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  1. The proofs are in the mail now, should get them this week. If everything checks out it will be released in mid February.
  2. I was hoping to keep it low if I could. Won't know what Vol III will be for a bit. Working on another project at the time.
  3. Unfortunately, there is no option in the POD for that as far as I know. I also can't have those pages as card stock and the rest regular paper. So this was the best fix I could do, sorry.
  4. Here they are if anyone is interested Oeramm.pdf Terror Inc.pdf Villains.pdf
  5. They are part of the files you can buy for $5.00. You get the PDF, HD files & Minis
  6. Sorry, decimal point in the wrong spot
  7. Hey All Just an update I should have the proofs within the next few weeks, if that happens and they are all ok the Grimoire Arcanium should be able to be released in January. The finial price tally will be $19.99 for the 262pg bookmarked PDF, $29.99 for the printed book and you can get the PDF and HD files with the book for an extra $5.00
  8. I noticed they said it will take a few weeks. Hopefully it's running faster than that.
  9. Well I appreciate the support
  10. Have the final cost all figured out now. IT will be $22.99 for the 356pg PDF, with HD files and cardboard miniatures. For the printed book will be $32.99 and for +$5.00 you can add the HD files & Cardboard Miniatures.
  11. I'd like to think so over 20 titles in the S.I.D. line. So from here forward it will be know as S.I.D. Report & S.I.D. Bulletin.
  12. That's where the SID came from
  13. well TOC is done and the final page count is 356, Vol I was 246. Here is a copy of the TOC and the cover art. Unfortunately due to size the product is higher than Vol I. PDF is 22.99 and the POD price is not set yet Table of Contents.doc
  14. I release them under Tiger Paw Press. S.I.D.s stands for Superior Individual Database. The extra s is only doesn't need to be added, could simply called S.I.D. The theory is that it is a database that the government is keeping on superheroes and villains to help law enforcement.
  15. Working on Table of Contents for Voll II now. Should have a copy for you and a page count in the next few days
  16. Uh..........No.....or at least not yet
  17. Just a note, definitely gonna be two villain group books. Look like first book will be A thru I and second M thru Z. Both will be probably 350+ pages but not 100% sure yet. Book one will include 2 new teams, book two will include 1 for sure
  18. When you go to the listing it gives you the option. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/product/331635 And the PDF only is on sale for cyber Monday 😁
  19. It's a thought. I was leaning towards alphabetical myself
  20. Heylo all I have a question for you. I'm slowly working on vol II, adding correcting, adjusting and such. I'm already over 300 pages and still have the majority of groups to go. Now some are large and some are small but it's save to say that this volume will be well over 700 pages. That's gonna be a thick book for sure. So my question would be if you'd prefer 1 very large book or 2 smaller books. I'm not sure if or what the limit on a page count for a softback book is so I'm not saying it's gonna be to big. I'm just wondering for the sake of convenience which you would prefer.
  21. Thank you, I hope the villains give your players fits The next volume is gonna be much thicker
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