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  1. Thank you for looking into it for me! I really appreciate it and really appreciate your effort in creating this app!
  2. Hello! I've not used the app in a long time, back when it was 1.X something. But I am trying to get it to load my 5th edition hdc files. Of the three characters I have attempted to view, only one has worked and displayed (and it looks pretty great). However the other two give me the following error: Invalid attempt to iterate non-iterable instance. In order to be iterable, non-array objects must have a [Symbol.iterator]() method. I have NO idea what that means! The three characters all work normally in HD, can be exported normally, etc. Not sure why one works and the others do not? The Psi-Blade one works (mostly), but the other two do not? Any help getting them to display would be tremendously helpful! Also, I noticed some errors in the Psi-Blade's Elemental Control. The Real Cost is off for every slot (one slot even costs -10 real points). Not a big deal, but figured I would flag it up. Also her Telekenitic Blade attack from the Multipower doesn't display damage from full strength (she has non-augmented strength and augmented strength, which is shown on the character as 'secondary' strength, I guess that is why it isn't picked up?). Oh, another issue I just noticed, she has Mental Defense and it only shows it as 5 points (the active points of her Mental Def, not her total including the free points from ego). Solarialow.hdc AdamantineRebuild210109.hdc Psi-Blade6.hdc
  3. Only problem with this build is the OAF...because that means a target just needs to 'grab' one foci to shut down the build. I would define this as OIF because it harder to shut down.
  4. Been playing a Play By Email game since before the pandemic started and that's the only play I've had of Champions in...I don't know how long. Luckily it has continued unabated by the pandemic and allows for players from all over to participate. In fact my own weekly homegames moved to online via Table Top Simulator and has allowed friends who moved away to rejoin the group for the first time in years. Honestly, as much as I enjoy face to face, I am probably going to stick with online for the foreseeable future.
  5. The idea is for an order of psychic assassins, kind of like psylocke, so mixing physical and mental MA makes sense, in my head anyway.
  6. There are several ranged styles in Ultimate MA. MA is just a way of showing a character is better skilled at some kind of combat, be it guns, bows, or enerjutsu for blasters.
  7. 5th Edition Is it okay to mix Martial arts types in the same style? Specifically, could you have a mostly physical style with a few ranged maneuvers? Could you have a Mental style with a few physical maneuvers? I don't see any examples, but I don't see any direct prohibitions. I realise this can be GM call territory, I am just curious if there is specific restrictions I missed.
  8. But would the 0 dice of healing work for that? I mean, the 0 dice are the persistant ones, not my regular regen? The 1 pip might work. Thanks! True (except for the unified bit since this is 5e) but it would still cost around as much as just adding the Res to my existing Regen, which makes it super sub-optimal for me to do it that way. I feel like the loss of utility should come with a much heftier price reduction.
  9. I am looking at a character who has regeneration. I would like them to also resurrect, but not at the same rate as their normal regeneration. LIke regen 1 point a round, resurrection 1 point a day or a week. Is there anyway to do this without building two regen powers? It seems weird that the point value of adding resurrection to my 1 body a turn power is about the same as cheaper than buying a second, slower power for my resurrection (13 vs 14, not a huge deal but still...the 13 point power is waaaay superior). This is for 5th edition, btw. It made me wonder if Naked adders are a thing?
  10. Thanks! These are 6th Edition but would definitely give me some ideas. I forgot about Prof Paradigm, though I find that character to be pretty tasteless as it is pretty clearly making a mockery of Phil Brucato, the game designer responsible for Mage the Ascension. Thanks! Very interesting.
  11. Pretty much what it says up there. Been looking for a fan build and not had any luck. Also, are there any PC level builds that would be similar?
  12. Even Marvel Comics has Superman analogs though!
  13. Are there any Superman 'clones' in the Hero universe? Either as heroes or villains? If so, what book do they appear in?
  14. How would you handle someone grabbing someone else who has been grabbed by a third party. Like a flyer or speedster swooping in an pulling somone out of a swarm of grabbers or something. Would the flyer get a passive strength check to shake the grabbers off the target? Say Superman flies down and sees Lois being grabbed by Wrestlers. He successfully performs a Grab By on her to pull her free. He is strong enough to carry both her and the 2 or 3 wrestlers who made Grab attackers previously on her. How does he get her free? Does he have to make individual attacks against each in flight? Could he make a Passive Strength check to shake them off?
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