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  1. Re: Horror Hero rant As do I - Here is the current hyperlink:Tales of Terror. There is a RSS link on the page,if anybody's interested.
  2. Re: Jedi Ghosts and fade-to-deaths? This is true.I can't help wondering if Darth Siddeous was actually Anakin's biological father..
  3. Re: Jedi Ghosts and fade-to-deaths? Not if it had only one charge,which never recovers...
  4. Re: Jedi Ghosts and fade-to-deaths? Actually,I'd write up the "Jedi Ghost' ability as a limited (but high active points) type of Multiform.Transform isn't supposed to affect the user,after all......
  5. Re: Amalgam Universe Campaign Southern Cross(a Captain Atom/Captain America cross): Adam Stephens,a patriotic New Zealander, joined Greenpeace in the wake of the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior.Somehow he got onto Muaroa,and the sadistic French commander decided to make an example of him,by chaining him to the newest development of French science-the awesome QUANTUM BOMB!!!! At first everybody though the poor guy had been reduced to subatomic particles-in reality he had become linked to the quantum field,reemerging twenty years later as the Protector Of The Pacific,the quantum-powered
  6. Re: Best Swords & Sorcery hero ever? How about Captain Kronos from the late-Hammer movie Captain Kronos-Vampire Hunter?
  7. Re: Favorite Sci-Fi Weapon And let's not forget AKKA,the ultimate weapon from jack Williamson's The Legion of Space series.Any homemade weapon that can make planets disappear certainly deserves mention.
  8. Re: Favorite Sci-Fi Weapon And yes,the Davros boxed set will be available on DVD.(With the Big Finish Davros stories as an extra)!
  9. Re: Favorite Sci-Fi Weapon Nobody's mentioned the Movellan nova device from the Doctor Who story The Day of The Daleks.I always thought a man-portable device that could set a planetary atmosphere on fire would be SOMEBODYS favourite weapon.
  10. Re: Favorite Online Comics? Here's a list of some interesting webcomics: A Miracle Of Science is a romantic comedy/buddy webcomic set in the year 2148 where the greatest threat to the solar system is a plague of mad scientists.It is now complete. Dasien is a manga-style superhero comic where the novice heroine is up against the supervillain team the Crimson Gestalt. Evil Overlords United The story of a supervillain team out to conquer the world of webcomics.They didn't succeed,of course. And what webcomic list would be complete without Freefall? And Magellan Justice Academy d
  11. Re: Favorite Sci-Fi Weapon If we're including the Glaive from Krull can I include the Kinjakan from Ranma 1/2? An indestructible staff with a razor-sharp hoop,the hoop could be used like the Glaive,or when the hoop was attached to the staff,the Kinjakan could project flame blasts or enable the wielder to fly at high speed. And let's not forget the rayguns used by the Zero-Zero Cyborgs in the 2001 anime version of Cyborg 009.They could fire lightning bolts,laser beams,and some kind of plasma bursts-the "energy magnum" mode.They also had the traditional "stun" setting and a freezer mode-
  12. Re: Hyper Intelligence And what about skills? Superintelligent characters should spend a lot of points on mental skills and appropriate Talents. Such a character should also have Skill Enhancers,depending on concept.
  13. Re: Hyper Intelligence And may I present the webcomic heroine:Mindmistress. The artwork may not be the best(especially early on),but the writing more than makes up for it.
  14. Re: The Brat Pack The problem with Veitch is endemic in fiction today.He's forgotten that good stories require sympathetic characters. He's been infected by the popular zeitgeist that "Interesting characters have to be twisted perverts!Even -no-especially the heroes!And put them them-and the reader-through as much sex and violence as possible!" :thumbdown:thumbdown:thumbdown:thumbdown:thumbdown:thumbdown:thumbdown:thumbdown:thumbdown.
  15. Re: Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved How are you going to do magic?I'd assume AE magic would be converted to the Hero system as follows: All spell-casters have a VPP that takes an hour to change.Most spell-casters would have the VPP with the Limitation Only simple Spells while magisters would have their VPP with the lesser limitation Only Complex and Simple Spells. The Complex and Exotic spell feats would be bought as Naked Power Advantages for the VPP,as would be feats such as the Elemental and Energy mage feats,Psion,and the racial feats such as Dragon and Giant Mage. Oh,and by the wa
  16. Re: Karate Kid vs Karate Kid No,your retcon actually shows more respect for characters than Marvel does.
  17. Re: New Power: Invulnerability "Atomic Horror with Superheroes!:thumbup:"
  18. Re: Australia in the current CU As long as COIL doesn't build a base in Ayers Rock,I'll be happy. (Aside from the fact that Ayers Rock is a sacred Aboriginal site and also a major tourist attraction,it's already been done-Black Ghost had a hidden base there in the 2001 anime version of Cyborg 009).
  19. Re: Australia in the current CU I've also been working on Seeker myself.I've been building a 250-point version and a 350 point version,and have almost finished the 250-point version. Problem is,I've discovered that Seeker's actually got 155 points of disadvantages,so I'm rebuilding his disads from scratch. Anybody got any suggestions? (Yes,I do intend for "Code of The Chinese Knight" to be one of his Psych Lims.)
  20. Re: Australia in the current CU As someone who actually purchased Hero System Almanac I,I have to point out that in it the original Captain Australia was crippled and replaced by his twin sister. Still a good idea though....
  21. Re: Australia in the current CU I'm willing to contribute any New Zealand stuff to such a book,but I have no experience with writing any books as such,and I'll have to communicate using the internet.
  22. Re: Infinite Crisis Busiek has been writing some of the Superman books.
  23. Re: The Munchkin Build Contest This is true-to be a true munchkin power,that 1d6 EB needs LOTS of advantages.
  24. Re: The Munchkin Build Contest Absolutely correct.In order to do full STR damage,an advantaged HA has to have half the STR dice-a character with 90 STR would have to have a minimum of a 9d6 AP HA in order to make his full 18d6 of STR damage Armor-Piercing.
  25. Re: The Munchkin Build Contest Also,an AI.,Base,Follower or Vehicle can take disadvantages in order to reduce the cost to the character.
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