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  1. After a good disguise roll, Iron Eagle (power armor) asks Fox (Winter Soldier clone), "How are you shorter?" "It hurts"
  2. In my own Deathwatch game, the Kill Team has commandeered a Chimera to reach a Genestealer Patriarch before he summons the dreaded Tyranids. They spent 20 mins planning to assault a barricade in a city they must pass to get to their destination. They forget to tell their Imperial Guard driver their full plans. When the Assault Marine flies in as a distraction, their driver (me-GM) floors it and charges the blockage. They all look at me in stunned disbelief. Then broke down laughing when I told them. "That sounded like the plan from where your lead footed driver was sitting up front." In my defense, that was exactly what it sounded like to me, and I had the driver act accordingly. If they want the NPCs to read their minds, they need to draft a telepath.
  3. Previous communiques in the same game. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Sender: Unknown Receiver: Unknown Subject: Deathwatch deployment Message: Deathwatch Kill-Team deployed in Jericho Reach. Mission to assist Inquisitor during threat evaluation. Kill-Team out of contact. Inquisitor out of contact. Attempt to regain contact by 2004.M13. If no contact by 2104.M13, authorize Exterminatus. Message Ends. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To: Planetary Defense HQ (scrambled link) From: Communications Center Subject: House of Echoes communique Listening post has received a distress call from the House of Echoes. At last connection, all was secure. At 02:40 Capital, a major attack is reported at the House. Initial communications indicated a relief force of Adeptus Astartes had reached the House. Intelligence now believes that a force of Traitor Marines has breached the House defenses and leads an attack of rebels to eliminate our interstellar communications capability. Command requests release of a strike force to relieve the House and consolidate the Astropath in the Govenor's secure bunker facilities. Need is Orange priority. Response needed immediately. In the Emperor's Service, Major John Cataue Communications Central Relay Blessed be the Name of the Emperor.
  4. The last chapter of my group's run in Deathwatch begins tomorrow. The tides sweep out through the canals of the city. The evening breeze reveals fighting across the city. The forces of the Emperor are losing the battles. A small force of the Adeptus Astartes, Deathwatch Space Marines, hold the hope of the planet in their mighty hands. Let slip the dogs of war.
  5. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Thankfully Susano got the reference. I am deeply disappointed with the rest of you. If you don't recognize the WWWA's top troubleshooting team, please go back to watching anime posthaste.
  6. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From tonight's finale to a short lived Rifts campaign. "I'm carrying 2 heavy blasters on my back, but I'm using a water pistol. What's wrong with this picture?" "He's dominated, not stupid." And I have finally met an ancient evil from beyond time that you can kill with a gun. But vampire intelligences don't really qualify. You need the equivalent of tac nukes to kill them.
  7. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game @astaran Mostly on the Champion server.
  8. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... In our Exalted game, we were ambused in our house by a group of Dragonbloods and Godbloods from a local crime syndicate. One of the Lunar No-Moons has an easy time with her opponent. She walks out of the room saying, "I just got lucky in bed." We had to take a five minute break after that.
  9. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... The two books coming are prequels to the Deed of Paksenarrion. Both were originally released about 10 years ago. One tells the store of Gird. The other the story of Luap.
  10. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game I'm getting back in CoH after a 2 year layoff. If anyone is on and wants to hook up my global is @astaran
  11. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From our Wednesday online Fantasy Hero game. Verin says, "I've never had to deal with a restless spirit before. Demons, devils, and other denizens of Hell, yes, but not a ghost. Anything I should know?" Nazeem says "They are usually pretty dull really." --------------------------------------------------------------- Verin is on a quest to win the hand of his true love. Some of his friends are trying to help. Lockwood says "My marines would be happy to lay siege to a castle for you Verin"" Brin says "I would think at some point, just go get your love and be done with it." --------------------------------------------------------------- Also, one of the group members is a dragon in human form. Brin says "Excellent. I have missed Xian food. Frankly, my people just do not have the interesting dishes that your people have. Ah, I believe one of our companions is coming now." Verin says "It's the lack of hands. Good cooking requires the ability to put pinches of stuff into something. You can't do that with claws. So you just have to come into the big city and eat with the rest of us. Hello, you two." PS: Since it's an online game, it's really easy to get the quotes right.
  12. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Our team leader, Marksman (son of the original and trying to live up to it), has just tried to capture the big bad solo during a negotiation. The team is having a little discussion afterwards. Tornado is my char and the group's light brick/speedster. He's also a former army MP who was wounded in action in Iraq. Marksman says "He wants us to play his game. We cannot win that way." Marksman says "It does put the ball in his court. I hope I can use the parts I have been collecting to put some counter together" You say "But sometimes the objective is not to lose. And risking my or any of our lives is fine, risking the lives of this city, state, or country? Well, I swore an oath once to stop that. I still live by that oath, but we could have put the whole fight in a controlled arena. That would have kept the civilians out of the line of fire and that was at least as important as anything else." Marksman says "I took a risk that this thing was the real Stratagist in order to protect not only our lives, but the lives his captives." Marksman says "Now, maybe that did not pan out. Maybe it was a mistake." Marksman says "But don't lecture me about oath's or what it means to protect innocents. Remember, I choose this line of work. Fate did not drop powers into my lap." You say "I'm not going to argue if the chance was bueno or malo. It's done. Now we have to take stock of what happened and plan. And DO NOT take that tone with me about chance, fate, or powers. I took an m-16 into Islamabad and Bagdad with no power and was wounded in the service of my country. I thank God every day that he saw fit to heal me and give me a chance to continue that commitment and choice. But don't claim to me that I'm here just because I have powers." Both characters backed off after that, but it was a great moment for roleplaying. (Nice thing about playing on a private MUD is we get to record and keep the really good bits.)
  13. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Said by our party reprobate to the group fop, "If you sold your soul, it would be as a time share."
  14. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... I'm not even going to try and give this context. Next game is Wednesday, August 16th at 8:15pm. Will Marksman deal with Foxbat? Will Sequoia deal with Exo Skeleton Man? Will Catalyst play Shock the Monkey? Will the Monkey play Shock the Catalyst? Will Tornado deal with all the corn? What about Dauntless? What does he know? Which side is he on? All these answers, and more, will be revealed on the next episode of 'Texas Guardians'.
  15. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Dallas based Champions game. Homage to the first Champions group, the Guardians. Brown and yellow suited figure on comm screen, "Greetings, nemeses, I have prepared a new game for us to play! It's called find the bombs!" Catalyst (Group weaponeer), "Umm, do I know you?" Brown and yellow guy, "Of course you do. The Guardians have returned, and I have arrived to play my part in this reboot!" Catalyst to Marksman II(Group gunner and son of the original Marksman), "Someone's hacked our comm system. Do you recognize him?" Brown and yellow guy says before Marksman can reply while tapping the screen, "Is this thing on?" Marksman, "Someone hacked our communications. Who is it?" Catalyst to brown guy, "Just a minute." Brown guy, "Is there an adult I can speak to?" Marksman makes his rep roll, "(Sigh) What do you want, Freddie?" Foxbat, "Greeting, Proper Nemesis!" Game broke for the night.
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