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  1. Re: Focus others can activate


    In game terms I have to agree with the others that this really sounds like a trigger' date=' of course for something like the Omnitrix, it would be two triggers (one to turn on, one to turn off, and note that several times a villain has hit the omitrix to "turn off" Ben's transformation.) id buy it at the base (+1/4) level and simply define it as anyone can trigger[/quote']


    I still say trigger is waste of points most of the time as thisd will mostly be a plot device.


    Also, not just anyone can hit the omnitrix and turn it off. Only characters that know how the Omntirx works (Azmuth, Vilgax) or were able to drain it's power source have displayed any ability to turn it off. Ben can;t trun the thing off when he wants most of the time, so I certainly wouldn't charge his player for an "advantage" that Villians and NPC's can use against him...

  2. Re: Focus others can activate


    In fact I don't understand this post. Sorry, maybe my blondeness is getting the best of me... it happens, especially in autumn...


    But to me, it is a common sense thing. And a comic book thing.

    I.e, I have a magic sword that hasn't an adder telling than no one else can use it ? Well I disarm the hero, and I use it .

    I find an Iron Man armor in a secret base ? Well I put it on and use it if nothing forbid meto do it.


    Among the facts that a focus can be taken from a character, to me, it's natural that the main danger is the ability than anyone else can use it. If he can't, then it's not a focus.


    I'm not sure I'm clear.. am I ?


    Obvious Very Accessible Focused Opale


    Well, no one is taking the device away and using it themselves.


    They are activating a power FOR the hero.

  3. Re: Attractiveness - Comeliness Vs. Striking Appearance


    Back to the fairest in the land' date=' it may be Snow White, but I think I'd be more persuaded by the Evil Queen, with that nasty, naughty mind of hers.[/quote']


    Despite the fact that that it's the basis of the entire story, there is no way you are going to convince me that:




    is more attractive than:




    They are not even in the same ballpark. Nay, not even in the same zip code? Continent?


    And my PRE and INT are both built with a remarkably well known limitation vs dark haired warrior women...:sneaky:

  4. Re: Earth Girl


    Late to the party, so most of my initial concers have already been mentioned...


    I'd probably redo Span the Globe and make it a slot in her MP instead. Should save a good chunk of points.


    Of course, tactically I favor the combination of Tunneling and Indirect attacks, but she's lacking options that would allow this. Still, with the polints saved it might be a good idea to get a Tremor Sense type power for the future.


    Speaking of, maybe change the Limitation on her TK to "Must Involve Earth" ? That way she can lift people up with a hand of stone or similar. I think that's a -1/4, but IDHMBIFOM


    Her CV's seem rather low to me, but couldn't say for sure without knowing the setting...


    Also, as an earth elemental, doesn't seem like she should really need to breath... and possibly not eat or sleep...

  5. Re: Ben 10: Omniverse


    New website has been live for a while now with a couple of very basic alien profiles,and has confirmed that "Gravattack is actually a small planet."


    Blox will be the first new alien posted, hopefully this weekend. I'm sure he'll be a pain in the butt to keep a running power stunt tally on ;)

  6. Re: Foods for those that just don't care anymore


    We ate at the Tilted Kilt while in Indy and aside from the creep factor (pretty high) it was surprisingly good food. Their "Irish Nachos" were the bomb.


    The Mozerella Sticks are pretty good too (previously known as Micahel's Caines)...


    Not sure how to interpret the "creep factor" commnet, but given my proclivities I'm sure it surprises no one that I go to the Kilt semi-regularly ;)

  7. Re: A Thread for Random Videos


    Maybe it is not flying' date=' but it would make for a great Whodunit. No one could fathom a "flying" snake as the means the person died. The culprit would get off scot-free.[/quote']


    They are venomous, but harmeless to humans. Otherwise, the plot is perfect! ;)

  8. Re: So: What Superpowers would your Parents get if they had a "Radiation Accident"


    My father died before I was born and I really don't know that much about him. He was a Mexican federal agent and a skilled sketch artist (which IO know only because I have some of his old sketches). So maybe some sort of super spy with Illusion Powers... which now that I think about it, might just explain my fondess for Fantomex...


    I suspect my mother already is a super hero of some sort... no one without time control powers could possibly do as much as she does for others. The woman is a blasted saint and it is my eternal shame that I will never live up to her example of kindness and generosity. That said, she's also loud as hell so Sonic powers might just be in order ;)

  9. Re: "Neat" Pictures


    It's Spider Monk!


    Wll, Spider-man DOES know kung fu now (leard from Shang-Chi) ;)


    In Shaolin, they actually call wall running "Gecko Travel On Wall"... though I've heard it refered to as the Gecko Run or the Gecko Step before as well.

  10. Re: Two handed punch.


    Although seen in cinema' date=' I don't recall that such a blow is ever part of boxing training nor used in any of the oriental martial arts nor as part of any police or military training in unarmed combat.[/quote']


    That's because it lacks power compared to most normal punches. It's typically shown as an arm punch, so it's mechanically weak. It lacks the power generating torque of a boxing cross or the liner power generation of a karate lunge punch, for example.


    Also, it hurts like hell if you do it wrong. Never lace the hands together, as that's just a good way to break your own fingers. Instead, you would grip palm to palm. I know this because...


    Were it actually a practical manuever for one Human being to use on another, I think it would have been incorporated into the formal combat arts.


    I was taught an application of the "Axe Handle" back in the day when I was working with my old jiujitsu/military H2H instructor.


    It was shown as a defense against a front strangle. Bring the arms up between the opponents arms to break the stangle, bring them back down again quickly across the bridge of thier nose (or other vulnerable target). Follow up as necessary.


    Sakuraba also used it in his fights over in Pride. It was more often a double chop (frequently refered to as the Mongolian Chop due to the pro wrestling connotations...) or a double hammer fist. It was often thrown as a setup for other strikes, but occassionaly he'd do some damage with it.



    He does a standing chop at 1:56 and a few around the 2:21 mark against grounded opponents. Other fighters tend to just use a single hammer fist in ground and pound situations. Since hammer fists thrown from the ground tend to be strictly arm punches, the double hammer fist would probably hit harder. But most guys I know never train it, so they dont think about it. Those that do use it may not end up in a balanced position to throw it or might be using their other hand for control or defense... Sakuraba was known for being predictably unpredicatable and trying unconventional tactics (many of which worked quite well).


    There are dozens of Asain fighting arts that have double handed strikes in thier sylabus: some styles of karate and kung fu use linear double punchs or double palm strikes, while Muay Boran teaches a double upercut.


    I'm at a loss to think of one that actually uses the HULK SMASH!!! axe handle or double hammerfist, but it might be out there...

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