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  1. Sounds like the plot from The Last Starfighter
  2. We're dusting off the old boardgames lately. Yesterday, we decided to play the game of Life. The wife was less than amused when she drew the Teacher career card and it stated that they make $100k a year.
  3. Hah! Not me, I'm still trying to ignore it! What were we talking about?
  4. Didn't you just say 'ook' like 4 posts ago?
  5. These press conferences offer an inside look at how every meeting with Trump probably goes.
  6. Like a record, baby, right round round round?
  7. Onward: Disney Pixar latest effort. A take on fantasy races living in modern day having mostly forgotten their magical roots. Didn't really interest me when it came out in theaters, but it was a fun tale abouy two elf brothers with A LOT of rpg and D&D references. The big brother, voiced by Chris Pratt, being a massive gaming fanboy. Solid B+.
  8. I bought some powdered water, but I didn't know what to add - Stephen Wright
  9. Are there any domesticated Mightybecs?
  10. He was also horrendously ugly and an accomplished user of that c-word that all females despise.
  11. Fortunately, I make fun of those people also.
  12. If you knock over 10 belaying pins at once, is that a strike?
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