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  1. The whole problem is how Healing works. You have acknowledge the mechanics of both healing and regen. I truly do not understand your objection to regen but lets skip that. The big limitation is the max effect  of healing. But the immediate issue is over coming the greater effect issue which you might get around that with the advantages of "no roll" and "cumulative"

  2. You always could aid or drain without changing trip sheet

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    2. Mark Perron

      Mark Perron

      lol post from march

    3. dsatow


      Ahhh.  I had no reference, so I was completely puzzled.  Thanks!


    4. Mark Perron
  3. lol my shelf looks a lot like yours, but add just as many of D&D Traveler, Star Trek, … Battle...… Ta...

  4. Why was Elemental Control removes and was is replaced with something ells?

  5. Please tell me if you know, Why was CV removed from DEX???

  6. There is a hero creator called Creator copyright 94-2000 by Alter Ego Software. It was easy for me to create 5th ed. chrs on it as well as mod skills and powers. Also you could view and print inprogram,

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