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  1. This is not an unreasonable statement. Shin and Burning Godzilla (from 1995) are pretty intimidating in their own ways as well.
  2. The Heisei 1991 Godzilla was plenty intimidating. Check out the scene where he stares down Yoshio Tsuchiya.
  3. Objectively, With respect, POV shots are not unique to this version of Godzilla. As far as the design, it was reviled enough that it was changed for the next two outings to look more like....Godzilla. I don't hate the 2014 film by any means, but Edwards didn't create the foundation...Honda/Tsuburaya did and every other film maker has been building on or reinterpreting THAT legacy...so that's where I will give due credit.
  4. Edwards didn't even give us what your suggesting. The trailers suggested a return to the destructive Godzilla from 1954 and we got the "hero" Godzilla of the 70's. The 2014 was fairly dull and Edwards pulled a "bait and switch" and gave us a totally different movie from the trailers. His Godzilla was in the "hero" mode akin to the 70's mixed with some of the "shock and awe of the Heisei Godzilla. His Godzilla wasn't any more "real" (or original) than the versions presented to us during the Heisei series, but his film was generally less fun to watch. I won't even get into using Akira Takarada
  5. The anthropomorphism of the kaiju is hardly the issue with Godzilla vs Kong. The film has other far more pressing issues. And kaiju displaying human characteristics is absolutely within genre. Unless you hated the entire Showa series, in which case...I can't help you.
  6. Mitch telling corporations to stay out of politics is laughable given the donations he receives. I don't usually wish ill on people, but god bless I wish he'd disappear.
  7. Godzilla has nearly always displayed more than "animal" intelligence. He's animal like certainly, but he's always displayed a level of awareness and sentience. it's that aspect that makes Godzilla (and titans/kaiju in general) seem majestic and divine.
  8. That drawing is pretty insulting on a number of levels to be honest. I freely admit the majority of them probably would enjoy themselves at a fancy party without a care in the world while the rest of society burned.
  9. We'll get there. Just need more time. Sigh....
  10. Then what would you suggest? That we do nothing and hope the rich people in charge of everything suddenly develop empathy and a conscience? That has not seen much success so far and it's not likely to in the future. At some point, we have to admit the system isn't working and isn't going to work in its current incarnation.
  11. Movie Review: Godzilla vs Kong (2021). The big question on everyone's mind is....does the fight live up to the hype? My short answer is yes...the fight scenes are spectacular and well choreographed for the most part. That said, there's more to a movie than just kaiju fights and this one falls short in terms of story, score, and human characters. " Well....so what? Nobody cares about those things in a kaiju film. " Strongly disagree. The best kaiju films always have more going for them than just the monsters. To its credit, the film does eliminate a lot of the annoying one liners that plagued t
  12. That's because the "public" has no actual power in America. Money rules America and thanks to our enormous income disparity...that power is in the hands of very few. The public's only real power is active demonstration, but look how quickly that gets demonized and stamped down. Accountability is pointless in a society where the wealthy and powerful make all the laws. Such laws are generally meaningless to such people. We see it time and time again.
  13. We have to face facts. Evil people get ahead in America far more often than they are punished. Our system rewards the ruthless and punishes the empathetic.
  14. That demographic shift is why they're trying to control the voting apparatus now....
  15. Right. The real social order is one of wealth. Wealth is power and America has one of the biggest income disparities on the planet.
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