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  1. I realize this is an old discussion, but having been seeing previews, wanted to make a comment. Back in the day, we compared Carol Danvers to Maverick from Top Gun and the argument against was that He went through a heroes journey. I then said that just because you come back and do what you have done the whole movie to save someone doesn't stop you being the a$$ you were the whole movie. Well, judging by the new preview of the new top gun movie, he is still the same arrogant jerk he always was, including, apparently giving attittude to the commanding officer of the flight school. Just saying.
  2. You beat me too it. I was going to say it might have done better if it hadn't sucked.
  3. Anyone planning on seeing the Shang Eyes, I mean Snake Chi movies? looks like first one out this weekend.
  4. <sarcasm, just in case>Do you want to keep hollywood from ever making anything about prisoner escapes/recants etc?
  5. Well, thats a zombie killing weapon if ever I saw one.
  6. I was thinking looked a lot like the Dwayne Johnson Jumanji. That is a complement, as I enjoyed that movie immensely. Also, i agree with the streaming thing, as far as theaters go. On the other hand, those dollars that would be spent in theaters are going to Disney direct, so not sure they look at it the same way. Cheaper for families to stream on big screen tv.
  7. My mom, who was a ridiculous Elvis fan, has always said that Kurt Russell has played the best Elvis of anyone cast in the part. Saw Space Jam 2, Lebron and the actors were good, but to me, they didnt have a lot to work with plot or dialog wise. Also, and realize I am saying this about a movie with looney toons in it, but the suspense of belief about the villain was really to far for me to go. It is Tron like I realize, but still, a little to much for me.
  8. Here is how you stay at 500. You go 30-22 against everyone but your own division, but 16-24 against them. That is how Angels are 46-46. If they were even 500 in their division, they would be in playoff race, despite missing serious time from Trout, Upton and Rendon and having a pitching staff that tries to lose games apparently.
  9. Ah man, I loved his stuff in Kansas.
  10. About Black Widow details: and thanks DMjalund.
  11. Just got back from seeing. All the actors are good, is a good "James Bond" style film. Had an entertaining 2 hours. Loved Red Guardian. Obvious stuff setup for future. I recommend the movie, for those that it matters. Granted, I am often a low bar person and there are quite a few who are much more critical of movies then me. I will make specific comments when I can remember how to do the d*** spoiler tags again, hehe.
  12. Pulled off the Heel thing great. Made an excellent "muscle" to people like Heenan and DiBiase.
  13. I will watch just to see if Ohtani can hit a ball out of Colorado. otherwise, don't really care and honestly, wouldnt mind Soto knocking him out in first round. Angels are bad enough, but later this week going into next should get Trout, Upton and Rendon back in lineup, we do not need an exhausted Ohtani too.
  14. I don't think they have every team has to have a player anymore either. I remember when they dropped that because a couple of the MLB analysts made a point of disliking not having one from each team. The reason is, your young kids watching bad teams can no longer watch the game and have their guy to root for. One thing I would do is put a ban on any trades after all-star voting is done up to the game (discuss sure, but no actual trades). I keep thinking, what if Trevor Story, last real home town guy, got traded this weekend. whose uniform does he wear and more to the point, even though everyone knows he probably will be traded, how much more does that suck for Rockies fans. By the way, on a side note, I blame Arenado as much as I blame Rockies management for that trade. He signed that contract knowing good and well what he was in for.
  15. And apparently the All-Star game needs to be discussed in the next contracts. Vlad Jr has decided not to take part in the HR derby, I understand the reasons but he needs to be there. Jacob DeGrom decided not to even go, so now the best pitcher in baseball who might break the all time era record has completely opted out. the MLB all-star game is slowly becoming the nfl one, where none of the actual best players show up. On the flip side, you have a guy like Ohtani, who loves the game and understands the "hype" and agreed to the derby early and says willing to pitch and hit in game.
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