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  1. finally finished Riyria Revelations series. Michael J Sullivan may be an author I put on my list to check on for other stuff. Already have Chronicles and can't wait to read. Thanks Hermit for recommending them.
  2. I think they were ignoring made for tv movies, which the 1990 Cap movie might be. I noticed that the 80s Spiderman aren't on there either.
  3. The thing with the FF movie from 2015 is this : It shouldn't have been Doom other then maybe messing with the project, but not the "powered" villain at the end, should have been Annihilus or even Blastaar (you know, a villain from the Negative Universe), but as to the setting, it was really more based on the Millenium reboot (much like the Avengers, Spiderman, etc) versions of the characters, not the original space explorers, so they weren't as far off as you might think. SS problem was starting with the Snyderverse, deciding it should be funnier or something and corporate stepping in and
  4. Most. never saw Venom, Underdog and don't remember seeing TMNT iii. My bar tends to be lower, I guess, but I liked Spirit and some of the ones people don't like. Fan4stick could have worked if, once again, they hadn't tried to make Dr. Doom the villain. If instead it had been Annihilus they found in the Negative Zone, it would have worked much better.
  5. But this is what SS needs to be, maybe not killing them off, but it needs to be a Dirty Dozen/Seven Samurai type of movie. They are called that because they are going into impossible situations. ON a lighter note, I suspect Peacemaker will survive.
  6. Back in the day, when I was 4, my parents went and saw Barbarella at a drive in figuring I would sleep through the whole thing. Only thing I remembered from that first time seeing it was the creepy dolls with teeth and the angel.
  7. Finally finished latest season of Shield, gotta say enjoyed it. Thought ending was great and with Endgame, helped to setup the Dr. Strange movie I think. Thought was a well done ending to the series too, but then, for the most part, i enjoyed the whole series.
  8. sad news. Road Warriors were one of my favorite teams back in the day. their battles with midnight express, Rock and Roll Express etc were great. Saw them live a couple times, once in battle with Barbarian and Warlord (when Hawk was the small fast guy in the match, you know there is a lot of beef on the hoof in the ring) and another with one of the coolest endings to a texas stampede battle royal. they were last 2, flipped coin and Hawk went and jumped over the ropes. Loved that they, probably by script but don't care, had friendship over winning.
  9. Apparently true and being played by Rosario Dawson. Not sure how I feel about that, but not my choice.
  10. I think I said before, between the Marvel stuff, the Pixar stuff, the Mandalorian and other Star Wars stuff, Disney+ is the only dedicated streaming service (I don't count Netflix/Hulu, as to me those aren't the same thing) that might be worth paying for. Sadly, with my limitations on data, i can't, but it would be the only one. agreed. Sadly missed the final season, but everything up to that point was incredible.
  11. JenniBarclay should mind her own business. I think I might want mermaids, though, ones of the attractive good types, not the evil eat humans type, though in 2020, I would expect the latter.
  12. Great, so now we even have Kryptonite clouds, just in case Superman or Supergirl does show up to save us? Sheesh 2020
  13. Tatiana will make a great Jen and I believe like others they were always going to CGI Shulkie, so her height isnt really a problem. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing them do a story of Jen the Lawyer with an alter ego, if written well.
  14. The series that started each run with someone saying "WE'RE DOOMED!!". Friend of mine had them all on VHS.
  15. Actually, I was thinking, since is him, that he could pass it to someone of a minority, not necessarily white. Maybe set up something like the great grandson of Isaiah Bradley with remnants of the super soldier formula from the German's experimenting or something.
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