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  1. This is really nice, though is there a fillable version?
  2. When creating generic content (such as generic super hero write ups, for example) that are not explicitly linked to the Champions Universe Timeline, are they still HERO property? Say I created a book of super villains but do not mention the Champions Universe, would HERO have the right to republish them without my say so, or is this limited to only working with things explicitly part of the Champions Universe Timeline?
  3. I was a big player in the 5th edition era and have most of the sourcebooks (I'm already regretting the few I gave away). I even got several of the 6th ed books when they came out. But I took a hiatus and now that I come back, 8 or 9 years later, I see nothing new. Was Complete Fantasy the last book published? Did 6E just kill the line? What happened while I was away? Is there anything in the works that I don't know about (other than the Drivethru DMsguild thing)?
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