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  1. Re: Cybernetics I built the cybernetics in Inceptum Terminus: Chronicles of the New Confederation as OIF or IIF depending on where the cybernetic was located. I wanted the cybernetics to be able to destroyed so I either made them fragile or durable, gave them rPD/rED, and gave them 1 Body for fragile and 2 Body for durable. My cybernetics all have a mechanical benefit, so they're properly statted up. Here's a sample cyberarm from my book. Basic Cyberarm and Hand: (Total: 11 Active Cost, 6 Real Cost) +2 BODY (2 Active Points); OIF Durable (-½), Conditional Power Power Does Not Work In Intense Magnetic Fields (-¼) (Real Cost: 1) plus Resistant Protection (3 PD/3 ED) (9 Active Points); OIF Durable (-½), Conditional Power Power Does Not Work In Intense Magnetic Fields (-¼) (Real Cost: 5) Real Cost: 6
  2. Re: Kingdom Rules - Used in Any Supplements? Here's how I broke down the STR from one of the factions. I've also included the Organizational Chart from Inceptum Terminus: Chronicles of the New Confederation. I went with a more concrete approach that used flat cost per unit type based upon the size of the unit. Organizational Chart Size of Unit Designation 10-12 troopers or 1 vehicle Squad 4 Squads Platoon (40-48 troops/4 vehicles) 4 Platoons Company (160-192 troops/16 vehicles) 4 Companies Regiment (640-768 troops/64 vehicles) 4 Regiments Brigade (2,560-3,072 troops/256 vehicles) 4 Brigades Division (10,240-12,288 troops/1,024 vehicles) Characteristic/Category Value Allocation Cost Strength: 84 21 points Artillery: 109 Regiments 7 Armor: 109 Regiments 7 Air(Aerial +1): 109 Regiments 7 Infantry, Mechanized & Airmobile (Fast +1/2): 110 Regiments 11 Special Operations (Stonewall +1/4): 219 Regiments 18 Covert Operations: 219 Regiments 14 Transportation: 109 Regiments 7 Supply: 109 Regiments 7 Dreadnought Battle Group: 1 1 Battleship Battle Group: 0 0 Carrier Battle Group: 0 0 Coastal Patrol: 5 1 River Patrol Force: 10 1
  3. Re: Kingdom Rules - Used in Any Supplements? I'm currently working on the second book for the Inceptum Terminus: Chronicles of the New Confederation, which is centered around wargaming. I've written up each of the Corporate States and other factions as kingdoms to allow people to play at the strategic level, but when two or more opposing forces meet in the same area on the strategic map the game shifts to tabletop wargaming complete with unit lists. The role playing elements will drive the objectives for when the two or more sides meet on the battlefield, so there will be a lot more objectives then what is normally found in current wargames. I've worked up all of the naval units, plus added more ground and air units. I hope that people will like what I have in mind for using Hero System to unify both role playing and wargaming.
  4. Re: Large Scale Combats I use the kingdom rules for general maneuvering of units, on a map, then switch to the mass combat rules to resolve the actual battle as a wargame. It works out pretty well since mission objectives for both sides can be really in depth like having a team steal data from a lab while a battle is taking place as a distraction with the main forces.
  5. Here is the long awaited color version of the cover. I hope you all enjoy it and feel free to leave feedback.
  6. Re: Terracide: A Space Opera Noir Setting I wish you the best of luck with your setting. I hope you also sell a lot of copies.
  7. Re: Caelum Imperium: A Space Opera Science Fantasy Setting May you have the best of luck with your book and I hope you sell as many copies as you can. Up to doing an Inceptum Terminus: Chronicles review when the book is laid out and approved by Steve Long?
