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  1. I have long thought religion is bad and Lord Liaden is Evel Knievel. Or was it that Bad Religion is good and Lord Liaden is Emil Phillips?
  2. That's one of the things that is really tricky that I want to have be at the center, and balancing the group's internal conflicts and finding a shared internal conflict that helps define who they want their characters to be instead of being just a plot point that means I don't have to have them meet in a bar is something I look forward to working out with them. Just looked all three up, and they sound very interesting, I'll have to check them out. Thanks!
  3. In this case, there might be, for one player, some of the street level drug thing, though in a fictionalized form, but I do tend to agree that trauma is not fun and not a thing I want to run in the game, the street level drug thing has more to do a with a detective type character. Kind of feeling like I'm on a good track on NPC development, I've been listening to audio books at work and writing notes at lunch on ideas they give me for characters, which, given that a lot of them are autobiographies, has really helped me flesh out some more realistic NPCs with really cool stuff who still have issues that will help keep them from taking center stage from the players. As for the population/collateral issue, I got thinking about then when I was living in China, some ideas, but I'm really trying to keep a balance where, though the world interacts with the players, it's not this sort of overpowering world running the whole game because they got in a fight in the wrong place through no fault of their own, and yet, despite the fact that its obvious, the government and everyone now hate them, even though they had no choice, which seems like a popular but annoying plotline. Thanks!
  4. Cancer and TJack, Actually, in this case, I'm more interested in what others are interested in, for a change of viewpoint from my own perspectives. As far as general info about the game, supers of all stripes start appearing(in small numbers) in the forties and fifties, the numbers start to become more impactful by the sixties, and the story is taking place roughly in our modern time. The city is a fictional city. Powers play out realistically to a great extent, but very few are such powerhouses that they are not terribly vulnerable without others covering their weaknesses(not because there are no powerhouses, but because there is always that area that one is vulnerable in). The center of the story will be a team, and a lot of it will be about the good parts of being a team, though plotting a story with players always requires the need to adjust for their actions in ways that let them shape the story. But again, for me, I just wanted to hear what people liked and didn't like in a game where more adult themes(and decidedly less power gaming) were a focus. Not necessarily always serious, but with a healthy dose of mystery elements, the idea of consequences without making it a punishment fest for not making clear that consequences could occur, and a general focus on the characters and the story/events without it being about the character's power development first and foremost.
  5. Terrible thread title, sorry. And it's technically game related just because it's probably going to influence theme/plot ideas for a supers game. Anyway, if you're thinking more adult super hero stuff, to avoid saying "edgy" or "dark" because I think they may be self limiting in some cases, but just supers stories for adults, what do you like to see?
  6. Your brother is the same as a coworker of mine. All the same arguments, the guys a really nice guy, but he just buys this hype, and it's hard to explain, you know, when your dad makes a lot and avoids all the taxes, and gets away with it, that's not self made when you inherit it. It's not even a good business model if you wouldn't have been rich if you didn't avoid all the costs of doing the business by chicanery. The only thing I've said to him, and I'll say this to anyone, is no, Rush Limbo is not joking, he's muckraking, and I'll give you a hundred dollars if you can provide me with a recording of a day of his show where he does not paint half the population of our country as either being communists, traitors, or fools. Never had to give out any money whatsoever, because there never has been such a Rush Limbaugh show. I know, I had to listen to years of that pap because of a former employer who also never received a hundred dollars from me.
  7. It amazes me how many people who will argue vehemently that there is objective morality will then turn around and get super relativistic when their guy is caught obviously lying and manipulating the system.
  8. Currently listening to an ebook about LBJ's presidency, I am about as far from an LBJ fan as you could get, but man, man the difference in competence level from him to our current leader is staggering, he was a master at getting things done. The only reason Trump has got anything done is because the GOP senate, in lockstep with the party, has done it for him. We can argue the value of those actions, just not sure how long the party thinks costly wars and tax cuts go together like fish and white wine.
  9. Yeah, it's an interesting switch. I can understand it, as multiple seasons allow for longer stories, whereas movies made of books, for example, used to always be heavily abridged. I worry about how the TV thing will last. I like a lot of newer shows, but I worry that Game of Thrones might reveal something to look out for. I feel like, even had the books been done, the people in charge just wanted to get it over with. I hope that doesn't turn into a common thing. On the flip side, I suspect that these sorts of TV series are putting pressure to produce book series that are not as serialized book by book, and will likely create a lot of pressure to actually plot further ahead than many writers have in the past. To avoid problems like Game of Thrones, or, even earlier in the process, Heroes, which clearly they either had no plan after the first season, or couldn't stand up to pressure. Or Lost, which just felt like it was made up as it went along. Babylon 5, if made now, actually wouldn't have half the problems they faced then. Early outlier on the long form TV show. Sorry, got babbling...
  10. I actually have that exact same sword. Bought it in 2007 at the shaolin temple, mass produced jobby. Merging in traffic is China is all the context I need on this one.
  11. Blaming jews is not a field that hires particularly original thinkers. I would say blaming them for the mongol hordes is probably the zenith of their original thinking. I read a while back an article by someone who used to be an editor for some conspiracy theory mag, and quit after he realized that no matter the conspiracy, someone always ended up blaming the jewish people for it. I did a cursory search on a few I thought would be exceptions, but no. I'm not even sure how one believes a banker is both a reptilian and a jew, but apparently that is a thing. I suppose the catholic reptilians rule the world on Saturdays.
  12. It's fair to keep in mind that, at the time of the Mongol invasions, there were people in Europe who blamed the jews. Sadly, this is not a joke.
  13. Statistics are not the only measure of relevance. After the end of Reconstruction, and especially after WWI, attacks on black communities represented a number of casualties that was also statistically small compared to other ways people could die, but effectively disenfranchised the black middle class and especially upper class throughout much of the South and into the midwest. In fact, had a huge influence on the course of our history until the early seventies, and in many ways, still today. Those attacks were often prefaced by whistle dog politics from leaders backed by friendly press to those leaders selling the same fear, after which those leaders would take zero responsibility for the predictable results of their words. The key difference here is those leaders clearly planned for said violence to happen, the current one merely flails about.
  14. The Arms for Newts scandal really destroyed his presidency.
  15. It is posturing. The useful platform is 'we will use nukes if they are on the table by all players has shown to mean no one uses them. Only an idiot it worrying about using them first, because the real goal is not using them.
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