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  1. Thanks for your advice, Ninja. I'm in 6E and while I feel I have the more common powers down, some of the less-utilized ones have a tendency to throw me. True true. I'm the GM anyhow so nobody is exactly auditing me, I just want to educate myself so I can pass that on to my players if it comes up. I think using Life Support UBO is probably how I'll go for now.
  2. Just a quick rules question to check my thinking... Designing a radiation-based hero who projects an area of "normalized" environment around himself. Keeps the area at a comfortable temperature and safe levels of radiation (so he could safely lead a group through a disaster area, for example). I was trying to build this as a Change Environment power, but it got sort of clunky and the available options didn't seem to address the radiation issue. I was wondering if it would be valid to buy Life Support: Safe in Hot, Cold, High Rad, with the advantages Usable Simultaneously (All nearby) and Inherent. I saw these options when I was playing around in Hero Designer but it feels a bit cheesy, like those advantages shouldn't really apply here. Just looking for somebody with better rules knowledge to give me a thumbs up or down on this, and/or explain to me where I went wrong with Change Environment because I feel like that's the preferred method of making this ability. Thanks for any insight you can provide!
  3. Congratulations! I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, it only took me five or six years of running games to have one finish naturally
  4. I'm sorry if this is a very basic question, but I am trying to build an archer-type hero and having trouble wrapping my head around how martial maneuvers work with weapons, particularly ranged weapons. Lets say I have the Offensive Ranged Disarm maneuver with the weapon element "Bows." But is my bow just whatever power I have identified with that Focus? I built my archer with a multipower, following the example of Arrowhead, but am I really allowed to apply martial maneuvers to any of my specialty arrows, or does it have to be an unmodified blast? Or are stats given somewhere for "a bow" that I need to follow to have access to the maneuvers? Again, sorry if this question is just wrong-headed, I feel like I missed something fundamental in reading the martial arts section of the book. It seems like applying maneuvers to these powers is really strong for the points cost so I feel like I have to be missing some passage that explains how it wouldn't work like that.
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