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  1. Junior year of high school, I cleaned my Art class at the end of the year so the teacher would raise me from C- to B.
  2. RIP Been watching him most recently on the show Evil
  3. Vegetarians are far more cruel than meat-eaters, because they pick on things that can't run away.
  4. Everyone know there's supposed a crackle and a pop after the first snap...maybe that's what they noticed.
  5. I believe it's a series. I enjoy this silliness because,like Deadpool, it is general kept apart from the more serious superheroing. Doom Patrol is like this as well. Though DP is just downright wacky, moreso than going for funny. Of course, if Peacemaker is as brilliantly written as Doom Patrol then I will be pleasantly surprised.
  6. It seems to be right afterwards given how the movie ended.
  7. Looks good, seems to be an attempt to redeem the clearly unstable guy from Suicide Squad.
  8. I have seen 3 trailers of this new version of Batman, and I believe I will definitely be seeing it as soon as it comes out.
  9. Darn. I was so looking to inheriting your priceless collection of lint gathered from around the world and that giant rubber band ball you've been building.
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