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  1. I played Heroclix for years and it really took me back to source material. Most fights in the comics do not last long if you tally up how many blows land in the frames. Again, I don't have my Avengers Essential collection to hand but in the early Avengers issue where the Masters of Evil invade Avengers Mansion, Radioactive Man (I think) one-punches Hawkeye. That might be a bit of a blow to the Hawkeye player but as it doesn't usually prove fatal (Radioactive Man doesn't walk up and slit his throat) its easy to come back from, even if your ego suffers a little, and so long as the rest of the fi
  2. I can't speak for DC but for Marvel, yes. If they get tagged it can be lights out. Even worse for Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron (MCU). I don't have my old comic collection anymore so I can't give you specific issue references, but if they get hit they tend to get stunned or even KOed by what is probably your campaign's high-end mid-range attack. But then, fights in the comics tend to be over way sooner than a typical Hero skirmish (defences too high compared to damage dealt usually). It isn't unusual for street level heroes to get one punched by br
  3. Apparently not. 5rEd pg 360, 6E2 pg 19.
  4. I like Asperion's suggestions at the top of this post. I look at it along the lines of how many more actions does the Speedster get in the comics than his contemporaries? In terms of 'frames' usually its not many, if at all. I therefore build them at the same speed as everyone else (usually four in a supers game) or let them max out at one higher. If you start giving dramatically higher speed to certain archetypes (2+) I would also think that you might have players opting for that type of character pretty much to the exclusion of others. They get to do so much more co
  5. Except that once simultaneous DEX characters agree to that roll-off, they are both locked in. Neither can then abort that action if they don't like the result of the dice roll. You can Abort prior to the roll, sure, but not after.
  6. I’m familiar with the d6-1 vs 1/2 d6 DC. I’d never seen d6+2 (standard effect?) costed anywhere other than on the gun-fondling charts of the HSEG though. And it seems to cost 3 points.
  7. What is the Active Cost of the +1 pip RKA to guns with polygonal rifling? On pg 111 of the HSEG it lists it as 'variable' The Glock and HK examples on pg 72 seem to have it at 3pts based upon their Active Costs. Shouldn't it be 5? Can you buy up to +2 to a Killing Attack now instead of 1/2 d6?
  8. Always used figures. Before Heroclix came along I used Steve Jackson Cardboard Heroes. Then came the absolutely wonderful Marvel Superheroes Adventure Fold-Up Figures (MHAC-3). I can't imagine *not* using figures for Champions/Hero System. It's not a Theatre of the Mind game (its essentially a skirmish wargame). I use a 38mm (1 1/2") hex Mondo mat for the Clix and a set of water -soluble pens. If there is a specific 'scene' that a 'Clix map would work for (like a Junkyard or Lab) then I'll use that and get a tape measure out. With the SJG Cardboard heroes, the old Champ
  9. I've run combats regularly with up to 6 players. The initiative Action Count is I think the best initiative system that I have encountered in any RPG. Your actions have a 'count' in tenths of a second and once combat begins it all works upward from there. In other words, if you say that you're going to draw down on someone then bring your weapon to bear (point it in their general direction, and fire, then once that resolves in game time you then then select you next option. There is no 'roll for initiative' or DEX ranking as to who goes first, who goes next is determined by the length of their
  10. I run Aces and Eights: Reloaded. I think its a great system, personally. There are a few rough edges but the combat system works perfectly. In fact, I find it plays far faster than Hero and it's realistically incredibly lethal.
  11. The comics certainly do.
  12. I think that works perfectly. I’ll add Physical Manifestation too so that it can be shot/swatted out of the air.
  13. So I was building a Mk I Justice Department Lawgiver and when I came to design the 'HotShot' (heat seeker) round I drew a blank. At first an Uncontrolled Continuous Attack seemed to be the way to go but that works in exactly the opposite way to what I'm after. In other words, once you hit it carries on dealing damage for whatever duration you've set. But it has to *hit*. By contrast, a heat seeker/homing missile can miss, but will keep re-trying (for whatever period you've set) until it hits. Then it's spent. Saw some discussion on [url=https://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/
  14. Re: Hexes, you can set these up via the Page Toolbar tab - Page Settings supports horizontal and vertical hexes in place of the standard square grid and you can set the hex size to represent 1 Hex=2m.
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