  8. Re: How does a Megacorp make money? I understand the terms as emphasized by you. I used capitalism in it's generic form since mercantilism is a form of capitalism. Due to the way I've written the economy there isn't a model or term currently in use that adequately embodies it. The way the macro-economy is set up is that it does share similarities with mercantilism, but it isn't mercantilism as you pointed out. Since each Corporate State has natural monopolies over certain goods and that the other Corporate States need said goods a free trade system developed. Trading of those goods between Corporate States is free from all taxes, which is where the capitalism enters the picture due to this being free trade between the Corporate States. Each of the Corporate States need each other for survival because no single Corporate State can manufacture everything that a society needs. High Plains Alliance controls biotechnology, while Republic of West Coast States controls cybernetics. The vehicles engaged in commerce are classified similarly to how naval vessels on the open sea are classified. They are, for all intents and purposes, to be moving islands on the roads belonging to one Corporate State that they are registered in. Any acts of aggression against these vehicles is an act of war, so the Corporate States will not attack them. They will protect these vehicles from attack. The entire system is pretty complex like any economy is. On the micro-economic scale, each Corporate State uses a single economic system internally. For example, High Plains Alliance uses fascism internally, Consolidated Great Lakes States adheres to communism controlled by a central planning commission, etc...
  9. It's been a long while since I posted an update on what's been happening with this title. The book has been edited and finalized for print. The logo, page background, and sidebar art are also done. The only thing left to do is the book art and layouts from what I understand from what Jason has told me. The cover is coming along nicely with it nearing completion in its final colorized form. I can't wait to see it.
  10. Re: How does a Megacorp make money? How I handled megacorps within Inceptum Terminus is by giving them clearly designated product lines, political power, and geographical control. The federal, state, and local governments collapsed before or shortly after Armageddon leaving only the corporations behind. The corporations fought a series of wars to consolidate power and land in order to allow humanity to come back from the brink of extinction. After the corporate wars, an uneasy period of peace ensued with small scale conflict being the norm. With the consolidation of political power and land, the Corporate States of America were born. The biggest treaty that was ratified between the nine Corporate States was the Corporate States Economic Trade and Assistance Treaty which establishes a status quo with the introduction of natural monopolies, free trade, and a universal monetary system. Corporate States that infringe upon another Corporate State's monopoly is met with harsh reprisals, including the destruction of the labs/plants where the infringement took place. The new monetary system is based upon precious metals of gold, silver, and platinum because of the collapse of the US Dollar as a fiat currency. Another aspect of the CSETAT is the strictest regulation on the movement of people. Everyone is implanted with RFID chips with a network of radio towers tracking everyone's movement. The greatest natural resource a country has is its citizens and by regulating their movement the Corporate State can prohibit mass migrations to more freer Corporate States. The virtual reality cyberspace networks are linked together by a central hub, but passage from one Corporate State to another is also strictly controlled. Another method of control the Corporate States employ is education and guard it fiercely. Through indoctrination the Corporate States can maintain a strict grip over their people. The natural monopolies enabled capitalism to survive in the macro-economic sense, but inside each of the Corporate States there are competing market philosophies ranging from fascism to laizze-faire capitalism to communism. Each of the market philosophies has gaps between the haves and the have nots.
  11. Re: Inceptum Terminus: Chronicles of the New Confederation Cover Preview Here is the inked version of the cover that we received on Monday with the color cover coming soon. Brett has me on the edge of my set and wanting to see how the next step comes out for the cover. It's amazing at the level of detail that he puts into the art and how it just seems like he captures the feel the setting of Inceptum Terminus has. It's like he is able to look inside my head and see what I see then puts it to pen and ink. I am in awe at his ability to capture the gritty, film noir style that the world lives in. Comments are more than welcome.
  12. Re: Inceptum Terminus: Chronicles of the New Confederation Cover Preview I'm glad that you both like the cover. Brett did the cover for the Monster Island sourcebook, so he's top notch.
  13. I'm pleased to show everyone a preview of what the completed cover will look like. This is the penciled version that I received two days ago from Brett Barkley, artist extraordinaire. I'm so glad that he's doing the art for my book. I hope you enjoy the cover art and feel free to leave feedback! [ATTACH=CONFIG]37306[/ATTACH]
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