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  1. did they run out of paint after the entry?
  2. What dimensional portal are they opening for their project?
  3. So, will he be Falcon, American Eagle or Captain America?
  4. I and a friend once got in trouble for fighting when we were doing an english problem in junior high and both grabbed yardsticks and started sword fighting.
  5. Yeah, I think once she missed Ragnarok, there was no way they were bringing her back, even for a cameo. Having to explain why she survived where the warriors 3 didnt would have been tough. I rather would have seen her do a small part in Ragnarok, even if it was only to have a brief fight with Hela before being killed out of hand like the others.
  6. Question becomes, will they actually follow the series and its basic meaning (I realize this is simplified) that in the war between Heaven and Hell when Lucifer was thrown out, the wrong side won. If you didnt get that from the books, then maybe my interpretation is wrong.
  7. So, pretty much typecasting for Raquel, as she pretty much embodied Lust for an entire generation, mine included. I liked both versions and thought they were both well done.
  8. I once ran a Cap clone who was a legacy character from generations. He had presence defense - only usable by others. as long as he was up and able to fight, others felt confident.
  9. I would also point out that they were showing various ways of dealing with things. Steve was stoic and just doing what needed to be done, Natasha threw herself into leading a group righting wrongs, Clint went vengeance and vigilante (punisher style), Thor went lethargic and self medicating, Tony had PTSD and anxiety and decided to try to protect EVERYONE whether they liked it or not.
  10. Black Widow wasn't Clint's sacrifice, she was sacrificing herself to save everyone else. Problem was, the explanation from Skull was sacrificing what you love most, not yourself. Maybe the powers that be only told that to Skull and therefore Thanos knowing they probably didn't have anything they loved that much other then themself.
  11. I am shocked that the lesson WB didn't take out of JL was that obviously people hate a Superman who is actually for Truth and Justice and an actual good guy. Just kidding, but truthfully, this was more of the Superman I wish we had seen in the other 2 movies.
  12. Don't forget, regarding the Hammer, that when Cap wields it Thor shouts "I KNEW IT". I think he recognized that of all the mortals he knows, Steve was worthy. And note, Stormbringer doesn't have the same restriction, as Odin was gone when it was created. Regarding Loki escaping, they almost had to do that, as the snap should only have brought back those killed by Thanos's snap.
  13. I always got more of a Rocky feel from Real Steel, but still a very fun movie and the robot fights were great.
  14. The only things I think that may have created new timelines (some minor, some major): Thanos and his army disappearing from the past - perhaps the gauntlet being what it is (the ultimate Maguffin) corrects this itself when Iron Man snaps his fingers, heck maybe even when Hulk did. Nebula shooting herself Gamora existing after being sacrificed for the Soul Stone (provided she ever was, see first timeline alteration) Loki escaping with the Tesseract - which means Thor did not have it to transport Loki and himself back to asgaard and it wasn't in the vault. Other then that I don't think there are any major alterations. Even Steve seems to have stayed under the radar for 70 years.
  15. I thought the main draw of panting was to get your breath back.
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