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  1. Ars’ plea: Someone make this into a series https://apple.news/A3m5hnBnNQbOlRZHo5xLuuw
  2. NYC is a magical land...that is run by talking bulls & bears*. *because money talks.
  3. Not gonna happen. DT keeps make factually wrong statements and them lambasts any attempt to correct ‘em.
  4. You made a factually wrong statement. I monologued.
  5. “"We do also fortuitously have an outdoor lifestyle, unlike [where the virus originated] in China, where there's very dense living in high-rise apartments."”
  6. The Northern Territory survives a year of coronavirus without death or outbreak https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-04/nt-marks-one-year-covid-no-community-transmission/13208710 Last April, as coronavirus was taking hold in Australia, Northern Territory health authorities issued a stark warning: community spread of the deadly virus would be inevitable in the NT. But a year to the day since the NT recorded its first case — a 52-year-old tourist who had been overseas before flying from Sydney to Darwin — the pandemic has so far proven that prediction wrong.
  7. Then we are getting to change, actuality and potentiality. Werner Heisenberg wrote:
  8. Depends how you categorise simulation. if it is a thing-in-itself, then yes it has existence; if it is a property* of a thing-in-itself then its existence depends on the thing-in-itself. Further inquiry would lead to what kind of thing, the thing-in-itself is, which would be the essence or nature of the thing is. the essence then would determine the form the thing takes in the matter/material, ie the form gives the shape/pattern to the material (as in a statue). The three main categories of properties of the thing, are quantity (as it can be measured, hello physics), quality, and t
  9. Stay updated on the new rules: (click the tweet for the top row, the middle row and bottom row are shown, below)
  10. Only if one is using a method based on empirical positivism measuring quantity alone. Existence, like actuality, are outside the scope of science. They both come under ontology. A simulation of inexistence?
  11. If you mean shelfies, then, “duh” (which means yes).
  12. You seem to not know ontology, or the everyday world.
  13. Those pictures are no good...I can’t read the book spines... And the chest of pens & maps looks very stylish.
  14. According to science, dentist don’t exist, neither do scientists.
  15. After 20 years it seems Kevin is not slowing down at all. He is not suffering from Feige-tigue.
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