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  1. This just in: Impact Wrestling does something amazingly stupid at Bound for Glory. Fans not surprised, merely very upset.
  2. Likewise, to be honest. Flair ought to have been canned alongside Hall due to that stunt. Just like Lesnar ought to have been canned alongside Hennig as a result of the brawl.
  3. Prior to watching that episode of Dark Side of the RIng I'd known that situation was incredibly messed up. However I'd never imagined it was quite THAT messed up.
  4. For those curious who the first Japanese wrestler Death Tribble mentioned was, it was Satoshi Kojima who is also a Japanese legend. One of the few people to have won both the IWGP Heavyweight title and the All Japan Triple Crown.
  5. Gotta say, it's not just ladies noticing the subtext between the two. I mean it was strong enough that I noticed and I'm not always the most perceptive regarding such things.
  6. Given that he literally hasn't done that, it's clearly not a "Drake thing." He's bi, he likes guys and girls.
  7. No, they very literally didn't. His previous relationships with girls weren't retconned away, he and Stephanie Brown were still boyfriend and girlfriend he's just into boys too.
  8. Not just in the new show. She's been the Sorceress' daughter since the minicomics after all, the only thing that's changed are the specifics of Teela's birth.
  9. Right, I bought the MOTU Minicomic Collection from Dark Horse, the MOTU Character Guide and World Compendium from Dark Horse, my book shelf is currently decorated with MOTU figures but tell me again how I'm not a diehard fan. 🤪Face facts man, the original show was a paint by numbers production and the character bible was ignored for the most part. I mean sure I liked the original series well enough but it was only ever adequate, with it occasionally reaching above average when they cribbed directly from the minicomics. The reboot was far better in terms of action, characterization and storyline. Heck the original show didn't even try to incorporate most of the characters from the franchise. More likely she'll end up the new Sorceress, should the original Sorceress fall. She is the Sorceress' daughter after all and had the reboot gotten it's, justly deserved in my opinion, third season that's likely what would have happened.
  10. I'd imagine Kevin Smith signed on because he actually wanted to work on He-Man stuff. He certainly seems to be putting more thought into plot and characters then Filmation ever did.
  11. Yes, the "heart" of the half hour toy commercial. I mean don't get me wrong, I liked the original shows and all but Filmation made them on the cheap. They weren't some labor of love, Filmation was cashing in on something that was hot at the time. The reboot shows for both franchises blew them out of the water with ease.
  12. Speaking as a diehard fan of this franchise, I have heard nothing about this particular show that makes me the least bit upset. Teela's always gotten focus in Masters of the Universe so it's no surprise she's getting focus in this show as well. Would I have liked a continuation of the story from the reboot leading to the Ultimate Battleground and He-Man and She-ra having to deal with Skeletor, the Snake Men AND Hordak? Well sure but Smith only has ten episodes, not nearly enough time to tell a story that epic. From the sounds of things though Masters of the Universe Revelations is a story that's just as epic.
  13. Oh puh-lease. Everybody I've talked to who's actually watched the show says it's absolutely wonderful, the "fans" hating on it are just a minority of crybabies trying to make themselves appear more important then they are. Just your standard wingnuts trying to "own da libs."
  14. Aquaman's comic has been consistently published since the Golden Age. He's had his own cartoon and been prominently featured in other cartoons, that doesn't say "not even a letter list character" to me.
  15. I figured. Also with the Cody Rhodes thing, this might be bad for more then one wrestler. Ogogo looks like a paper tiger for failing in his very first major match but Austin Gunn also looks bad for being put on the shelf for 8-10 months by the move Cody tanked several times. Also Billy and Colton Gunn look bad for not rushing to avenge Austin.
  16. Well as I understand it, Stadium Stampede was always meant to be one fall for the finish. The only complaint I heard about that match was that, given the storyline, Guevara should have been pinning MJF himself rather then Spears.
  17. So I checked the results for AEW Double or Nothing. Most of the show I had no problem with however they had Cody Rhodes go over Anthony Ogogo, who is the guy that was supposed to be AEW's next big monster. So naturally in his first big match Cody Rhodes cut him off at the knees. Despite Ogogo dominating the match, despite Ogogo hitting his kill move that has put wrestlers in hospital, Rhodes hit one move and wins. I suppose I'm not surprised that Rhodes is engaging in the same BS he chided HHH for but I am very disappointed.
  18. So during that zombie lumberjack match on Backlash, Miz was legitimately injured with a torn ACL. Naturally he's going to be off TV for awhile and apparently "eaten by zombies" is how they're explaining it. Morrison meanwhile managed to get away apparently, as he lost to Damian Priest in a normal lumberjack match on RAW.
  19. So....Backlash had a match with zombie lumberjacks. Miz and Morrison were eaten apparently. Make of this what you will.
  20. Just dropping in to express more disgust over President Biden standing with Netanyahu and failing to denounce Israel's terror attacks in Gaza.
  21. There might be things that the US government can do about this, though I'm not quite certain what they are at the moment. The question is, in my opinion, what are they actually willing to do about this? Nobody in the government has been willing to call out Israel on it's BS, possibly because the whole conflict is a cash cow for the military industrial complex. Pro Israel groups are going around trying to silence people who speak out against them, as they did with Sami Zayn when he made some comments on Twitter about the conflict and they're only to happy to spread Israeli propaganda whenever they can. They've hopped into bed with the Israelis by this point and nobody seems to have the moral strength to change that. As for the notion of collusion between Netanyahu and Hamas, it wouldn't exactly surprise me. He doesn't exactly strike me as a person with a strong moral center y'know?
  22. I'll second that disgust and add some disgust toward the people who're acting like Israel is the victim, when they're shooting civilians.
  23. Recently, for a rather loose definition of recently, I've seen The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T, the 400 Blows, The Little Girl Who Lived Down The Lane, A Little Romance and The Boy Who Stole The Elephant.
  24. That definitely works for me. He deserves to be in there more then some guys jailed for pot, for example.
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