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  1. Robot Warriors Vehicle Weapons for Hero 6.0 View File This is a list of vehicle weapons for a Robot Warriors campaign ran via Hero 6.0. Let me know what you think. Submitter Gauntlet Submitted 08/08/2019 Category Prefabs Rules Version HERO System 6th Edition  
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a list of vehicle weapons for a Robot Warriors campaign ran via Hero 6.0. Let me know what you think.
  3. Does anyone have a good export template for vehicles for 6.0? There is one in the downloads but it is just an extremely basic text document.
  4. That explains it then. I was able to get it on my phone but not my laptop. Thanks
  5. No security. But is the app only available for a phone device and not a computer?
  6. Is the App no longer Available? I have tried installing it from three different computers on three different networks and it says it will install it but nothing happens.
  7. Finally decided to upgrade to v6.

  8. 657 downloads

    A large number of low powered heroes (250 Pts; 50 Complications). I created them as I am starting a new game with a number of players who have never played Hero. If you take a look at them please feel free to let me know what you think about them. I feel that they are rather powerful even for low point characters.
  9. 37 downloads

    Detective who is a Werebear.
  10. Gauntlet



    Continuous is a hired assassin with a regeneration power that quickly regenerates any physical or energy attack.
  11. Gauntlet


    Version HERO Designer 6


    When in his mother's womb he was damaging her but his mother would not abort her child. She died 6th months into her pregnancy and her child was taken from her womb after her death and surprised the doctors to find that he was fully grown to a baby and in great health. His father took him in but started blaming him for the death of his wife. As time went on he started drinking and started abusing his child. Eventually when in a angry fit he locked his son in a freezer. The boy found the space becoming unbearable (his power activated and made the space sterile) and started pounding on the door. Getting angry his father got a stick to beat his child and opened the freezer. The child jumped out at him and grabbed his face with his hands. The touch did hurt his father but the father then died of a heart attack. Blaming himself for his father's death the boy ran away and began living homeless. Gauntlet is an NPC that can either be a villain or a friend to the heroes. He has a power that he has no control over, a power that will kill people that he has skin to skin contact with. Because of this he considers himself to be a monster and is very protective of the homeless of which he is one as well.
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