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  1. Re: A Thread for Random Videos About the "Disappearing Cans" video... When I worked for Neiman Marcus for a brief while, we were shocked to watch the things professional shoplifters could take from the store. One video really stuck with me: a couple worked in tandem to distract a salesman while the woman started stuffing full-length mink coats under her skirt. I can't remember if she got two or three of them under there before she made her way to the exit, but I was amazed by (1) how quickly she was able to compress the coat into the sling-contraption she had under her dress, and (2) how completely normal she looked with those coats between her legs. Really scary stuff.
  2. Re: "Neat" Pictures Hey! Margo and I have actually ridden those things! [ATTACH=CONFIG]40274[/ATTACH]
  3. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine No we don't. Oh, it happened alright. (And I liked 'em better that way, not that I'm objective here or anything.)
  4. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Yup. The truth is that all of our players were guys. We had the occasional sister or girlfriend join us for a game now and then, but never with characters that became a regular part of the team. I'd do a lot of things differently today if rewriting the team for publication, including better gender balance, substituting a couple of characters, reworking some of the backgrounds to add complexity and consistency, etc. But we're deviating a long way from the simple fun of this costume design tool.
  5. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine
  6. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Destroy? Hmm. Would have been a nice title, actually. If I remember correctly, I originally named the book something simple like Betryal! or Betrayal of the Protectors. The folks over at Iron Crown changed it to To Serve and Protect (which bugged me for a while, because our local police department at the time had a different slogan plastered all over their vehicles: "To Protect and Serve"). And if you are really missing your copy, there are usually some available from resellers at places like Amazon.com. (Check here for the current list.)
  7. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine ...Helios, Brainstorm, Maelstrom, Silverfist, Coatlicue
  8. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Wow! This thing is a blast! I had to listen to a bunch of audio files this morning, and it gave me the perfect opportunity to fiddle with it. So here are the Protectors and Coatlicue from To Serve and Protect (at least, as close as I could come using just the tool). In order of appearance: Quasar, Ace, Huntsman, Renegade, Dr. Wraithe, Doc Sonic (more in next post)...
  9. Re: Powerpuff Girls Ahem...
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