the original topic, apologies if that's jarring. Have there been many responses from Canada? I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Things here are pretty good, I'd have to say. Most of the known cases for Canada come from the province of Quebec (for whatever reason, it really spread quickly there at the beginning of April) and the other big cities, Toronto and Vancouver. In Winnipeg, a city of ~750,000, greater metro, we've only had 250 total cases, and I heard recently we only have 10 people in the hospital seeking care right now. Other are most likely quarantined somewhere else. There is talk of lifting some of the restrictions soon. Standard emergency medical orders have been put in place, limiting the number of people that can gather in a public place to 5 or 10, and non-critical businesses have been shut down, which is a whole lot of services and retail. I still get together with some of my friends who aren't taking social distancing too seriously, and getting out and about. I have bee playing boardgames weekly, and would really really love a roleplaying game group, but alas, no such luck.
  5. Xavier gives Magneto a wooden statue of him trapped inside another wooden statue of a prison cell. NT: Newest pokemon names just announced and their signature moves.
  6. Find another player for the Pokemon campaign. It's ramping up :)

  7. Still moving forward with creating a Pokemon conversion campaign, but we started playing and it's totally freakin' sweet!

  8. Working on an exciting new Pokemon Conversion!

  9. 10 years later, this made me laugh. EDIT: And after thinking about it some, I can't come up with anything funny
  10. Struggling to satisfy the desires of by PCs... but feeling left out in the process.

  11. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... In a space-ish campaign (mixed with western genre, like Firefly) my PCs are subject to a certain type of reconstituted mush, dispensed from a machine that serves as the only type of food out in space. The only upside to it is, with advanced food-technology, you can get it in any flavour you want. So Carl goes.. "I'll have .. French fries, please." Out of character, Brennan says "French fires!? Do you even know what french fries taste like? We drink out of a goo-machine!"
  12. Re: The Last Word What do you teach?
  13. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat Ronald MacDonald NT: Unconventional ways to get over the flu.
  14. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat "I promise that if I'm elected... I'll get those books out of our schools! Readin' hurts your eyes!" NT: Things Michael Hopcroft is thinking right now (be nice though, lol)
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