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  1. Totally agree. SO MANY gems out there on streaming services nowadays compared to the outdated, bland dramas and sitcoms produced full of 20 filler episodes a season that they have (and have always had) on regular network TV. IMO, thanks to streaming, this is actually the golden age of television.
  2. Olympic Women's soccer Sweden crushed US 3-0
  3. Watched all of Loki, I thought it was pretty good...big master villain reveal at the end.
  4. Xone of Contention, a Xanth novel by Piers Anthony
  5. I do...but symbols mean different things to different people.
  6. $30 for a whole family to watch a movie is fine with me. My couch is comfy and the popcorn is cheaper.
  7. Raya and the Last Dragon on Disney Plus was good.
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