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  1. Was watching the end of Spiderman 3. They did such a great job with Sandman, why did they have to ruin the movie with Venom? If they had done Hydroman working with him or even a Mysterio manipulating him, would have been so much better.
  2. Agreed could have been better, even more if the studio making these would stop thinking Doom is the only adversary the FF have. If they had left the Doom character out completely or only in flashbacks, really let Reed design a device to go to negative universe, as he seemed to be doing and made the villain be Blastaar with a hint of Annihilus pulling strings in the background, would have been so much better and they could have set themselves up for future stuff. Someday, someone will make a "family adventures in the unknown with powers" FF movie. Having said that, I thought the 4 playing the FF were decent and could have carried it on with better writing.
  3. 1. 3-4 because I will watch ever Angel game. I don't watch many other ones in regular seasons. 2. 4 - go look at any season's stats as of june 1st, thats what we are looking at. Teams/Players known for slow starts will truly be in trouble. 3. 2 - playoff results, not really. Any individual climb up a leaderboard should count but not one those that would be considered seasonal type achievements (ie 400 hitter, though given the need to have 600(?) at bats etc, not sure anyone would count them). Have another good question for you all - Should contracts be extended basically a year or does this season count as 1 year on the contract. All those 1 year contract guys just got paid for doing nothing, especially if they decide not to play (Julio Tehran isn't in Angel camp and signed 1 year deal).
  4. This is one of those understandable but would suck things: https://www.mlb.com/angels/news/mike-trout-unsure-if-he-ll-play-in-2020
  5. God, Imagine her as Spitfire (Lady Jacqueline Falsworth Crichton) in an Invaders movie opposite a Chris Evans Captain America, maybe a Rock as Namor and Haley Atwell as Peggy (the mere thought of those 2 women sharing a screen makes me wish for it). And I disagree about Harley. You don't like this Harley, but it is a straight from the comics Harley, specifically her solo book. That was a very emancipated Harley trying to do good in her own insane way. Just because you want Harley to be the Dini animated series one, doesn't degrade what she has done. There were parts of the movie that were good and a lot bad, but it was still Harley. Heck, none of the characters resemble the Dini characters from the series anymore.
  6. I actually wish they would do more with her and Skarsgard. This may be one of the closest actual Tarzan stories, though with Jane a lot more modern. Plot is bad guy kidnaps Jane to get Lord Greystoke back to Africa for revenge by someone else who becomes Tarzan again to rescue her. I was not happy with Samuel Jackson's casting. I feel if they had cast someone younger, his role would make more sense. The stuff he does to keep up with Tarzan I do not believe a 70 year old Jackson could pull off. And Robbie is excellent, but then, I have decided she may be one of the best chameleon actresses of this generation (Jane, Harley, Queen Elizabet, Tonya Harding; all of which she nailed whether you liked movie or not).
  7. I am sure it somehow leads to Oak Island. Everything else does.
  8. Been listening to Michael J Sullivan's Ryria Revelations. Finished first big book, Theft of Swords. Liked it enough that I basically went and picked up a few short stories and the prequels (written after but take place before) of the same characters. The main 2 are Hadrian Blackwater and Royce Melborn. A couple Thieves for higher (well, Royce is a thief, Hadrian is a master swordsman) known for doing the impossible. The humor is very good, and mostly sarcasm, but the stories are serious and they are very much in the Fafhrd and Grey Mouser vein. I recommend them and if you do audio books, the reader (Tim Gerrard Reynolds) is very good and I enjoy his characterizations.
  9. The pizza place I go to just shut down due to staffing problems. I really think their note should say if due to coronavirus positive test or something so their customers like me would know whether we need to get checked or not.
  10. There was a scene similar to this in the tv series Happy. I recommend it, but know it is strange and for those who have seen Meloni before, expect to not see him as you have seen him then.
  11. So, gonna go out on a limb and predict that the single season HR record won't be broken this year. Not predicting strikeout one, because pretty sure out of the minimum 51 outs in a game, nowadays wouldn't surprise me to see 40+ be strikeouts.
  12. And I thought learning of a drink made of water, vinegar and ginger sounded bad. yes, real thing called Switzel. So, given all we have learned above, shall we just decide that George is/was racist?
  13. Volcanic, he’s from the islands.
  14. I think the biggest problem, to me, was that George's ego refused to allow him to admit any problem with his vision. Even after ALL the criticism from episode 1, he basically blamed the fans and said they didnt get it.
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