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  1. Jar Jar Binks is not the class clown, he's the village idiot.
  2. If airplane seats have the ability to recline and the person in that seat has the inability to see that the person behind them is 6' 4", then I should be allowed to throttle the person in said seat. Grrrrr.
  3. I'd rather have the Russo Brothers in charge of everything. I'd love to see them direct a Justice League movie.
  4. If I had to live through the last 20,000 years of 'civilization' like you have, I wouldn't long for the bygone days. I like my dental hygiene and running water.
  5. I'm a big Marvel fan, but there's only a couple that I'd give an 'A' grade. I rewatch nearly all superhero movies because I'm a fan of the genre. I gave Shazam a 'B' because it was funny, but not hilarious. Feel good, but not feel great. The villain was solid, but not brilliant. The most endearing character was a minor one - Darla. The least endearing character was actually Billy Batson himself.
  6. Nor is it constantly dogged by plagiarism questions.
  7. Well, Washington actually, y'know, owned people so....
  8. Obviously. My point was more and more people wait to see movies. Heck, I personally know Marvel movie fans who are waiting for the Endgame rental or bluray. I can think of 5 movies off the top of my head right now that I'm waiting for, but I'd probably see at the theater if I had no other choice. Comparing box office numbers before the wide spread use of home video and after is apples and oranges IMO.
  9. As much as people complain about long movies, many of the top grossing or most viewed movies are around 3 hours or more.
  10. That tweet is replying to Matt Mercer, he's the DM on the show Critical Roll. Voice actors playing DnD, it's excellent.
  11. I wonder what the numbers would be for modern movies if the only time and place you could ever see them was during their run in a theater.
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