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  1. Success with general audiences means more big budget kaiju films....
  2. Early reviews are in...mostly positive. Let's hope it continues!
  3. In Avengers/JLA 4, Superman is able to use it to help defeat Krona. After the battle, he's no longer able to lift it. Thor says...." My father is stern, but not stupid. In times of need, certain worthy individuals are worthy of lifting it. " I imagine something like that taking place in the MCU version more or less.
  4. The Legion of Doom from the Challenge of the Superfriends TV show had villains of wildly varying power levels(and many of them were nerfed to make them less powerful). That said...you could use almost any villain from the CU as long as they can work with others on a semi regular basis: If you're looking for close analogs... Luther: Holocaust, Doctor Destroyer or Professor Muerte(I think the latter is the best choice). Brainiac: Interface Bizarro: Viperia Captain Cold: Frost or Icicle Solomon Grundy: Ogre (or perhaps Deadman Walkin' if you want to keep the undead theme) Cheetah: Pantera Riddler: Any of the bad guys from Dark Champions: The Animated Series would do. I'd probably pick Penny Dreadful. Scarecrow: Freakshow Gorilla Grodd: Ape X(or an evil Dr. Silverback if you want a more scientifically oriented bad guy) Giganta: Gargantua Sinestro: Galaxia Toyman: Black Harlequin Black Manta: Mantara is a close fit, but you could also use just about any aquatic themed villain that suits your fancy.
  5. I'd like.... A GREAT FF movie with a comic accurate Doom Namor movie(there's more to work with here than you might think...especially if you show him in various time periods. He also has cool foes.) A Hawkeye stand alone film with Hawkeye's REAL personality. Wonder Man I wouldn't mind a stab at Alpha Flight, The Thunderbolts, or Machine Man either
  6. The all women shot was clearly a homage to comics....which have full page shots like this all the time. I had zero problems with it.
  7. My general thoughts on the movie was that it was a good film with some great moments, but not a great film. Just too many little things bugged me for me to love it. The Good: The fight with Thanos was pretty sweet(bonus points for Cap with Mjolnir). Heroes Return "Hail Hydra" "The People's Ass" Tony and Cap in the 70's Nice wrap up to the original team The Bad: Time travel plot...they never hold up under scrutiny. The Five Year Gap Hulk doesn't get a chance to redeem himself against Thanos? WTF? The Ugly: Comic relief Thor: I'd like to thank Chris Hemsworth for managing to make me hate one of my favorite Marvel characters. Not entertaining. Not funny. An insult to the character. Just god awful in all respects.
  8. I generally enjoyed it, but there was a lot of little things that bugged me. For example...Cap had the Soul stone...I thought for sure he would use it by heroically sacrificing himself to bring Natasha back. The five year gap should have been a major issue for all the returning folks....barely touched on. Comic relief Thor was embarrassing and quite frankly an insult to the character(I didn't enjoy "everything's a joke" Thor: Ragnarok either). There were a lot of good moments, but it fell short of the "perfection" everyone seems to be praising it for.
  9. LL basically nailed it. Kaiju are "strange animals"(primarily as related to media...as kaiju wasn't a word in common usage before 1954) and Daikaiju translates as "Enormous strange beast". The words are generally interchangeable throughout the genre.
  10. The toys have been released. It won't be long now. "praying for this to be good"
  11. New footage from KOTM being shown prior to SHAZAM! Claims to be five minutes, but it's more like three minutes with another minute and a half of previous trailer footage.. Good stuff.
  12. I found the show to be decent enough, but it feels more like Iron Man than Ultraman. The nods to previous shows feel more like shameless name dropping than anything actually worthwhile. Even "Hayata" and "ide" don't feel like the real deal, but simply new characters with their names slapped on. Again, decent enough, but it's more like a new property with the Ultra name slapped on it than anything else.
  13. My group has encountered Menton, Gravitar, Teleios, and Skarn. Most of these encounters didn't involve direct combat.
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