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Roll20 Project: End of Week Update #1

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We were able to get a lot accomplished this week for the Champions Begins GM Book & Adventure. We completed editing of Chapters 1 through 4, and added the content to the Roll20 Adventure that'll be included in the bundle. The work done this week concentrated on editing and proofreading the adventure, and formatting it for Roll20. It's just the copy text and art for now. The maps, characters, and tokens are planned for after the text content for the adventure is complete. 


The plan for next week is to complete Chapter 5 by editing and formatting for Roll20 (making sure all the headers are consistent, another proofreading pass and such). Then doing a final edit and proofreading pass of the whole adventure. Additionally, we'll do a final review to particularly look for opportunities to include additional links in the text for easy access to references. For example, clicking on VIPER Agent in the text will open up the Character Sheet for it, or clicking the name of a Skill will open up a window with the description. As a stretch goal for the week, we will start adding the characters and character sheets. We'll start with the pre-generated characters first. That'll be a bit of work considering each pregen has a new character sheet per chapter. 

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Update for Week #3


Just wanted to give everyone an update on the progress for the project. Over the last two weeks we've continued to work on the Champions Begins Adventure, Viper's Nest, and have completed editing and uploading all of it. We've also created all the Player Character Pregens and Villains and uploaded them to Roll20 as well. The Pregens are each divided into their respective chapters, and additional information is added and a new character sheet is created for each chapter. Each character is loaded into the HeroSystem6e Roll20 character sheet. Likewise, each villain (21 in total) has their own character sheet.  Additionally, we've added tokens for all the Pregens and Villains. 


Over the next week, we will redraw the maps and upload them to the adventure, before doing a final edit and proofreading while adding links to the various handouts. It looks like we will be about a week behind the original schedule, but the adventure and characters went through a substantial editing and proofreading effort which was not part of the original scope of the work. So, all in all, despite the additional effort, we are still progressing well toward the October 1st deadline. 


Lastly, as part of the character generation process for roll20 we created the Hero Designer files for the Pregens. These files were not included as part of the PDF version currently available. We'll provide these to Hero Games so that they can add them to the package available through the Hero Store and through Drivethrurpg. 

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Hi All,


First time posting. So I just came back from a Champions gaming weekend with friends and we also play D&D and we were just speaking about this. We use some of the basic aspects of roll 20 and we use D&D beyond for D&D. Things are becoming more digital all the time and this is a natural evolution for all RPG's let alone Hero system. So big "Thank You"s to all involved...we came to the site to look at some 6th ed books and saw this post so I just wanted to chime in :) !!!





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Update for Week #5 


Hello everyone, 


Just another quick update on the work done since the last update. We've gone back and did a final editing and proofread of the adventure, so the text copy for the adventure and the characters (including tokens) is done. The only thing left to complete this part of the project is to complete the maps.


As you may have seen, we posted a sample of the map for the Lake Forest Cemetery, and we've continued to work on the other maps of the adventure. To be honest, the delay in producing the maps is due to experimenting with Blender (a 3D modeling software) to see how we could use it to create the maps, and are looking toward using that software to create the maps for Roll20 using it.  The rationale for using Blender is that we can produce a 2D image file that we can upload to Roll20, but also use the same map for 3D tabletops such as Tabletop Simulator. There are also a lot of assets, many of them available for free, to use when doing 3D scenes, and so far we are making good progress in doing the maps. The delay came from the learning curve to learn to use it. 


As far as schedule, we are a couple of weeks over the original estimate, but getting a Publisher account with Roll20 to start creating the Compendium has taken longer than expected. Hero Games signed the contract two weeks ago after waiting for a month to get a reply to their application. We still haven't gotten the Publisher account access, so even if we'd been done with the adventure on schedule, we would still be in the same place. The result is that we've gotten a little more time to explore options for the mapping, and to do a more complete edit and proofreading of the adventure.


You won't get another update for the following two weeks, as I will be taking an early Summer Vacation and will be out of the country without my laptop (my wife would kill me if I took it and worked while on vacation). 

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