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  1. Perhaps. I do question Reagan though. Ignoring the AIDS crisis, Iran/Contra and Trickle Down Economics are hardly great things to be remembered for.
  2. And that "feeling" has no basis in logic or evidence, while the case against Trump has warehouses full. The equivalency simply isn't there in any meaningful way. Trying to suggest so is simply done out of fear. Fear of change...and any chance of making things better for the vast majority of Americans.
  3. If Trump somehow gets another four years...I officially give up on America, its "values", and humanity.
  4. My polling place is luckily...not only less than a mile away, but also in a remote area....so I'll be voting in person.
  5. I can't possibly listen to Trump for 60 minutes. The amount of brain cells I would lose...unacceptable.
  6. Well, the "New Deal" marked a period of radical reform that the country desperately needed. We're at that point again IMO....and in fact need vastly more changes than what they put into place back then.
  7. We miss the old us too. Ironically enough, I think many Americans wish we more like Canada.
  8. That's the thing....I don't consider taxes inherently bad. I just want them used for a constructive purpose and to be implemented based on actual income earned in a fair manner. Trump paying 750 dollars in taxes for a year is beyond insulting.
  9. Pure greed at work here. The richest in the country could be taxed at 90% and they'd STILL be the wealthiest people in the country. So sick of the American lack of empathy. It makes me ashamed.
  10. I'd probably skip VIPER Force 1 as they were more or less redone in the Imaginary Friends module.
  11. To Serve Man- Great twist ending and Richard Kiel as the alien. The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street- Man is his own worse enemy. More relevant than ever. The Man in the Bottle- the classic "be careful what you wish for" story. The Howling Man- You can catch the devil, but you can't hold him. Eye of the Beholder- Another one that holds up in this day of hating those different from ourselves. Nick of Time- Say what you want, but Shatner is pretty good in this. One for the Angels- A "pitchman" vs Death. Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up- More "man is his ow
  12. Well...vampires are of "human stock" and are definitely sentient....undead or not....
  13. I've always loved the voices of Annie Lennox and Stevie Nicks.
  14. Tonight's "debate" was an insult to anyone with even a modicum of intelligence or critical thinking skills. Just when I think the bar can't go any lower....they dig a few feet deeper to make it fit. Nothing of substance regarding how to solve America's many problems. Instead, we get a "bitchfest". I swear I almost felt like turning in my citizenship card. It was that bad.
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