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  1. Re: Screenshots They appear in your screenshots folder when you "save" a costume build in the Character Creator, or the Tailor. All the data to recreate the build is encoded in the photo, so you can "load" it later(open the file using Notepad and see!). I saved all my character builds from Open Beta that way... Here are some more screenshots from Open Beta and Early Start: Dreadshot, undead pulp hero: "The lead may be hot, but my vengeance is cold as the grave." Another pic of Dreadshot, showing the game interface. Notice the spent shell in the foreground Manchine on patrol in Millenium City Manchine pauses to admire the M-city skyline. Titania looks for a landing place while Superleaping. Titania shows off... Solomon Monday, Mage-for-Hire, prepares to blast his foes at Operation Greenskin. Eclipse gathers her nerve before tackling the Tutorial. Punnisher stands in front of the Powerhouse: "There's a new sheriff in clown, boys."
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