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  1. I'm not an epidemiologist and don't play one on TV, so definitely do what you think is right! That said, I was just relaying what a segment on our local NBC TV news was saying last night. Unfortunately I can't find that segment on their crappy website, and most google search results on the topic seem to be from back in the beginning of the pandemic when we didn't know as much. Personally, I've been treating surface transmission with a lot less fear than I did at the beginning. I don't wipe down my groceries or delivered packages any more. I still wash my hands after bei
  2. Could just leave it in a paper bag for a few days until any virus clinging to it is dead/no longer a threat.
  3. When schools start up, it's going to be a train wreck. Either they do it all onsite and everyone gets sick, or they do it all remote and parents of younger or special needs children will have to choose between taking care of their kids and earning and income.
  4. Schools: Students must abide by our dress code. Also schools: It would be wrong for us to tell kids they have to wear masks.
  5. Congratulations on the launch! I hope to join in by offering something of my own, in due course. But for now, I bought Chris's PDF to help get the ball rolling on the demand side.
  6. That's wonderful news. I look forward to the day when every book ever produced for the game is available in PDF format!
  7. Thanks, Jason. From the description, I couldn't tell if it was a collection of mini-books or not.
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