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  1. The thing about that version that always bothered me is I loved the cast and if they had just used and updated the script from the 70s version, I believe they could have been great.
  2. I used to record and watch some of that. Enjoyed it, but unfortunately it apparently moved to a channel that is not on Directv. I miss it.
  3. congrats to them and deserved. I am surprised more didnt get in. Its time for the writers to stop penalizing Schilling for 1 repost 5 years ago. He can be a jerk, but his numbers both regular season and especially post season deserve to be voted for. Contrarily, I find it nice to see them sticking to their guns on the known(?) steroid guys. One guy who was on MLB Now yesterday put all the steroid guys on his ballot, claiming it wasn't up to him to police the game and that the HOF is just a museum. I and the other panelists disagreed with him vehemently regarding getting your own plaque there. Those guys exploits are in, but it is a very different thing to put the man in as a HOFer. He tried to argue that there are already bad guys in the hall so why bother.
  4. Part of the problem goes back to some old questions: Why is there anyone else in the Justice League except Superman and Green Lantern. If some villain can handle them, how does anyone else stand a chance, seriously. Why is Hawkeye/Wasp/Yellowjacket etc showing up with Thor, Iron Man and Scarlett Witch there. Think if you actually built the JL in champions, then make a villain to face them. I used to have a friend who would try to argue for champions that you could have the various levels of characters and it would work. But my point was, if you built a villain that could absorb (as in, not be 1 punched by) blows from Thor/Superman etc, then the "human" characters (Cap, Hawkeye, Batman, Canary etc.) could not actually hurt them unless you did some strange thing with numbers (low defense, super high con so not stunned and a gajillion Stun/Body). but then it just becomes battles of attrition. Even in the comics, there always seems to be a hiccup in the logic for some of these battles.
  5. its the depth perception thing. He didnt realize the water needed to be MUCH deeper.
  6. Great article on most, if not all, of the easter eggs from Crisis. https://www.denofgeek.com/us/tv/dc-entertainment/285337/crisis-on-infinite-earths-finale-dc-easter-eggs-explained
  7. Finished Crisis. I enjoyed everyone in it. Loved Smallville Superman punching Lex (and Cryer's Lex is growing on me). Even in the Crisis, Lena's hatred of everyone for not telling her Kara's secret seems stupid. And now we have Lex to overshadow her as a villain. To me Him being back as Villain only really works if you can have Lena to help offset him on the hero's side.
  8. Don't underestimate the loss of the Draft Picks. Houston basically built their team through the draft with supplementing through trades/FA. Their players are getting to that point where is hard to keep them all and now they have been put back at least 2 years for top draft picks, hurting not only the future teams but also trade proposals.
  9. Love both those. I understand he wrote the books, but Dahl is just wrong about disliking that version of the movie. Wilder did a fantastic job of being zany genius and creepy person perfectly. I like Johnny Depp, but that version of the movie, though possibly closer to the book, was just to weird and self serving.
  10. Alex Rogan and his Last Starfighter Chris Knight from Real Genius (or even Lazlo Hollyfield). Scott Howard from Teen Wolf and to add a woman in, any of Cynthia Rothrock's 80s characters
  11. How about Doc Brown for his time genius. Indiana Jones is 80s, right?
  12. Actually, though I also stopped reading sometime after the 80s, I believe the story they are using is an actual New Mutants story called Ghost Bear.
  13. Can Stimpy resist the big red shiny button?
  14. yes, but he also ends that with the fact he just cant trust her and he cant let himself become the next sap in her list (paraphrasing a bit).
  15. I suspect, once stills of that scene get out there, we will find many hidden starships from various science fiction books, tv shows and movies hidden in there.
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