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  1. I tend to dislike Seth's work. Some of it I despise. I'll give this an episode or two, but based on the trailer it looks like humor I don't especially like. I'd like a parody of star trek to have more.. subtle .. humor, I think.
  2. I don't know Saitama (never read or seen one punch man) - and while I love Bleach, I don't think Ichigo would stand a chance again people like Fate or Dr Manhattan, so didn't vote for him.
  3. I can see your point, but historically there is a delay while Ronnie and the Professor had to have an internal dialog to get to doing things, but I haven't read Firestorm in a long time, I only read it when he was the Prof and Ronnie - long time ago. But your examples are why I would love to read it - firestorm converts air, flash vibrates to desolid runs out, starts a whirlwind to catch firestorm, who then converts the air to something heavier which falls, then flash runs up it as it's falling to hit firestorm.... each attack and counter would be a new "power trick".
  4. I give this to Wonder Woman for the reasons DasBroot did. Also in the JLA since the advent of "Wonder Woman; warrior/master of the fighting arts" view of the character, she has been sparring with superman in the JLA all the time (since Morrison's run at least). She has a lot of experience with kryptonian tricks. I give it to her.
  5. This one, based on powers, is too close to call. Each has a bunch of tricks and abilities to use, and to counter each other. I think a well written comic of this fight would be like watching a fight of two equally matched shapeshifter wizards, each shifting tactics and what they are using to match the other - and would also be a blast to read. So if it is too close call powers wise, it comes down to experience. That gives it to Barry.
  6. lol I was being obnoxious but given the structure of the this, DC coming out on top so much actually makes sense. DC Heroes tend to be just a little stronger than their marvel counterparts (or a lot stronger). Street level - the character that almost defined the genre is DC, so he gets in the top just be being Batman. Marvel doesn't do teen sidekicks, and have not done legacy heroes until recently, so that gives Marvel less bench strength in choices in the Teen tournament. When the jump to unlimited - Marvel tends to go big. DC has people like Superman, and unless he is the early 80s pre-Crisis Superman, Pheonix would take him out. Franklin Richards and others that would show up in unlimited class - the DC powerhouses like Dr Fate likely can't stand up to them. If the GLs are in that class, so would Silver Surfer. Mentalists - the Martian Manhunter or Saturn Girl can't hold a candle to Prof X. To be honest, depending on who all gets in, I expect Marvel to take most of the top spots of unlimited class.
  7. Originally envisioned as a parody of Bouncing Boy.
  8. I don't vote for characters who's abilities I don't know, and I know very little anime.
  9. I can see why less DC. They tend towards Unlimited level, or street level, and a lot of the in between are either secondary characters that can't carry their own comic, or best known for being a teen title - ex sidekicks and such.
  10. Nightwing. Grew up as a kid in the biz, then in the titans, and for a short time the JLA. He is completely used to fighting those that are stronger or tougher than him. Much more experience than Luke (pretty much a lifetime's worth).
  11. I didn't vote for Crackerjack, because he's a jerk, but I went with Confessor and Jack in the Box.
  12. I do not pay attention to venue at all, and it doesn't affect my choices, but it does for others, so I voted keep it in.
  13. The votes are the will of the people. I prefer no random chance, but if we have to have it keep it limited. Random chance really has to place in addition to voting, it just creates randomness, and that is no fun. If we use a d12 why both voting in the first place. Just let random outcome decide.
  14. While I am sad that Val didn't hit top three, a guy with no superpowers taking 4th is still pretty impressive.
  15. KK was married to Projectra, and had psychic defense training with Saturn girl, and has sparred with White Witch for magic. Raven can't get to him mentally to be able to beat him. He punches through intertron - so no physical thing thrown at him will be an issue. It comes down to physical match, which KK completely demolishes Raven.
  16. I wasn't aware of this until the poll was open, or I would have nominated Ichigo Kurosaki and Yusuke Urameshi. I admit I tend to think of Heroes on a poll on a messageboard devoted to a system that started as a superhero system - and I think superhero, not something else (and all the trappings: Costumes, code names etc.).
  17. Not really a surprise given Marvel's stand on teen sidekicks and such and DC having a history of teen teams (Legion, Titans etc.) , but 18 DC characters to 6 Marvel with 2 extras is a pretty huge difference.
  18. I just went with the Legionnaires and a few other favorites - Invincible being one.
  19. Watched Race, not bad. Not fantastic, but worth a watch. Also watched Creed - which was fantastic.
  20. I had been working at a movie rental place, but we didn't get free rentals. It went out of business - and now we have a new one who kept the staff. They have free rentals - so I've been catching up on movies I was interested it, but didn't want to spend money on. Limitless was really good, I enjoyed the different take on drug addiction. Both Gravity and Interstellar were amazing. Monument Men - didn't especially like.
  21. Finally saw Deadpool. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I liked more of it then I didn't like.
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