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  1. Yeah, figured wasn't actually him, but was just commenting that it really was the type of character we expected to see of Boba after the 2nd movie (chapter 5).
  2. wish I had the data to get Disney+. Not sure if it is Boba Fett, but I described it to my wife as finally getting the Boba we wanted in the 3rd movie and not the stupid incompetent killed by accidentally being hit and falling into a sandworm. Instead, the Boba that even Vader respected.
  3. I thought the use of Widow in Civil War as the voice of reason/middle was pretty well done. The one who could see both sides and was trying to reach a middle ground.
  4. I think one of the things that has made Marvel so good is recognizing genre's within genre's and, despite their flaws, the characters are heroes, willing to sacrifice themselves and fight the good fight just because it needs to be fought. Sometimes even on opposite sides (Tony and Steve) or trying to play the middle (Widow and Hawkeye). As has been mentioned, one of the things I thought was much better about the MCU civil war over the original comics one is that you could actually recognize why each side did what they did.
  5. Terminator: Dark Fate - enjoyed it. basically a reboot of original. Seems to only recognize 1st 2 Cameron Terminator movies in its history. Basic premise is, in the 2nd movie they succeeded in stopping Skynet. FF 25+ years later and of course, stupid govt/scientists create Legion - a tactical war AI that does exactly what Skynet did. So now an augmented human and a new type of terminator (basically, as has been shown in ads, a merging of the previous 2 types) have been sent to protect/kill a new young woman. Linda Hamilton is great and her story is interesting as to how she got to where she is. For fans of the original 2 movies, I would recommend it.
  6. My impression was there was more to them. For instance, at the end, it appears Mouse may be more of the brains behind the operation then Alice and makes me wonder if he doesn't have a bigger organization then she thinks, since she didnt visit him, as he says.
  7. Also, I think, despite evidence to the contrary, she is still hoping her sister is in there and wants to understand what happened to make her this way. I actually don't mind most of it, except drinking the beer was a true rookie mistake.
  8. Haven't started watching this season of shows other then Batwoman yet. I thought crossover was taking place at end of last break, but apparently not. So, how far along in each series should I be, if any have started background stuff.
  9. Hmm, I forgot to turn on [sarcasm] before my statement, apparently, hehe. It is one of the reasons that I have commented that the worst marvel movie is better then 50% of the stuff put out there (maybe higher, but I tend to have a low bar for movies as I just want to have a day out of movie and pizza for myself).
  10. At least it didn't turn out that the girlfriend was the villain in disguise as every other tv show would have done.
  11. Wait, so a studio going under the "if it aint broke..." style of movie making? That doesn't make sense. Where is the corporate guys who have been in business their whole lives who KNOW they can make movies better and therefore need to tweek things?
  12. Biggest problem that DC has with their reboots, especially since that first one which was pretty good, is that they can't seem to go all out in it. Writers come in, and rather then rein them in, the writers want to have their cake and eat it too, wanting a reboot BUT wanting to use big events in the DC history (like Killing Joke or Death of Superman). If they are going to reboot at somepoint, then you have to sell out and say" "none of that has happened in this universe, don't reference it".
  13. Killjoys is one of the series that I hope they can do a movie 5 years down the line to see where everyone is and where the system has evolved too.
  14. Zombieland 2: pretty much more of the same as the first movie. Some really fun cameos in it. If you liked the first one, go see this one. I really like the Remo movie, especially after reading the books. I wish they had a chance to continue it. Wouldn't mind seeing it done as a series, although finding someone like Joel Gray, who embodied Chun, will be tough. And I am a fan of Wilford Brimley in everything. He has, IMHO, one of the best movie stealing scenes in a film he appears for a total of about 20 minutes in Absence of Malice.
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