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  1. How about lots of movies and tv shows have pro- home nation messages and lots of tv shows and movies don't...yeesh.
  2. Well, originally from Wessex, now the Lady of Mercia.
  3. Next thing you know, people will start complaining about not being allowed to drink and drive....
  4. Basically, Kirk made them an offer they couldn't refuse.... What?
  5. Testing shortages on the rise again *sigh*
  6. First, lemme single out one that hasn't been mentioned and that has great significance to the times we're living in: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield deals with the destructiveness and stupidity of racism and bigotry. Here is the dialogue from the best scene, which features the brilliant Frank Gorshin: Bele: It is obvious to the most simpleminded that Lokai is of an inferior breed. Spock: The obvious visual evidence, Commissioner, is that he is of the same breed as yourself Bele: Are you blind, Commander Spock? Well, look at me. Look at me! Kirk: You're black on one side and white on the other. Bele: I am black on the right side. Kirk: I fail to see the significant difference. Bele: Lokai is white on the right side. All of his people are white on the right side. Kirk and Spock both look at each other in disbelief and exasperation.... Many of my favs have already been listed, so I'll lump them into a list of no particular preference Balance of Terror - this is probably my favorite to rewatch Space Seed Amok Time City on the Edge of Forever Doomsday Machine Trouble with Tribbles Corbomite Maneuver Journey to Babel Devil in the Dark Taste of Armageddon
  7. IMO every elected official should be forced to reveal their taxes and financials, particularly POTUS. Our leaders should be vetted out the wazoo. YMMV.
  8. I think a more realistic name would be the Washington Three-and-Thirteens...but maybe that's just me.
  9. The Boys: A twisted and graphically violent, yet well done take on superheroes, as well as the power of corporations. B+
  10. Is that a new British TV show on PBS Masterpiece?
  11. Florida democrats return PPP loan money amid scandal
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