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  1. Re: A "The West Wing" Secret Service question, version 2.0
  2. Re: A "The West Wing" Secret Service question, version 2.0 I understand all that. I was joking. My bad.
  3. Re: Traveller Hero... an update from the authors I'm so there, dude.
  4. Re: Traveller Hero Core Books Now Available! Woot! Awesome.
  5. Re: Online Hero Games?? I've found a good site, and there's a fantasy campaign in the works that will be calling for players soon. Check my sig.
  6. Re: A "The West Wing" Secret Service question, version 2.0 Nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure bad television stays dead.
  7. Re: Cruiseship Deckplans Sweet, thanks.
  8. Re: The Mind Controlling Hero Thanks for the input, all.
  9. Re: WWYCD: The Destruction Of The Conqueror All: Count my blessings and turn the place into a mini-mall. Santa could use the throne around Christmas time for pics with the kiddies.
  10. Re: New Power: Invulnerability I know it doesn't address the BODY-only aspect, but I've seen: Damage Reduction, 100% - 80 AP Damage Reduction, resistant, 100% - 120 AP You could always apply a modifier such as "doesn't reduce STUN -1/2", and there you go.
  11. Re: Thoughts on SPD It's a game balancing mechanic. Maybe we're overthinking this?
  12. Re: Scene Sheets I often write up notes before running a game. I find I'm much less organized and things don't flow as well when I try to wing it.
  13. I typically associate mind controllers with villains based on the ethical implications. But I was wondering, has anybody had any experience with a mind controller as a hero? Is it possible to be a mind controlling hero? I'm thinking of making the attempt but am seeking guidance.
  14. Re: Car Wars Hero Car Wars, Anyone?
  15. Re: HERO System Vehicles Speaking of Car Wars Hero... I haven't worried too much about vehicle design yet. The campaign has only just started - you can read it here. I had initially planned on using Car Wars vehicle design and combat rules and Hero System rules for everything else. It's all invisible to the players, anyway. Now I'm thinking I might actually just build out the vehicles using Hero System vehicle rules and just not worry about point costs and instead focus on translating from system to system properly. I have the Ultimate Vehicle and the old Autoduel Champions
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