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  1. Re: Your PCs might be overpowered if... Ahah, that cracked me up. GJ
  2. Re: Convention Help Fantastic thread. As an inexperienced GM with a game session coming up tomorrow, I am really glad I clicked this. You gave me some great ideas and invaluable insight. I particularly enjoyed mudpyr8's input, that is not to say the rest was not just as helpful. Thank you guys =).
  3. Re: Cosmic Centurions Wow, I think you guys just blew my mind Major Tom and Egyptoid. Amazing back stories and fantastic detail, you have the imaginations of master comic writers. This thread in general is fantastic, so much content and all with a original flavour. I love the angle that Egyptoid is running, great source material too =D
  4. Re: Multipower progression and a few other questions Fantastic as always fellas, I am always impressed by how fast the community replies with such helpful information. I was conflicted with some of the choices and you guys have cleared the mist hesitation and guided me to the temple of enlightened GM Thank you for your help, this community is the best I have had the pleasure of being a part of. My enthusiasm for the game grows every time I read a new thread, or start one.
  5. I have been reading through 6e and I cannot seem to find anything about this specifically, maybe I missed it. 1) If my PCs have 5Exp, what is to stop them just spending it on a 60ap move in their MP ? I am sure there is a rule for this, but I am unable to locate it and I figured you guys would have dealt with this before. 2) Oh, another question - one of my PCs wants to carry a small sword and a gun (He actually wants a lot of other stuff too, throwing knives etc) Should both weapons come under a "Weapons" MP or should I make him create separate MP's ? Or is VPP the way to go? I imag
  6. Re: Un-Green Atlantis I like the angle, switching up the roles. Though I think the whole ecologically irresponsible thing is just based off reality =P We are pretty terrible as a species.
  7. I wanted a barrier that represented a growth character using a limb, or two, to protect his friends from harm. Is there a way I could link the move to use only the characters actual defense as the protection.
  8. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine I click to start and it loads, all the bars and options are there, but nothing actually appears in the white box, tried all the different buttons and what not, nothing happens.
  9. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine It does not work on my PC =/ It loads the background, but not the character. Tried different browsers and updating flash too *sigh*
  10. Re: Idle Distraction: Super Webcomics Thank you all for the links, I can never find good webcomics, now I have a lot of them bookmarked
  11. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Those had me laughing pretty hard, great stuff, hopefully when my new campaign picks up, I can post some qoutes.
  12. Re: The Second Battle of Britain I have a long way to go, you guys seem to find inspiration for your games in every comment and thread. It is really quite amazing how creative people can be =). Oh, the user name is a nickname a Japanese friend of mine gave me. I knew it would probably not be picked and I was not in the mood to try more common names. Hmm, I like Behemoth for a growth character, though maybe a sound based name would be better. Resonance sounds good Try not to get me killed too much, I am quite touched you would add a random forum noob to your campaign heh.
  13. Re: The Second Battle of Britain Definetely growth powers! Though I am also a fan of sonic powers too Please someone arrange an invasion of Earth and the destruction of Cardiff for Xmas, I want super powers!
  14. Re: The Second Battle of Britain Please don't, I rather like my house not on fire and not reduced to rubble and dust. I also prefer myself to alive, it has become a lifestyle for me. Becoming a slave to an alien overlord, would also inconvenience me =\
  15. Re: Champions Villans Vol. 1: Master Villains I was wondering how this stacked up, I have conquerors, killers and crooks. I found that book very good for villain write-ups. I appreciate the review, seems it is worth the cost, but it is nothing spectacular; just what was expected?
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