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  1. Re: Why the dislike for Find Weakness? Actually, no. All Find Weakness would do, at its very best, would be to eliminate all or nearly all of the bridge's Defense. Its entire BODY would remain to be destroyed, which would take rather more than a firecracker...
  2. I looked on the official site, and found nothing hard and definite about the system requirments for PC. Does anyone know more? I am relectant to pre-order/order til I know I can run it....
  3. Is anybody from the board planning to go to Dragoncon this year? Anybody going to run HERO there?
  4. korovan

    Google Earth

    HAs anyone else out there used Google Earth as a game aid? I was looking at it the other day, and it occured to me that having instant access to satellite photos of the area around the Eiffel Tower or the Japanese Imperial Palace might be a good thing for super-battles...
  5. Re: I didn't create him, but now I wish I did! or this one? http://www.champions-online.com/rate_my_champion
  6. Re: I didn't create him, but now I wish I did! How about this one: http://www.champions-online.com/rate_my_champion?champ=2753
  7. Re: Who homages the Watchmen or those the Watchmen homaged? And, oh yes, saved the world and it's billions of human inhabitants from nuclear annihilation, ushering in a (probably brief) era of peace and international harmony. That bastard.
  8. Re: WWYCD: Magic Fishnets? I'm pretty sure that Black Canary could catch some cod whenever she felt like it...
  9. Re: Your favorite Hero Codes of Honor The Oath Of The Skull, from Lee Falk's "The Phantom". Each new Ghost Who Walks takes this vow upon assuming the mantle: "I swear to devote my life to the destruction of piracy, greed, cruelty, and injustice, in all their forms, and my sons and their sons shall follow me".
  10. Re: Wonder Woman Good job! My only suggested change would be to spend a measly 5 pts and raise her COM to 30. Attractiveness is a very subjective thing of course, but WW is usually depicted as the pinnacle of female beauty both in how she is drawn by most artists and by how other characters respond to her.... My 2 cents..
  11. Re: VPPs for Dummies? (IE. Me!) The "TV Batman" could just as easily mean the "B:TAS" version, or even "The Batman"... I think each of those ran longer than Adam West and Co...
  12. Re: Champions and the IRS If some of the PCs are aliens (either E.T.s of simply foreign nationals) then official from the INS might be interested in them... especially if they are here without proper documentation and/or are trying to work and earn wages in the US...
  13. Re: Incarcerating Gadget/Focus Villains
  14. Re: where do the villains get the MONEY? Blackmail could be a very lucrative crime for some mentalists or metamorphs. A telepath could uncover the dirty secrets of the wealthy and shake them down for either a big payoff all at once or a slow-bleed every month... A mind-controller could force the mark to do illegal/immoral/fattening things on camera, and then threaten to expose them ("So, Ms. Jolie, unless you want your little ... performance... with the Bolivian soccer team and their mascot to hit Youtube, you will kindly cough up 100,00 dollars each month...) A metamorph could mimic Ms. Jolie on camera, and then make the same threat. A different kind of mentalist could alter Ms. Jolie's memories to make her think/remember that wild night as actual fact, and pay to cover it up. A memory-eraser could steal the happy memories from someone, and then demand money for their return ("So, you don't recall the last twenty years of you life? Your marriage? Your children? Would you like to?") I could keep this up all day...
  15. Re: where do the villains get the MONEY? That was Gaius Licinius Crassus (yes, the one from Spartacus).... he did exactly as you said, but he also had another trick: he would rush (with his fire brigade) to the site of a fire, and then offer to buy the property on the spot... for a fraction of its value. The panicked home/business owner, facing the loss of the building's entire value (in those days before insurance) would often agree.. and THEN Crassus would order his firemen forward to save the place, thus making a big profit even after the cost of the repairs...
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