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  1. I was thinking something like this. Since most movies are on home big screen HD tvs within 3-6 months now, if you had that when GWTW was released, how many people would have waited.
  2. Agreed, said this above about the reveal. If they had left it at "his name is P..." would have been great. Imagine, Peter as a senior heading to graduation (and he or MJ probably valedictorian) while dealing with "heroes/villains" (see my supposition on a new sinister six before) hunting Spider-Man. It also lessens Coombs not telling anyone who he is, since why haven't you bothered if they were just going to reveal. I guess Beck, or one of his tech people (guy in van?) is more vengeful. I predict a Skrull sighting as Spiderman while Peter is visible to get out of it.
  3. See, our assumption that Mysterio is dead is based on Edith telling Peter that all of the drones illusions were shut down, but that technology, according to the flashback, was his. So who doesn't think that he had some personal illusions separated from the rest, paranoid and crazy as he was. I still like the idea that the "group" will create a sinister six to go after spider-man - A) to say they are heroes (following the logic the world only listens to heroes) and B ) to get revenge for ruining their plans.
  4. So, for next movie, will we get Kraven offering to hunt him down? J. Jonah working with an unknown scientist (Osborne or someone else, oh and LOVE that J.K. Simmons has returned to the role) to create Scorpion (which is one of the origins of the character, or maybe get Osborne creating the sinister six to do so. Enjoyed the movie, loved the plotline and that stark is the gift that keeps giving. Loved Happy in it and who wouldn't want May as she appears now. Holland is great at both being Spiderman AND the awkward Peter Parker. Liked that because she pays attention, MJ figured out he was Spiderman, as anyone would if they paid attention. Not thrilled with first end credit scene. Don't hate the turning people against Spiderman, just wish they hadn't done second broadcast giving name. I am figuring was guy in van who edited and sent them out and that the group that Mysterio formed was still functioning under new leadership. Would be interesting if they became the sinister six or, using their specialties, created the various members. I mean, they have Chameleon with the stealth tech, Vulture with the flight anti grav stuf, Electro with the "lasers". Mysterio is dead, or so we think. not sure on sandman. They talked about Hydroman on the bus I believe to Prague. You could even add Kraven in.
  5. And that you would call him within 30 minutes of your actually telling him the time.
  6. So, anyone gone back to see with deleted scene? Was if worth it?
  7. On the special effects comments: Someone I know was telling me their son saw the original Star Wars and was saying how terrible the CGI and stuff was and wondering why everyone thought they were so great. His dad had to explain to him that none of the stuff was CGI, that it was cutting edge green screen and modeling.
  8. Lucas really needed to make it more obvious in the first movie that the Storm Troopers were ordered to miss and let them escape. They have never lived it down since then.
  9. MIB:International. Liked it, was fun popcorn movie. Still nowhere near the original. I did feel that, trying to say this without being sexist, that they kept referring to Hemsworth's character as the best Agent in London, and they gave an explanation in movie for why, but he really came across as bumbling, arrogant and a little dumb. I felt they kind of went out of their way to make Thompson's character be the star of the movie and the uber competent, though new, agent. They also hinted by the end of a romance between them I never bought, and thought they would have been better served leaving them as friends and agents.
  10. Well, Dipoto is the opposite of that, he trades great players for minor leaguers.
  11. DiPoto is trying to do the same thing he tried to do with Angels, only was blocked by Scioscia. He wants Seattle to be Houston 6-8 years ago, 100 plus losses, huge minors, hopefully dominant for years when all ready. He actually did a good job of starting the Angels minors rebuilding, but I am not sure it is going to work for them.
  12. Good, but I would say a very depressing ending to what has been a pretty good franchise, even with the retooling. spoilers to follow:
  13. that last one should be Miles Morales and a very hispanic looking female.
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