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  1. MONKEY MONKEY MONKEY Rasslor: Incredible. I could crush your body, I could smash your bones, but I could never break your spirit. You are a marvel little monkey. Any world that could spawn one as noble as you is truly blessed. I SPARE YOUR EARTH!!!
  2. On his new show, Adam Savage wanted to build an Iron Man suit. So his criteria was - had to fly, had to be bullet proof and had to survive blast. So when he said he wanted to, the guys who designed the suit for the IM movie sent the digital blue prints for the 100s of parts to him. This other company who does 3d printing agreed to print the suit in nickel-titanium. Then they put it together. It is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Did it work? I recommend checking the episode out: https://www.indiewire.com/2019/06/mythbuster-adam-savage-builds-real-iron-man-suit-video-1202150612/
  3. And be changed every 3 months, as my one for our tax return company is (note the most of us work for them approximately 4 1/2 months a year plus maybe another 1 1/2 training), and cannot be the same as ANY password you have used before.
  4. Isn't that the same place they used in the Bond Movie Goldeneye and claimed was in Cuba, of course.
  5. I don't know, it comes off as a work to me, but maybe it is true. IF it is true, they need to not turn it into a work.
  6. Thought he was in the Japanese Spiderman. I mean, he has a giant robo.
  7. I enjoyed the entire series from Mithgar. He blatantly states the the Iron Tower is an homage to Lord of the Rings. But I liked how, if you read the entire Mithgar series of books, how things come around at the end that were setup in earlier books.
  8. Could also be used Golem slave labor and this was there rebellion, doing a moat until told to stop doing the moat. Perhaps using plans drawn by Bloody Stupid Johnson.
  9. AEW appears to be drawing talent from all over and hand picking people. Lucha Brothers from Lucha Underground (though weren't a team there). People from NJPW and Ring of Honor. Also, with Young Bucks involved, they seem to be trying to actually feature the tag teams. They start on TNT in October, so may give them a chance as part of the talent running the show, they actually are trying to be better to the wrestlers and with Khan's money behind them, seem to be doing well so far. I have been watching NJPW and Lucha Libre started recently (couldn't be more opposite - NJPW is all about the in ring stuff, Lucha Libre on El REy network does a LOT of "Aztec" mysticism. but in both cases the matches tend to be pretty amazing.
  10. Hmm, given she is one of my favorite writers, and one of the 2 that actually got me going to their website to pull down their short stories, Now I have to wonder what started Seanan on that.
  11. Thought of another one, and it is also a Nicolas Cage one, funnily enough. Season of the Witch. I like it NOT because it is a great move, but because it suggests every Hollywood cliche you can think of about a middle ages movie with crusaders buddies, young woman accused of witchcraft by the church, a semi sleazy clergyman - then ignores them. Neither Crusader buddy (Cage and Perlman) EVER turn on each other, they are true allies the whole time. The members of the church are NOT abusing the woman, it turns out she really is possessed by the devil and is therefore a witch and causing the problems they claim she is. When my friend and I saw it, we recognized wasn't high art, was overacted etc., but we loved that all the things movies seem to have nowadays, the friend who turns out to be a traitor, of course the church is the real villain, etc. never happen in this movie. But there are a lot of people I would never recommend this movie too. in the second Equalizer movie with Denzel, I was so annoyed that the bad guys turned out to be his old army unit and best friend. Sometimes, moviemakers, it doesn't have to be personal bad guys of the heros.
  12. cool enough. Thought I had said in original post that it was in a preview when I went to see Angel has Fallen.
  13. yes. I am a terrible person about movies though. A lot of movies people don't like, I find at least entertaining. As I have told people, I might like a movie, but not recommend it to anyone. For the most part, i go to movies to put my brain on hold of all the other things going on.
  14. Not sure if mentioned, but I liked The Sorcerer's Apprentice.
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