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  1. Again...the teeter-totter scene is an ungodly piece of horrid and wretched cinema that nukes the entire film like Nagasaki. Go away. Go away. Die. Die. Die. It screams, "Hi, I'm Hollywood. DID YOU REALLY THINK WE'D TAKE YOUR GENRE SERIOUSLY! HAHAHAHAHA! From this point on in the movie Elektra and Daredevil are silly and stupid rom-com characters! BLEEP YOU! BLEEP YOU!" Nuff said.
  2. Did you just confirm that unusual people are very common? It really wasn't necessary.
  3. He was serviceable, yes. Bale was the best Bat, by far IMO.
  4. Seems like a good actor who was in some silly movies, I think he's been doing Indy movies since Twilight. I haven't seen him recently, he'll have to seriously bulk up presumably.
  5. Very efficient, he could probably get another 15 arrows in there and not even be burdened by a quiver. He just has to be careful with doorways.
  6. - Samwell Tarley killed more people than the entire Golden Company - What was the point of Bronn this season?
  7. ...and away we go.... Alabama Senate passes near-total abortion law
  8. Lord of Light Divine Regulations Handbook, Chapter 2, Rule 6.1A clearly states: Resurrections are only done in the presence of a priest or Red Woman.
  9. To be honest, he looked more like 'powerlifter Thor' than 'fat Thor' to me.
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