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  1. I am aware of the expanded scope, but that seems to be a matter of 'zip' I'm in the next city instantly, like a speedster. Not really the causal patrol flight/run/swinging.
  2. I'm not so sure I consider that ill-considered. But I think it's based on the 'instant' travel time of the throw that makes this all wierd. I'm playing a character in a game that can throw a human sized target something like 72" I think? That breaks all kinds of other movement rules, velocity and all sorts. It seems reasonable that a flyer could somewhere along that distance bring themselves to a halt or at least slow themselves down.
  3. Is there a reason to believe it doesn't? Not trying to sound shirty or anything, genuine question.
  4. Is that the case though, or is that an assumption? I've not seen anything to that effect in the rules. The rules do have a page about figuring out your mph and I assumed that was for helping figure out long distance travel. I mean, I'm happy if that is the case but it seems a weird disconnect.
  5. Honestly I think I would allow it. Yes, you get the point break of EC, but at the same time you are only getting a power that is 1/2 as effective due to the cost of the Advantage. So I think that more than balances it out.
  6. So, as I understand it, RAW when you take a recovery you can't spend END so your powers shut down. That means it's impossible for characters to do the usual super trope of being on patrol/traveling long distances/etc with their powers active. Powers are short-lived things. I saw someone had a build with a character that was paralysed from the waist down but had flight, so assumedly flew around as a super. But...by the rules, they'd have to drop down and take a breather every few rounds which seems...weirdly unheroic. Or does the game account for this in some way I've missed?
  7. Thanks! This is really helpful. I wish they hadn't felt the need to change the name of some limitations (limited power has been around forever, why change it's name and make it more complicated?).
  8. So I got my book yesterday and am trying to make my way through it. I love that it includes a section on hazards that a super might want to stop (IN YOUR FACE ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO CLAIM HERO CAN'T DO THAT!). Anyway, I'm having trouble wrapping my head around using Hazards for thugs/gangs/agents. Could someone write some examples up to show how to use them this way? Like what would a gang hazard look like versus some Viper Agent style goons? Group of SWAT officers versus soldiers? I love the idea of it, I just can't quite wrap my head around the implementation.
  9. Has anyone made a nice sheet for this?
  10. Are there any rules covering a flyer trying to recover from being thrown by a brick? As I understand it, throws are 'instant', so a brick could grab and throw a character their full range in one segment. But can a character with flight (or teleport) or some other movement power reduce or cancel any of the distance they are thrown before it gets bad?
  11. That isn't technically true, or else Trigger wouldn't work the way it did.
  12. But that isn't what happened. They had cover, triggered it, then used a held action by virtue of combat starting thanks to a slower character initiating it.
  13. Yeah, it's the failed roll and what that represents that is problematic. I mean maybe you see them blink, I guess? In this case, the player had a magic sword pointed at him with no way to know it could shot beams, hence me not announcing it until after the fight started.
  14. @masseyI like your explination and it does help with certain genre conventions. Though it raises anohter question-do people know if they are successfully covered or not? Like in your example with the five guys, would the player know that mooks 1-3 made their cover 'attack' and would cover him while 4 and 5 failed their roll? Or would he just know that they took that action?
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