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  1. Not sure on TPP VC volumes. Jason has mentioned doing a compendium for the Forgotten Enemies when I'm finished, which will be part of Hall of Champions at DriveThruRPG. Planning on Muerte as the next POD, then Wondrous Treasures or Dead Orc Pass
  2. Update on Vol III. Had some modifications and the page count is 408 now. Waiting to hear from printer on when I can order proofs. Looks like it will be $27.00 for the PDF, HD files and cardboard minis. The print version will be $37.00 for the book and for an addition $5.00 you receive the PDF, HD files and cardboard minis. Her is the adjusted TOC. I hope to order the proofs next week which means October is possible for the release barring any issues. I let you know as soon as I find out. Table of Contents.pdf
  3. Well its finshed. still have to submit it and have proofs made but its finished. Comes in at 393 pages, so bigger than Vol. II. I've attached the Table of Contents for your viewing pleasure. I'll let you know when the proofs come in and she's ready to be purchased. Table of Contents.pdf
  4. Finishing up the layout for Vol III. Looks like it will be a few pages bigger than Vol II. Will uploaded the TOC as soon as it's finished
  5. tiger

    The Muerte Files

    I have a couple ideas for that.
  6. Another project in the works is Wondrous Treasures. A collection of all the entire series, with some new additions. Will also have complete charts using d6 to randomly roll for treasures for parties to find.
  7. Just wanted to start a new thread dedicated to the future product Muerte Files. It will be a POD project the included all released material by Tiger Paw Press. The material will be re-edited and include new material. Look at my notes there will be a new villain team called the Reapers that are connected to TI, as well as the Conquistadors from TPP VC II. There will be two adventures plus other adventure hooks. Two places of interest on San Muerte, as well as some important people linked to them. More on the secrets of Muerte discussed in Villainy Codex II. Still considering other additions as well. Will come with a wrap around cover by John Becaro, as well as included art by Becaro, Storm Cook and Peter Saga. Feel free to give and ideas or suggestions you may have.
  8. Sorry to hear about the issues, tried to catch any. I'll fix them and get a new PDF made
  9. I forgot to mention that there is a free off in the download section SID Report - TITechCorp. Kind of a side gig Muerte has going
  10. Glad you like the material steriaca. Honestly, while VC II is on sale at DriveThruRPG I'd wait too purchase it if you were thinking about it. As I said I'm planning a large book with an adventure or 2 & some adventure hooks.
  11. Terror Inc. is no longer owned by Hero Games, Heroic Publishing owns them. I have received permission from Heroic Publishing to update them to 6th edition. This was done in Villainy Codex II by Tiger Paw Press, I'm in the process of putting all the material I've done into a future project called the Muerte Files, which is the name he goes by now. As far as an Hero Games adventure project extremely doubtful that it will happen
  12. Another project I'm looking at is a Print On Demand Dead Orc Pass Campaign Compilation. It will include the original campaign material, possibly with some rework as well as more information on the city of Trell. Also will include more on the Dungeon of Chaos including maps from 0One Games. Also working on possible adventures in or around Dead Orc Pass as well.
  13. Think I'm gonna go with The Muerte Files. Will include art from John Becaro, Peter Saga and Strorn Cook. Will include new Strike Team(s), an adventure and some adventure hooks. More of the secrets of Muerte as well as Sam Muerte island.
  14. Think I'm gonna go with The Muerte Files. Will include art from John Becaro, Peter Saga and Strorn Cook. Will include new Strike Team(s), an adventure and some adventure hooks. More of the secrets of Muerte as well as Sam Muerte island. As mention will be Print On Demand with a special cover being drawn for it as we speak (read). Still think up a few other surprises as well. Please feel free to continue listing anything or any additions you'd like to see.
  15. Not a big BB fan, but nice to see someone new win a championship. The Serpent Collective is different, IMHO, to the others. Also has a added little twist to it. On another note, I've decided to put WITCH in the TPP Champions Organizations line instead of the next TPPVC volume. They're gonna fit better there with my concept for the group.
  16. Left: Lightning Bolt, member of The Sisterhood. Center: Lady Apep, Serpent Collective. Right: Seductress, member of The Sisterhood. All were commissions by John Becaro
  17. Front Cover change for Vol III
  18. Thanks for picking it up. Working on 3 now, looks to be as big or bigger
  19. Now torn between, Book of Muerte & Chronicles of Muerte
  20. I always give a description, but it is a good point.
  21. Dennis gave me permission and informed me of the name change.
  22. Book of Death, sounds good too. 💀
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