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  1. DS9 FTW!!! (stay capitalized, durn you!)
  2. Re: Shadowcats Vault of Insanity: Adult Red Dragon Actually, here's a question, why do you have +3 INT Only for sense rolls instead of another Enhanced senses point? Especially since that +3 INT won't actually give him another +1 on any rolls (unless there's another INT buff somewhere I didn't notice). Also, for his Sorcerer levels that he should have you should use KS's sorcerer stuff. Although what I'd do is give him a Fire VPP representing that he has control over Fire not Magic, but that's just me.
  3. Re: Shadowcats Vault of Insanity: Adult Red Dragon Reminds me of the Conversion I did of the entire Gold Dragon line, which I actually converted as a divine dragon but used the Gold as a base. Still haven't gotten around to posting it yet though XD. Anyways, looks good, maybe I'll try converting the Red Dragon into a Fire Dragon
  4. Re: Master Lists in Danger Sweet, glad to hear someone in the family now has control of it. In particular glad it's GA.
  5. Re: [Review] Equipment Guide Bravo! I bought the PDF and think it would be very helpful (especially since I now own a lappy). That is all.
  6. Re: Essential equipment for a starting mage
  7. Re: Essential equipment for a starting mage Yeah, should definitely get 3-5, I mean, 3 alone is the least likely to get hit out of the three, so if you only get one, get 5!
  8. Re: Warhammer 40K report on Santa Claus Must Spread More... DANG IT!!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  9. Re: Master List of Limitations Gone??!! Glad I could be of some (small) help!
  10. Re: Master List of Limitations Gone??!! Just a reminder for the Notes, where the description should go, you can highlight the text and copy it in, and to keep it uncluttered uncheck Include In Printouts. This is just something I did because it appears that's what was done by Flames on his... and it really does look better. I'm still somewhat new to HD, and have hardly used prefabs. So just a piece of knowledge for others as noob as me.
  11. Re: Master List of Limitations Gone??!! Bleh, my brain said enough after W-X (too much copy and paste!). I'll Post it up on the HD site now, as W-Z.
  12. Re: Master List of Limitations Gone??!! Erm... ok... didn't realize YZ only had 3 things guess that means I'll start on WX and keep working backwards from there....
  13. Re: Master List of Limitations Gone??!! hmm... ok then, I'll get to work on Y and Z... Others that wish to help should pick a letter or two to do and post here which they are doing. Remember, A, B, and Half of C is already done! (unless there's been an update since I saw it a couple days ago...)
  14. Re: Master List of Limitations Gone??!! EEK! We must back this up now lest we lose it forever! Back it up in twelve places! More! More seriously though, I do hope they don't end up getting rid of it, I've found this most useful and would hate to lose it. What would be especially cool is if somehow we could get that list HERE on this site! Though I doubt it, so we'll just have to help get it all done in HD so so it can sit here as long as HD survives (not to mention making it easier to use... well, for those of us with HD...).
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