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    http://www.rebel250.com is dead and gone. 2o years. What a ride.

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    Hero fan since my mimeograph of 1st ed! Thought 2nd ed was perfect. Still do ;)

    You know, I'm just going to put this right here where I can find it:


    (I like reading it, and I have the Devil's own time trying to find it)
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    inane and boring. Thank God I have a family!

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  1. The world would be a far richer place if every person spent more time unearthing the treasure between their ears.

    1. Duke Bushido

      Duke Bushido

      Thank you, Sir (I presume); that is much appreciated.


      Unfortunately, I've come to discover that's not as welcome here as it once was.  ;)   In the world, I mean.



      I agree with you completely.  I miss the days when it seemed more common.  On the plus side, I'm sixty!  I don't have too much longer to worry about it!  :D



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