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  1. I really thought we were finally going to have a president who didn't start another war. Previously I thought Obama would be that guy, but I was wrong. Remember when Eisenhower gave that farewell speech from the Presidency that made him seem like a conspiratorial nut-case? Yeah, perhaps, he was just right on the money. If I recall correctly his draft version of that speech didn't use Military Industrial Complex, but Congressional Military Industrial Complex. Fighting Iran is just stupid. Get out of the Middle East and let them sort it out or fail to sort it out on their own. They don't want us there and we're 23 trillion in the hole. Next country that needs our help (I'm looking at you Kuwait) has to pay the bill.
  2. I've played with the Tiger Hook Swords in ancient times when I was taking Praying Mantis Kung Fu. They're extra dangerous when you hook them and swing it as a double-length weapon. They're also pretty dangerous when you try to do any movements with them because of the pommel blade. So easy to jab yourself or drag the tip across your other arm as you do forms. Looks awesome, would trade it immediately for a classic Chinese straight sword.
  3. I have one common recurring type of dream. Whenever one of my arms gets outside the blanket and gets cold my subconscious wakes me up by having me fall to my death or get murdered by some type of nightmarish horror. I wake up with a start, realize my arm is cold, and bring it back under the blankets. A more recent weird dream was after hitting the snooze on my alarm at 6:45. I hear, "Good luck getting ready on time now. It's 6:55." I wake up with a start just as my alarm goes off at 6:55. The voice? Apparently my subconscious is getting lippy.
  4. Closest I ever got to something like this was a free Dinner for two at Ruth Chris steakhouse after our waiter wandered off and forgot we existed. The whole meal was free and they encouraged us to get a couple drinks and a dessert to make up for their failure. Overall, pretty sweet deal.
  5. 30 just seems WAY too high for humans in a heroic campaign. World record dead lift is right at 500 KG and that is a single spine-threatening lift. Not repeatable each phase until endurance runs out. That puts a steroided-up world strong man champion at STR 21. Someone being more than 3x stronger doesn't seem likely - at all. Even using the extended STR chart where weight capacity goes up at a slower rate you'd need someone able to nearly double the 500 KG lift.
  6. Social power and influence matters. I have a player on my Wednesday night games who's character has 20 PRE and high social skills. The actual player's social skills are not great and I don't feel like he should be penalized because he can't do the things his character can. Interactions will generally go along the lines of: Player - I convince the guard to let us cut in front of the line. Me - And how do you do that? Player - With words. I exaggerate only slightly. The guy doesn't have persuasion or high PRE in real life, but he wants to play a character that can do well in an area he can't. Because it is a game the ability to advance or win via certain avenues costs points. Whether that's stealth, weapon skill or being so ridiculously attractive that NPCs are inclined to treat you favorably.
  7. A palindromedary would have several dice of wtf-am-I-looking-at. Most people encountering one would lose their first few phases wondering what just happened to their perception of reality.
  8. Misapplying the rule of using the higher costing power when multiple ways to accomplish something exist I'd go with: +2 SPD - Only when swimming.
  9. There's that and also the scientific theory that beauty is not that subjective. We are hardwired for it from birth. https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn6355-babies-prefer-to-gaze-upon-beautiful-faces/ Let's say that your friend says he's dating a total 10. She may not be a 10 based on your preferences, but she's not going to be a 2 either. You know she's attractive plus/minus a couple notches based on preference. I'm fine with Striking Appearance as a talent, but we used COM back in the day and I found it gave a more granular and more relatable standard. If all primary stats are scaled from 1 to 20 with a 10 being normal then you have a pretty good idea of what a COM of 12 or 18 or 24 means. If I say they have Striking Presence +2d6 to my players it means nothing to them. It's unrelatable until I tack on some extra dice to a presence attack. Additionally, it'd probably be easier to use COM as a complimentary roll to support a Seduction attempt since players will intuitively understand that someone who is very physically attractive will have an advantage in attempting to seduce someone.
  10. This is the part in the movie where I usually annoy my wife. If you got hit that f*cking hard you'd die before you even reached the wall. If it's Thor and Hulk - fine. If it's funny guy in the Mummy he should burst open like a ripe melon and expire.
  11. Even the Avenger's series, which I enjoyed immensely, had ludicrous illogical shifts in power levels. How does Thanos - beat the hulk unconscious with a series of lethal hits - end up hitting Captain America a couple dozen times without killing him? Given their power level differences the first solid blow should have gone in Cap's chest and out his spine. How does the Black Widow successfully fight one of Thanos' lieutenants who hits hard enough to send the Vision careening 50 feet away and not get her arms and legs ripped off due to the strength difference?
  12. One of my player's is a big League of Legends fan so I've been letting him find/buy a couple of items from the game for his Udyr character: 1- Hunter's Machete: Adds 1pt HKA - NND Fire damage to all of your attacks - Str Doesn't add to damage - Defense is not being a monster or having a shield effect. 2- Iceborn Guantlet: 8 rPD/rED for area 6/7 on right arm only, Adds 1pt NND Cold damage to melee attacks only - Triggers only 1x per turn - Creates single hex change environment that causes Dex roll at -3 or prone (ice slick). His primary adversary from his backstory is Lissandra the Ice Queen (ice witch - cold based powers). He's already been warned in prophetic manner that he will be betrayed in the most unsuspected manner. He knows that the creation of the Iceborn Guantlet required his only piece of True Ice, but he seems to have forgotten that Lissandra has the power to control True Ice. Their encounter is going to start roughly as he finds himself being affected by his own, un-removable gauntlet. Our party witcher has been able to pay an exorbitant amount of money to get a matched sword set (1 silver / 1 steel) that add +2 OCV (instead of +1 like most greatswords) and do an additional 1d6 hka on critical hits. The party fire witch has a Staff of Storms that allows her to change the special effect of her spells (all currently fire based) into lightning.
  13. I've always liked 20 as the cap for the vast majority with 21-25 being the range of athletes and intellectuals who border on superhuman in heroic campaigns. Non-supers getting up to 30 feels more like a Champions setting.
  14. Captain America has massive, mega-scale powers that are all bought with fully invisible power effects. He didn't face off the armies of Thanos alone because he was suicidal. He was taking an iconic poster-worthy pose to (gestures, concentration, extra time: full phase) to cast an all-stat / all-powers aid buff on the incoming armies. Think D&D style paladin aura at a larger scale. One might even argue that his Mind Control: Only to make people do the right thing is what made Tony Stark take himself out to save the world. DM made him do that since his back-story was normal human enhanced to maximum possible potential by the super soldier serum. Ok, I'm not even remotely serious, but I do like hero builds using effects along those lines.
  15. I know what they meant, but that headline makes it sound like Alabama is forcing a birth rate of zero by making abortion mandatory. Words matter!
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