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  1. At this point, I'm not sure if this project can continue. I am passionate about Hero System and actively working on two Hero projects for publication, but I have to be realistic and acknowledge that I cannot get this done the way I would like. That said, I am willing to finance the project, but I need someone to take the reigns and run with it. I'm also open to collaborating with the unofficial Foundry system module to see this is as complete as possible. When I started, I did have spare professional cycles to put towards this. Unfortunately, I no longer have that time, and I do not want to keep disappointing folks, including myself. I very much want to see a great Foundry solution for Hero Games. I am willing to release it to some other custodian. I'd love to see an online subscription version of Hero Designer as well. I am willing to fund these efforts, provided there is a solid project plan I can get behind. I am passionate about the work I've done and am doing for Hero. I regret I could not get this farther along than I did. The core functionality is great, and the foundation is there for a lot of automation. Thank you for all your support as I pushed forward on this.
  2. Here is the latest status. I'm trying to line up folks (still) to move this project along and even with a pay incentive, that isn't happening the way I would like. As Hero fans I know we want really good tools and to see projects like this successful. However, I cannot move this further than I have on my own, regardless of funding, so I am going to continue to find folks that can make this happen and will share an update as soon as I have it. @Carl Chmielewski in general, I keep modules to a minimum. I appreciate the tactical value of maps and movement, but I have discovered that often extra modules make things move more slowly than when playing analog. If tech can't make playing the game easier, then I try to avoid it.
  3. I am a custom software PM (+20 years).  What do you need?

    1. Legendsmiths




      Perfect. If you have times to meet, please send them to shane@legendsmiths.com and I can set up a zoom/meet for us to talk about what this would look like.

  4. Thank you @john j putnam I appreciate the confidence and support. Work is now winding down for the holidays and I am looking forward to focusing on this for a while.
  5. Breathing now. Back from Europe and closed out U-Con yesterday, so now I can start to focus again. Thank you for your patience. I will be working on this over the holiday weekend. Also, I have received no interest from anyone to take on the role of Project Manager for this. I was hoping to have someone from the Hero community to handle this to make sure it's done right.
  6. Absolutely. I hear you. The state of the world has created much to do for me professionally so I’m trying to prioritize and make more time for this. I’m sorry for the delay. I have drafted a roadmap that I will share soon, but I need some cycles to make sure it’s pointed in the right direction. If anyone is interested in joining the project as a project manager we might be able to accelerate. I thought I could spare the cycles to fulfill that role, but right now the demands on my day job has to take priority. DM me if interested and include any past projects or software project management you have done. We will talk and then if it makes sense, you will join the Legendsmiths team for this project. Ideally you would also be able to manage the Kickstarter campaigns we have coming up. This will be a paid position.
  7. Not yet. I am sorry for the delay; back to back conferences. I have been making notes, especially from my own sessions. My goal is the have a list of must-haves, nice-to-haves, and stretch goals.
  8. Not yet. These past two weeks have been pretty busy for me. Next week is a bit lighter and I hope to be able to tackle that.
  9. @techogre thank you for all the bug submissions. another version was pushed today.
  10. Okay, whew. Busy day. Squashed more bugs and things look good. We've gathered some Enhancements for future releases. STUNx for Killing damage is now rolled. However, STUNx bonuses are not calculated properly (bug reported already). Easy fix though.
  11. For now attack and effect will remain separate rolls. Right now it handles 1, 3-5 as designed. Without any subsequent automation, they are just dice. STUN multiplier is a nice automation. When we add automation, any automation that is appropriate for the Basic version will be included (e.g., targeting, apply damage vs defenses, STUNx, END/charges use on powers, etc.). I did enter output tagging as an issue and will push for this to be included as early as possible.
  12. A bit of a bumpy start but we will get there. Some things to keep in mind about the Basic version: Automation is not a priority. Our focus is on character definition and basic rolling functionality. Think of it as a character sheet where you can click and roll your abilities. That said, there is no applying damage vs defenses, or targeting oppoenents. Basic rolling functionality. The attack rolls calculate margin of success, so that will tell you what DCV you hit. Alternatively, if you specify the DCV as a penalty when you roll, then you'll know the margin of success on the attack vs that DCV. STR will not add to any damage powers automatically. You can edit the damage field of powers and the effect fields of maneuvers: set the values to what they need to be All rolls calculate BODY for convenience (e.g., Penetrating attacks). At this point the distinction between Killing, Normal, Standard is nominal only. The formula is 11 + OCV + Item OCV Mod + Roll Mod and it determines margin of success for the result. That's your DCV, plus any other penalties. Powers are all in the compendium. Vehicles will make it eventually. hdc import is not part of this version I do appreciate that for some of you there isn't enough automation. That will come. Automation is complex, very prone to bugs, and we want to get it right. The focus right now is making sure all the basic mechanics work properly, that items have all the fields they need to have in order to support automation, and that the system is playable. I'm running my regular weekly games in Foundry now (just played last night) and things are absolutely playable and functional. If you can't submit bugs on the site yet (at uberwald), just PM me anything you find and I will add it to the list. I've got techogre's initial round of bugs and the dev is working on them today. There is a new big one that I'm not sure how it happened (since it was working fine last night) where attack rolls are now borked. In the last update the function started concatenating modifiers instead of adding them. Right not that makes attacks unusable, but that should be solved pretty quickly. I'll post when that's fixed.
  13. Documentation is on the list of things we need to do. However, here are a couple of videos that demonstrate how stuff works. There is a big with Dice So Nice right now that can cause double rolls, but this is only cosmetic. If you look closely, the second roll is the same as the first. I took a modular approach to things. Everything on the character (except characteristics) is an "item". This is a Foundry term for a generic item. You can create new items, and when you do you will be prompted for the type of item you want to create. Once created, you can then drag that item onto your sheet. However, all skills, perks, talents, powers, complications, and equipment from the Basic Rulebook are already in the compendiums. You can drag them from the compendiums and change the names or details as needed. We took this approach to make it easier once we do the hdc import. We did already have one bug fix tonight: Power Attack Rolls are now rolling accurately. Some visual bugs in the layout, but we should squash those quickly.
  14. In the meantime, DM me the bug and I will enter it until we get the repository fixed. I'm already aware that Power Attack Rolls aren't calculating properly, and the spelling of the project is wrong in Foundry (already submitted to the dev).
  15. @Jkeown I feel sorry that I somehow contributed to the shortening of your time on this big blue marble. But no hdc import yet. What I've done with my regular crew is spent about 15 min to drag and drop some key powers onto the character, input their characteristics, and that handles all the key rolls they needed. As they need something else, they can add a maneuver, power, skill, or equipment with the right levels/effect and then its done. The objective was to get a fully functional build out that supports rolling and tracking. No automation. I will be soliciting suggestions for features that are must haves and nice to haves to prioritize how we spend our development dollars. hdc import is a must have, it's just out of scope for this release. The repository is public, so you can head to https://www.uberwald.me/gitea/uberwald/fvtt-hero-system-6/issues to report any bugs (you do have to register on the site). We are going to host it here to make it easier for my developer to make any fixes. Once this stablizes we will transition to hosting at the Legendsmiths github site, but that likely won't be a for a month or so. I'm sorry for any issues that folks ran into downloading this. As far as I can tell (fresh install, search, install system) it's all working properly. Ahh, so the issue is on reporting bugs. okay, I will verify with my dev that he's configured the repository properly. I did just check that I can do a bug submission, but I've had an account on there for months so I'm sure my perms are good. That seems like an easy enough fix. I'll message him now.
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