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  1. Ep1 is 30, Ep 2 is 37 and Ep 3 is 33. Take out about 3 mins each for 'actual' credits and you get about 91 minutes by my count. I will agree that things 'should' definitely switch into high gear after the big reveal at the end of Ep 3.
  2. Wandavision has had over 90 minutes of screen time. So far there are very vague inklings that something is not right which I already know because Wanda and Vision are in 50s - 70s sitcoms and Vision is, y'know, alive. I watch mini-series all the time...the build-up is incredibly slow. If you weren't already fans of the MCU and these characters you would probably give up on this show halfway through Ep 2. I already stated that I'm glad Marvel is trying something completely different and wacky, but something stronger needs to grab a casual viewer of an average show before the 90+ minute mark
  3. Yeah, I think it had something to do with Babe Ruth not being a unanimous first ballot so nobody should. Which is just compounding a bad decision with another bad decision.
  4. Apparently, the person who did it has now sold over 60,000 PDF patterns for knitting.
  5. ‘Gondor has no king’: pro-Trump lawsuit cites Lord of the Rings
  6. 1,900 doses of Moderna vaccine destroyed after cleaner unplugs freezer in Boston
  7. 9 unbelievably petty and moronic losers decided he wasn't a first ballot hall of famer when he became eligible.
  8. Put in any address (like your house) and it will put Bernie in the pic. http://bernie-sits.herokuapp.com/
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