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  1. Re: Which is your least favorite archetype to play?
  2. Re: Biggest Brains in DC Which is where the Corvus had her best line in our current campaign: "Don't feel bad Dr. Richards, you are still the smartest man I've ever met . . ."
  3. Re: Biggest Brains in DC Both Marvel and Dc have this idiocy going for them, it's currently worse in Marvel where we have a character who is considered the seventh smartest person in the world. Unfortunately intelligence does not scale clearly the way strength does. Batman is the world's greatest detective but is he smarter than John Henry Irons? Ray Palmer? Lex Luthor? Is science Luthor smarter than business Luthor? And, again, in Marvel it's worse where high intelligence is at least as common as super speed is in DC. Saying that michael Holt is the world's third smartest p
  4. Re: Evil Schemes for the Average Megalomaniac The most dastardly plamn imaginable for any Dr. Doom type villain. Patent your technology and make it available on the open market. Soon everyone is dependent upon your tech and you own everything and you can activate your back door program whenever you want to shut down, pre-empt or take over other folks machines. of course the heroes will never be able to stop this nefarious scheme and the campaign will end with the villain triumphant, unless his mental illnesses act up and make him do something breathtakingly stupid . . .
  5. Re: [Worst Ever...] Reasons to be a superhero "To share, with the entire world, the awesomeness that is Meatpackage Man." "I discovered a method to induce zero-point particle generation. No one remembers. I developed a hybrid grain that would survive in desert or arctic conditions and would make famine a historical artifact. No one cared. I developed a smart drug that would take a child through the equivalent of twelve-years of quality primary and secondary education in a period of four hours. The pharmaceutical and education industries blackballed me. Then I accidentally set E
  6. Re: WWYCD: Mirror Universe That's why we exist. That and the fact that it let us call ourselves the new Sinister Six: Ishtar Sword Dancer Gangway Fall from Grace Po'Boy The Corvus. Thinking about it more closer I think our mirror universe duplicates would be nano-controlled Thunderbolts agents . . .
  7. Re: WWYCD: Mirror Universe Given that my campaign is currently set in a post Civil War Marvel Universe and we are anti-registration vigilantes who are devoted to the overthrow of Iron Man, Shield and the government (or at least the Superhuman Registration Act) I can't imagine what this world would like for us. Are our counterparts lameass Initiative members?
  8. Re: WWYCD: The True Champion has Arrived! The Deserter would accept the straight up boxing match rules. He would then be Champion's nightmare opponent. He is clearly strong enough to be in this fight, he plays by Champions rules, he pretty much sucks as a boxer (he'll hit Champion about as frequently a naturally occuring lightning) but he will not go down. Eventually Champion will slip in Deserter blood and/or Deserter will get the luck shot that CON stuns him and then puts him out with another punch or two . . . and the fifth one will kill him.
  9. Re: Worst comic book superfight ever
  10. Re: WWYCD: The Nebula Affair The Deserter: would simply go after her. Don't know the special effects of Duress but he can probably get out and get back in under an hour. Might offer to take her back home to Andromeda if that's something she wants. PO' Boy: "Whatever, @$#%." Then unleash his invisible, indirect, continuing RKA attack on her and keep her stuff as a trophy.
  11. Re: Worst comic book superfight ever Can't read through all this now, but am I the only one who remembers that when Spiderman beat Firelord it was right at the beginning of huge mysterious power-up he was going through that was ultimately identified as his coming into possession of the Captain Universe power? Captain universe is both cheesy and sleazy but is surely explanation enough for that victory . . . The worst comicbook superfight ever? Just from a logic point of view everything in DC comics reeks with half the characters having "superspeed" which means that not only should t
  12. Re: WWYCD: "Dude, you stole my shtick!" Ishtar--Would be terrified that this is the real (or at least an avatar of) the ancient fertility/sexuality goddess and would go out of her way to avoid any contact. Sworddancer--Is a legacy character. There has been a Sworddancer for over 1600 years and each has been chosen by his/her predecessor. The legacy would force her to investigate and remove the impostor in one way or another. Luna--Hates comic book tropes and she would immediately make her displeasure known. Tomcat--Would change his super ID again. He's not territorial an
  13. Re: A Question of Utmost Importance Norse mythology is a mythology. Which means that you aren't going to find a definitive answer as to which story is correct, because they are all regional and tribal variations. Even the notion of Odin as the supreme god is not definitive but seems to have been adopted as a way to ease (or oppose) Christian converts by making the Christian God the equivalent of Odin. Thor was the only god strong enough to lift Mjolnir which was designed for him; Magni was strength personified, nothing could be too heavy for him to lift so he could lift Mjolnir too. T
  14. Re: DC versus Marvel: different styles That power level difference is mostly Marvel propaganda trying to suggest that their characters are more human. While they may be officially weaker in a panel by panel comparison Marvel characters do pretty much everything DC characters do. the main difference is that DC has more characters at the top level of power and Marvel has more mid-range and low-powered supers. But at the top of the power level there ain't a frog's whisker of difference in power.
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