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  1. Re: CHAMPIONS UNIVERSE II - What Do You Want To See? God knows you don't need it but you are so Repped!
  2. Re: Game Effect Help Glad I could help, thanks for the rep.
  3. Re: House Rule: Instant Kill I have never used a rule like that before but I think I will in certain campains. Looks like a good idea to me.
  4. Re: Game Effect Help I'm not trying to be a smarta$$ but did you check the write-ups on stunguns to see if they were what you were looking for?
  5. Re: Cost END only to Activate This is one of the many that I only let fly if the player has a sound reason that makes sense. One good use I saw was a magic artifact that took END to activate but the cost was high enough to be fair and it took a full round with gestures and incantation to activate.
  6. Re: The Seduction Skill as a "Lab" It is always a problem when a persons social skills are better than that of the PC and does not remember roleplay as such. I have more often run into the exact opposite problem where the PC has a great amount of skill but the player has very little and would rather roll dice than even try to roleplay it. This can be a real problem if the game involves alot of NPC interaction.
  7. Re: The Seduction Skill as a "Lab" In short Robyn you might be the the greatest rule lawyer of all time but your people skills leave alot to be desired
  8. Re: The Seduction Skill as a "Lab" Way back in the day my older brother had a home made headboard for his water bed that was covered in shag carpet and had speakers with a eight track built in. He also hooked a couple lava lamps to the top. He later told me that the whole set up worked very well for him. I could see any enviroment built with putting people in the mood as giving a plus bought as a lab.
  9. Re: CHAMPIONS UNIVERSE II - What Do You Want To See? When I use Racoon and Panda they are Japanese and over the top Anima nuts. I tweeked the powers a little and they do show up with Anima related gadgets every once in a while. In one of my games Foxbat and many other heros and villians die defending the city just before the campain begins. The heros at one point run into a female Foxbat who is the niece of Freddy with a much darker edge and all the same gear looking to make sure Uncles name gets the respect it deserves after he died a hero. Clown is the Best group ever hands down. I would much rather have a book with seeker getting smacked around on the cover than alot of the art we have seen the last year or so.
  10. Re: CHAMPIONS UNIVERSE II - What Do You Want To See? Let's not be trying to make me roll for my enraged now shall we.
  11. Re: CHAMPIONS UNIVERSE II - What Do You Want To See? I want Seeker back. I want Clown back. I want more Foxbat. There that will make me happy, for now.
  12. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? It's raining men - Geri Halliwell
  13. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? I'm only happy when it rains - Garbage
  14. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat NT: Explain your spandex body armor and cape found under you clothes at a airport strip search.
  15. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Highlander soundtrack - A Kind Of Magic - Queen
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