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  1. So this infrastructure bill has been cut back so much that I don't even see why they're freaking bothering with it anymore. The reduced bill will be inadequate and will just be used as evidence of failure in the mid terms and the next presidential election. As usual, progressives compromise while the Right gives up....nothing. It'd be nice if sanity, justice, and progress won once in a while. Sigh....I'm so tired of being disappointed in America.
  2. Cool trailer, but can a decent movie be made with such an obvious villain as the focus of the story? I mean he flat out kills a guy just for being near him. And....Shazam really needs to be in this.
  3. Humans...especially Americans...only respond to catastrophe. Sigh....
  4. It's really hard to find light at the end of this increasingly dark tunnel. Sigh...
  5. Ran through a variation of Imaginary Friends.
  6. I've already lost family to Covid. I no longer have any sympathy for anti vaxxers or anti maskers. I tried to be considerate, but that doesn't work when only one side is doing it. At this point, I don't care what sort of pain and suffering they receive. Let them feel what they're inflicting on others. It's wrong...but that's where I'm at right now.
  7. My sister died of COVID this morning. So god damn pointless and preventable.
  8. Many of these have not held up well....
  9. None of it matters. People literally need to be dropping dead in the streets for anyone to care. We're that far gone. Sigh....
  10. Conservatives are perfectly fine with government as long as it aligns with their values and interests. Do you think they'd cry about "big government" if that government overturned Roe vs Wade? Not a chance.
  11. I'm tired of the progressive side having to make all the compromises though. Compromise is supposed to be a two way street. In America, it's the progressive side giving ground until the conservatives are happy while they give up nothing. That's not compromise to me.
  12. The only reason that the Reps are letting it go through now is that they feel they've sapped it enough that it will fail to bring positive results.....which they'll blame the Dems for. Again....too early to get excited.
  13. I wouldn't get too excited. The bill was scaled back quite a bit from the original plan.
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