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  1. Recently, for a rather loose definition of recently, I've seen The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T, the 400 Blows, The Little Girl Who Lived Down The Lane, A Little Romance and The Boy Who Stole The Elephant.
  2. That definitely works for me. He deserves to be in there more then some guys jailed for pot, for example.
  3. As long as he's not back on the streets anytime soon, that's fine by me.
  4. The video was put on Twitter earlier today. If there was a gun, I didn't see it though he was certainly raising his hands when he was shot.
  5. I might be in a somewhat anti-Wizard place at the moment, admittedly. Blame Outlawed. That being said, I do think Fixer and Tinkerer are his superior when it comes to technology. Tinkerer could do all the stuff Wizard does, but he's a sensible sort who found himself a comfortable niche that, logically, is making him lots of money.
  6. He's a one trick pony, the flying discs are all he's got. The Tinkerer's build hundreds of gadgets for dozens of villains, he's built androids that were indistinguishable from humans years before SHIELD was doing it, his prowess as an inventor FAR outstrips that of the Wizard by several orders of magnitude. He's way more valuable as an ally then the Wizard. As for the rest of your arguments: at the beginning of his career nobody knew what the Tinkerer looked like aside from his clients and Spider-Man and at first Spidey thought the Tinkerer was an alien for crying out loud. Sp
  7. Most of those guys were one offs, hired for a particular mission. What your forgetting is that Tinkerer can hire goons too and since there are a great many of them who rely on him to repair their gear he's gonna have quite a few more allies. It's a fight Wizard's not gonna win.
  8. None of whom are dumb enough to risk annoying Zemo by taking out his number one tech guy or pissing off large numbers of supervillains by trying to rob the Tinkerer. Also those three teammates haven't actually worked with Wizard in years.
  9. The Tinkerer and the Fixer are both far more accomplished then the Wizard and when it comes to tech, they're FAR more brilliant to boot. The Wizard is a one trick pony, Tinkerer's a guy who's the go to tech support for nearly every street level villain in Marvel, has built androids that can give Spider-Man a good fight and built an android replica of Bullseye that was almost as deadly as the real thing. Fixer is Baron Zemo's first choice when it comes to tech villains and has been a legitimate threat both as Zemo's ally and on his own. By himself the Wizard can't even outwit Jonny Storm. T
  10. Have they though? He gets caught an awful lot for a guy with mil-spec flying discs and as his first appearances showed, he's not nearly as clever as he thinks he is.
  11. Because the flying suit and Wizard's flight discs are fairly easily disabled. In the case of the Vulture, a high school science nerd was able to disable it several times.
  12. It looked like the writer had a good handle on the characters in the first issue, but characterization took a nosedive after that. As did the competence of the characters as well given that they were outsmarted by The Wizard, who was incapable of outwitting Jonny Storm.
  13. The latest issue of the Power Pack series just released, here's hoping that it's an improvement and that Wizard, Boogeyman and C.R.A.D.L.E. receive humiliating defeats.
  14. That'd be good too admittedly. I'm just hoping that somebody comes along to save my favorite characters from the utter trash fire the current series is.
  15. In my opinion, if they wanted Bobby Lashley to win the WWE World Title, they should've just had him defeat Drew at Wrestlemania.
  16. I can agree with that. Bringing back the original writer, Louise Simonson, to write the new book would've been a great idea as well.
  17. Agreed. I wish the current writer of Power Pack understood the characters half as well as Busiek understood the Avengers. Actually, thinking on it, I wish Busiek was writing Power Pack.
  18. At least Squirrel Girl isn't meant to be taken seriously, that's just a running gag that rarely has any actually effect on the world though admittedly if C.R.A.D.L.E. and everybody who supported it was whupped off screen by Squirrel Girl I'd likely jump for joy. The grimdark stories like Civil War and Outlawed are FAR worse they suck all fun and joy out of this hobby, turning formally heroic characters into hypocritical villains (Civil War and Tony Stark come immediately to mind) or even worse, just plain hypocrites (the X-Men are hanging out on Krakoa being all buddy buddy with genocidal mon
  19. Straight up bad writing and poor characterization of characters isn't terribly helpful. Writing intelligent characters as stupid so they'll fit into the story you want to tell rather then altering the story to fit the characters. Deus ex machina to give the villain the upper hand doesn't really help matters either.
  20. Pity he can't arrange for people with that sort of love for the characters to write in the comics. Or at the very least work in Editorial. A bit more love for the characters might prevent stuff like Outlawed.
  21. I enjoyed it too and I think it was fairly close to the book, all things considered. Didn't seem terribly romanticized to me.
  22. Recently watched the Les Miserables mini series broadcast by PBS in 2019 on DVD. It's not the musical adaption but a straight adaptation of the book and in my opinion was done pretty well.
  23. It's likely the only way Marvel is gonna get my money at this rate. I mean seriously, a villain managing to get a temporary advantage of a hero is one thing but the story having to strip every single iota of intelligence and competence from the characters to make it happen. To say nothing of the fact that both Alex and Julie are old enough to be mentors for Jack and Katie at this point, to say nothing of the fact that the Fantastic Four have already been acting as mentors to the characters for awhile now, to say nothing of the fact that CRADLE just handed them off to a character who random
  24. I love them and always have. Sadly Marvel who is looking for new TV stuff, is unwilling to use the perfect franchise for a kid's show. At this point if I had the power I'd do them like the Billy Goat's Curse did the Cubs back in the day, a couple dozen years of abject failure ought to teach them the error of their ways.
  25. So, unfortunately, Outlawed is a thing and even more unfortunately Power Pack is attached to that feces show of a storyline and apparently are now so dim that they don't recognize the freaking Wizard when they seem him because he's pretending to be a hero and wearing a different coloured costume that otherwise looks EXACTLY LIKE HIS REGULAR COSTUME. If this had resulted in the Pack defeated Wizard in a single issue, as they have with far more powerful villains like Nimrod and Kurse, I'd have no problem with it but that doesn't seem to be what's happening. If any of the Power Pack gets killed
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