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  1. Are these different write ups to what is already in the 6E Bestiary?
  2. If you've got people armed illegally over there with lawn darts then I can see why you'd need an ak-47 for safety.
  3. I’ve got a few friends in the States - gaming and otherwise although one of the gamers is currently in the military and serving in Italy. I’ve reached out to them but awaiting some comeback. If I don’t have any joy I would appreciate anyone that could help me out and would naturally reimburse them first! Drivethru use USPS and their prices seem to have escalated dramatically. The current pandemic doesn’t help and neither does the mistake of Brexit (sigh). Cheers for the offers anyhow. I’ve never heard of lawn darts! 🤣 Are they an exclusively quirky British thing?!
  4. There is a section in the 6E Bestiary of Celtic Monsters. I'm wondering what this has above and beyond that? That section has 17 monsters written up but the info for the above lists many of them but dozens more. Can we have some expanded info on that?
  5. Yup. A $25 Chivalry & Sorcery vinyl GM screen with card inserts was going to cost me $41 shipping. Then I’d get hit with import tax. It’s nuts.
  6. Bought the PDF (anything other than virtual products via Drivethru are prohibitively expensive to the UK).
  7. I recently picked up OSE (Old School Essentials) a Basic/Expert D7D retro-clone, part of the 'Old School Revival' of harkening back to the 'simpler' days of gaming. No sooner had it been brought out than they add an 'Advanced' option ruleset... Human beings are cyclic. The demograph of gamers has changed in the last couple of decades in that they are no longer hardcore wargamers or full-on Nerds (*) that come into the hobby. There are a lot more casual gamers from a mainstream non-gaming background that are keen to try out RPGs. In my experience, these players do not want complicated systems, so I would agree that something like 4E is going to be a draw. Give them a couple of years though and the ones that are still in the hobby will probably be looking for more sophisticated/involved rules sets. (* = being a Nerd I own that word with impunity).
  8. I'm thinking of all those Westerns where the group camp out overnight by a campfire but don't set a Watch. In those circumstances, something that can insidiously kill you (you won't wake up, despite taking damage) is worth a great deal. It's the end of the movie right there (unless the horses spooking wakes you). Of course, I haven't been in any RPG without a Watch being set at night. Just like I haven't been in any horror game where they walked through the graveyard without a flashlight.
  9. A sudden shock to the system would probably wake you but for things like carbon monoxide poisoning working would that be IPE?
  10. Oh yes. A player of mine in a Cthulhu campaign found a recently used one in the basement of the hotel he was staying in...
  11. That’s the version I’m familiar with (and have in fact used). Once the dead man’s tallow is lit on each finger, the inhabitants of the house *will not wake* until the fingers are doused with milk. That’s a Suppress Lightsleep at the very least.
  12. I've never known END use to drag out combat. My only experience on malingering combats has been when defences have been too high compared to average damage dealt. I am using 6E. I keep End at 1/10 for Supers and 1/5 for Heroic level games.
  13. Pirates for me out of that lot. I started doing some 7th Sea conversion stuff awhile back. Its a great setting but the mechanics are too Theatre of the Mind for me. Other than that, I'm currently only interested in Westerns and Modern horror (a Stranger Things/Kids on Bikes game being a lighter approach to the latter).
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