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  1. You don't consider Lesnar losing as a surprise. I will say I don't really follow WWE anymore, but saw the royal rumble where Lesnar removed first 13 then got eliminated by Galloway, so knew that would be a big match, but thought they would have Lesnar keep belt.
  2. paraphrasing King Louis the XVI: "Everythings so REEED!!!"
  3. and then have an ending everyone will hate once made into a series for tv.
  4. Is that Neil Peart? very cool picture.
  5. You forgot perhaps the greatest player character death in any movie.
  6. I think everything I would mention has been mentioned.
  7. if it hasn't been posted, wish this could be me. http://pvponline.com/comic/2020-03-20
  8. Watch for the change in the actors interactions. It was somewhere around this and the next season that the 2 leads dated and broke up and Filion became kind of a jerk about making sure Katic couldn't earn as much as he did. I was/am a big fan of his for all that he is done, especially in geekdom, but I really felt he took an esteem hit with his actions pertaining to this.
  9. interesting choice. he could probably do a good job. given the first picture on that page, makes me think what a great Bookworm or Clock King he would make.
  10. I am sure someone else posted this, but was rewatching Sin City the other day and realized how apropo this quote seemed nowadays: Power comes from lying. Lying big, and gettin' the whole damn world to play along with you. Once you got everybody agreeing with what they know in their hearts ain't true, you've got 'em by the balls.
  11. I am sure they would love to snuggle up to your neck.
  12. first weekend of AFL 2020 Marsh series. sort of preseason games for AFL. Was interesting watching Melbourne vs Adelaide playing in what appeared to be a park, not a stadium.
  13. I will have to check that out. I really enjoyed his Thursday Next and Nursery Crimes series.
  14. Been listening too the Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter series. Modern Pulp Detective meets Vampire Hunter D. To much profanity, but still a good listen. the reader is very good. Escalates quickly, but then his group of "superfriends" aren't pikers. Main character is the son of Mina and John Harker, 130 years old, 20% vampire, very strong sorceror and 100% badass. Along the way we meet Uncle Luke Card (Dracula), Gabriel Van Helsing (great grand daughter of Abe, who used to bounce Quincy on his knee), Adam Franks (better known as the creation of Dr. Frankenstein) and many others.
  15. my thought went exactly there too. Sympathies Simon, but I have to say, beautiful hammer before the fall.
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