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  1. Published power called for 2 clips of 32 charges each HD will only go as low as 4 clips if charges above12! Why???!! 1
  2. The whole problem is how Healing works. You have acknowledge the mechanics of both healing and regen. I truly do not understand your objection to regen but lets skip that. The big limitation is the max effect  of healing. But the immediate issue is over coming the greater effect issue which you might get around that with the advantages of "no roll" and "cumulative"

  3. You always could aid or drain without changing trip sheet

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    2. Mark Perron

      Mark Perron

      lol post from march

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      Ahhh.  I had no reference, so I was completely puzzled.  Thanks!


    4. Mark Perron
  4. lol my shelf looks a lot like yours, but add just as many of D&D Traveler, Star Trek, … Battle...… Ta...

  5. Why was Elemental Control removes and was is replaced with something ells?

  6. Please tell me if you know, Why was CV removed from DEX???

  7. Ok.... Is there a proper forum and can you direct me there??
  8. can anyone tell me why they devalued or removed the total importance of DEX, CON, EGO?? I don't really care who goes first, con no longer affects anything but NOT getting stunned, and ego doesn't affect combat
  9. If you look at the perception modifiers for small objects you will find inherent modifiers.
  10. So what you meant to say "buy stat as power at 0 value and apply advantage to base stat by checking the appropriate box, as stated on pg. 22 of the HD manual".
  11. Can anyone tell me why DEX, CON, and EGO have no value any more??? I just got 6th ed. Sunday.
  12. ok here are more details. I chose language English then wanted to edit the skill. I double clicked the skill (so used to doing so) but had to hit edit button a bottom of screen. Tittle of skill had strange symbols around it. Had to delete skill to get rid of strange symbols. Picked new skill (Navigation) but language (English) with strange symbols reappeared in navigation's place. Deleted all skills. Closed chr. and restarted HD. Reopened chr. reselected skills but when I got to navigation same thing happened.
  13. why is a skill I have deleted coming back up in the title of an other skill???
  14. There is a hero creator called Creator copyright 94-2000 by Alter Ego Software. It was easy for me to create 5th ed. chrs on it as well as mod skills and powers. Also you could view and print inprogram,

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