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  1. Now torn between, Book of Muerte & Chronicles of Muerte
  2. I always give a description, but it is a good point.
  3. Dennis gave me permission and informed me of the name change.
  4. Book of Death, sounds good too. 💀
  5. Muerte is owned by Heroic Publishing, They dropped the Professor several years back
  6. Trying to decide, Book of Muerte, Chronicles of Muerte, Tome of Muerte. Which do you prefer
  7. Well I will admit that's kind of where I got the name from is Mr Long's works. Also toyed was calling at the Chronicles of Muerte. And like I said it's going to be a rewrite, redesign expanding on mention material and the other books plus some new material as well. New characters new members may be new agents
  8. Could be, dunno. Not something we needed to discuss My rendition are based on the original comics & input from Dennis. But, still not the "official' write-ups or anything. Muerte & Terror Inc. was pretty much the same as well.
  9. Messaged with Dennis no sourcebook coming, problematic was my impression. Not planning to update either module at this time. He is considering a Witchgirls supplement, Pyche (Rose) & Black Enchantress with elements from Coriolis Effect. Also considering a Heroic Publishing community. I guess maybe people can discuss the original campaign there.
  10. Could be. I just meant as far as this system
  11. Probably not, my book is as close as it may get. Dennis helped but it's still my version not an official thing or nothing. Do hope everyone enjoys it though
  12. While I don't have headquarters and such. With Denise's input and ok from Heroic Publishing I was able to do 6th write-ups for the League of Champions, which is what the Guardians became, for a upcoming TPP Champions Organizations #2. However, in there comics the League disbanded. Icicle is trying to change that though. If you go to their website there is a drop down menu for some of the characters. No abilities, but origins for several. No Gargoyle though, they didn't aquire the rights to him.
  13. Will be my version of Terror Inc. for TPP VC I on Villainy Codex II. Plus some new members, allies and such. Have 3 adventure ideas, plus some new "resources" for Muerte to utilize.
  14. Muerte is owned by heroic publishing, they've given me permission to Muerte & Terror inc. along with the League of Champions.
  15. Considering doing a a product that will be called Book of Muerte. Will house all information released so far on Muerte & Terror inc., updated & re-edited, information on TITechCorp and some new material added. Will also include the upcoming title Island of San Muerte. Some other ideas I have for Muerte & Terror Inc., as well as some adventure ideas. Title will be print on demand as well as releasing individual products for the new material for those that don't wish to purchase the print on demand or have purchased the older material previously. Looking towards next year for possible release What else would you like to see?
  16. Jason has given me permission to include Gremlin with WITCH as well
  17. Magical & cult like elements. Gonna add WITCH for ya too
  18. Question, do you prefer the condensed layout or traditional layout for characters in gaming products?
  19. No, Mutant Legion and The Sisterhood. Although I could add them
  20. Kinda but not Don't remember a Brood in Circle & METE. I know that Marvel has a alien race but mines not lol, they'll get over it
  21. Vol III the ladies take the stage
  22. When I finish my present product, The Island of San Muerte, I will start on Vol III, still hoping to release this year maybe in time for Christmas 🎄
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