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  1. I only have the Godzilla and Ultraman related ones
  2. I get that. However, conservative elements are in control of the country and have been for a long time with the obvious negative consequences.. And they don't tend towards centrist idealism. If anything, they tend to prod centrists towards more extreme conservatism by their rhetoric.
  3. With respect, I don't think "we don't want minorities or gays in America" is a "legitimate concern"...as but one example. Treating them as such leads to "appeasement" and we all know how that turns out. The progressive elements in this country bend over backwards to try to come to an understanding with the conservative elements and they just take advantage of that kindness while being as inflexible as ever. They haven't thrown out even a single olive branch while the progressive side has offered up entire damn forests. As a progressive, I feel like I'm talking to people in a soundproof room. H
  4. It won't. The envelope has been pushed so far that the 1% now knows they're basically invulnerable to anything except a widespread revolution. They'll continue to abuse the system until it breaks...don't you worry.
  5. If you say so. I don't fault the actor, but the character is part of an annoying Hollywood trend of having every bit of dialogue be some clever quip, or trendy one liner, or meta.....it's tiresome.
  6. Anyone of the individuals from Godzilla King of the Monsters doing nothing but spouting one liners the entire movie. Oh wait....that would be the entire cast.
  7. I didn't say that all those comedic roles were good....just that she's known for them (particularly Bridesmaids). Not really the point though. The point was that Wiig was one of the better things in this film because her performance was actually decent.
  8. This was my FB review..... Movie Review: Wonder Woman 1984 (2020). This sequel to the deservedly praised 2017 film updates the era to the 80's. In general, I liked this effort for its entertainment value, but it suffers from a number of issues that keep it from being as good as its predecessor. The Good: -Gal is excellent as the character and that feel is still there in this one. -Steve's return provides the film with both the best dramatic and comedic moments (as a stranger in a strange land) and one moment legit gave me the feels. -Kristen
  9. Godzilla Monopoly Warning From Space Blu Ray Godzilla King of the Monsters soundtrack Tales from the Yawning Portal D and D book Sins of a Solar Empire PC game (with Star Trek Armada 3 mod)
  10. What is added in the "Dark edition" of the KoT board game?
  11. Super Robot Red Baron- A Japanese superhero show from the 70's.
  12. Ah...thank you. I'm a bit out of the loop. I could see that pairing being good.
  13. Comic book stuff for the brother in law Cooking stuff and music for the sister Clothes for the niece Warhammer for the nephew video game stuff for the better half
  14. All players can have them for free in my campaign, but like all free items...they are at the whim of the GM to make the game more interesting and fun. If they're a problem, it is GM's fiat on how to deal with it. I haven't had much of an issue to be honest. Yes, they can look up information, but it's not like they're going to get game breaking information. Reading on the internet that Photon is a woman with light powers isn't going to help you find her or capture her in and of itself.
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