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  1. Unfortunately, this particular design is very popular with the Japanese.
  2. There have been plenty of kaiju movies with good plots....and casts..and ones with little to no "cheese". There's been a lot of material over the years. I don't like kaiju films JUST for the monsters...though that is a draw. My favorites are ones that have a nice balance of numerous elements or which appeal to me in some other way. And being a HUGE fan of the classic Toho movies...yes...I DO watch them for the humans as well.
  3. Gojira(1954)- Though this is considered the prototype for all the "kaiju" films that followed(which really isn't true...1961's Mothra is a much more representative prototype of the Japanese kaiju film), it really is a masterpiece of cinema. More than just a metaphor for the atom bomb, the film is representative of war itself and of the difference even one person can make. It's all played straight...and....seen in its original Japanese form...is one of the most thoughtful and influential films of all time. The documentary style directing, black and white cinematography, and brooding powerful music all help to create a film that still impresses even today.
  4. Angelina Jolie as the Shadow Queen Patrick Stewart as Lamplighter
  5. Galaxy Quest. It's everything a good spoof should be. Alan Rickman steals the show, but not without some competition. Great all around.
  6. Scanners. To me, this is among the best "people with powers" movies ever made. Michael Ironside is also terrific in this.
  7. I'll second Mark Gruenwald and nominate John Buscema for his work on Conan and The Avengers and David Michelinie fof his work on Iron Man, Spider-man, and Aquaman.
  8. It's been mentioned several times already....Green Lantern. It was worth it for Mark Strong as Sinestro alone. In fact, had the entire movie been about Sinestro...I'd have been fine with that.
  9. I've upgraded a large number of villains to 6th ed..including all of the characters from Scourge from the Deep, Demons Rule, and Roadkill, along with a good chunk of characters from other books.
  10. The 4th ed VIPER sourcebook also had a villain who could turn into a dragon.
  11. Wasn't there a group of native American villains in Creatures of the Night...The Totems(?) or something to that effect? I think it's an idea that can be revisited...especially in our "get the hell out of my country" current MO.
  12. Generally liked it, but I hated the public revealing of Peter Parker. I like it when the heroes have to deal with their secret IDs, but the makers of the MCU apparently don't. Second cut scene on the surface seemed pointless, but lends itself to a lot of questions.
  13. Honestly, I've gotten a huge amount of use out of Champions in 3D.
  14. Atragon Game of Thrones Scanners The Human Vapor Secret of the Telegian Gorath
  15. I've used him as the comic relief he was intended to be. My biggest story with him so far is him gaining reality altering powers....somehow(must be all that Luck) and then attempting to marry all the superpowered women on the planet (thanks to a remark from one of the players muahahahahahahahahahaha!)
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