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  1. I'm a Blue Moon guy. When I drink beer, that is.... Whiskey is so much more effective.
  2. Technically, if everything got Pluto-sized there would be no planets in this solar system.
  3. Coronavirus? Are they allergic to the sun?
  4. Whoever doesn't have Patrick Mahomes will lose.
  5. Pffft...been to Kether many times...I use it as an outhouse. Anyway, I just want consistency for my suspension of disbelief. For example, why do Kryptonians use their superspeed to change their clothes, but then forget about it in a fight?
  6. There may be an Andy Dalton trade as well.
  7. Looks like your average SyFy channel movie
  8. What do you call the advantage undead have while you're adventuring in a Necropolis? Wight privilege
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