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  1. Look at it as OCV -DCV >= 3D6 -11. That is your character has an ability to attack of 'OCV', the defender has an ability to defend of 'DCV'. You want to perform within your capabilities, just like a skill, but if the opponents are equally capable you want to succeed approximately half the time, so we bias the roll to zero with its average of 10.5 rounded to 11 giving a slight benefit to the attacker.
  2. You might try bluefish. It's a fairly lightweight html/css/etc editor. I can also suggest vim, a vi variant which I use. And if you want an editor you never have to leave, there's always emacs.
  3. Don't forget Geek and Sundry, which produces TableTop and is Wil's & Felicia Day's project, promotes role-playing quite strongly, too. It has shows about game-mastering and others that are like game sessions on video.
  4. Re: Dating Catwoman plot seeds? Is that with an already extant DNPC? If so... evil ! I like it. Way to make those points count. Inspiring.
  5. Re: MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See? Just to chime in... I'd love both mythic and legendary.
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