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  1. Re: Removing the Speed Chart I find it tends to slow down games I want fast-paced. The structure of the speed chart isn't a problem... I even use the hero designer on so I have the speed chart printed out for me. Some of the best rounds of combat that took place in my games are when I threw out the speed chart. They were simply more exciting. Jonathan
  2. Re: Removing the Speed Chart Actually I kind of like this one.... that has quite a bit of potential. You could have the players draw the number of cards equal to the number of actions they get. You start at aces and work your way donw. You could even have something like you can hold a higher card and use it to pre-empt someone. If you abort to an action, then you discard the highest card in your hand. The reason I have wanted to remove the speed chart is I am trying to do a more cinematic, fast-paced combat. I have found that the speed chart tends to make people not think about trying to be cinematic. Also, I dislike the lack of randomness... I like the speed chart, but when you read a comic book you really don't get the feel of a speed chart. If I were running a spec ops game, the speed chart would be essential, but this is supposed to be fast paced. I would also probably use it in a fantasy game, but the last thing I want to do is be calling out what phase it is. Since most characters are going to be average Spd 2-4, I have considered cutting it in half to 6 phases. I have also considered just giving every character one action per round. I am also going to dumb the hexes... but that is for another discussion.
  3. So I have been looking at running a Hero game but I have found the one thing that slows down my game is the speed chart. I have been loooking at a few things... how to represent speedsters and their extra attacks, how to do initiative where it is a little more random, and finally, a way to make it so that it is really fast paced. Basically I am trying to speed combat up. Any suggestions... Thanks, Jonathan
  4. Re: Power Defence... Ugg Don't allow it without limitations. The key is the all of the powers are base effects. It is the advantages, limitations and special effects which really define them. Jonathan
  5. My computer crashed and I lost all my bookmarks. I know there is a site out there that has all the classic marvel and DC characters done in HERO. I wonder if anyone might have an links like this. Also, if anyone has any possible archives of superhero images I would be in your debt. Thanks, Jonathan
  6. Re: Surgical Sterility Field Why not just do it with Change Environment... it seems like that would be a much easier. Jonathan
  7. Re: This may seem odd.... Thanks... while I don't like all the art I like the fact that it is simply full pictures of a character... Any other sites that do things like this? Jonathan
  8. Alright... I am looking for this comic that seemed like it was on-line. It was an old thread that had a title like "Is anyone reading this..." or something like that. It had some really neat art on the page. I think it was something about people submited their own heroes but I am not sure.. I have some of the art on my hard drive... I have attached a piece of the art work... does anyone know where to find it and what the name is.. Thanks, Jonathan
  9. Re: Need help with names! Gun Bunny is not a name I would recommend... it is kind of goofy. Most likely the players would just make fun of it and she would never be taken seriously. Have her name be based off how she uses the weapons... Gunbunny = Ricochette (sp, sorry suck at spelling), Longshot or Ghost (if a sniper), hmmm... what else... how about Snapshot if she is quick... just some ideas. Glider guy:Slipstream (if really fast), Strafe (if using passing attacks), Afterburner (if uses sudden bursts of speed), Sideswipe (if using ramming attacks) Doc Ock guy: I liked the idea of Cy-Dra, but you could just call him Hydra. Once again, I would base his name off how he uses his powers or their style. For example, maybe his arms are like the ones in SM2 and they can control him, so he has a dark side and good side and you could call him Janus, after the two face god. Later, Jonathan
  10. Re: Aliens in your Universe In my setting aliens exist but the world does not know they exist. It is the same with magic in my setting. It is very rare and powerful and wizards are the only character types allowed to have VPP. The U.N. and the world governments have concealed their existance from the world in order to prepare them properly for the existance of aliens. The U.N. has UNTIL and a super team called Stormwatch has a pair of top secret teams which contain alien landings. While Stormwatch has other teams which enforce international law, it is the two teams (Blue and Black) which deal with supernatural and alien threats and conceal them. Later, Jonathan
  11. I am running a game right now that uses bits from the Champions Universe. I like the name UNTIL and the idea behind it, but I took it one step further.. UNTIL is an active international police force with and the UN has a standing army which is deployed to deal resolutions. I have a website set up at http://worldobserver.rpgmainframe.com Hopefully it will help you some. While the information isn't complete, it is steadily growing. Jonathan
  12. When I started to run Hero system I realized I was going to need miniatures in order to do combat well. I decided to use Heroclix I eyed the superfigs for a while and thought about it like this.. I don't like to have unpainted minis on the table. Metal miniatures are far more expensive and I still have to paint them. Also, I work in a game store and tons of people by Heroclix. The people in my group were really not be comic readers. They new comics and read them a little. Also, I managed to get a lot of figures I didn't recognize. That was one goal. I also went for stylistic aspects (i.e. speedster, blaster, brick, etc.). We, as a group decided, it didn't really matter what clix-figure we used, as long as it was consistantly the same one. Each figure only cost me between $0.25 to $1. I wasn't going for uniques.. I was after the figure. Most of the players at the store I work at had tons of extras and were just glad to be rid of them. If you aren't too picky you can get some really good figures for your super hero game. Sure it is spiderman on the table, but instead he is a figure with swinging. I often use the recognizable characters to immediately give people the impression of what his basic powers might be. That way we don't get confused. I really recommend hitting Hero-Clix players up for their extras.. that way you get what you want. Jonathan
  13. Okay Guys, I have been hunting for about two weeks now for an image of the Four horsemen characters that were Image comic villians. I saw them in a WildCATS, Stormwatch, or some other image comics character sourcebook a while back. They had just the right look for some villians I am working on. Does anyone here know what I am talking about? It might not have been Image comics. It may have been another company. I remember the picture pretty well, it was four guys who looked rather emaciated corpse-like with headbands on with different symbols on each. I remember one was red... I think and one was green... I know this is really vague, but I know there are a bunch of comic fans here who might know what I might be talking about. Jonathan
  14. I do a website for my game mainly... here is the URL http://worldobserver.rpgmainframe.com/ It is for my world that I created which has concepts from Champions I liked. The World Observer is the website for a newspaper in the world. I give hints about upcoming adventures and NPC's. I also modify real news stories from MSNBC and the Guardian as news stories for my world. Also, I do maps and other necessary hand outs per adventure. It all depends on my adventure. A friend of mine has a rule of one prop per scene or hour of game time. It makes it real interesting, but I it hard to keep up with some of the stuff. Jonathan
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