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  1. We have not played at all since the end of 2019 (late Fall). We had our break for the coming holidays a bit early due to the possibility my wife would need major surgery (thankfully, she ended up not needed the surgery). Was ready to pick up the campaign in February of 2020, but with news of Covid-19 beginning to show up in the States, I decided not to go forward with scheduling a game. Hopefully once we are able to gather again, my players will have an interest in returning to the campaign, which has been running continuously since 1993. It was hard to stop the campaign, but we really had no other choice.
  2. Hello, Has anyone ever run The Confluence War scenario from the Mystic Masters sourcebook? I have been running a mystic masters campaign intertwined with my superhero campaign since 2005, and I'm preparing to bring it to a close (of sorts), and was looking to use The Confluence War as the final scenario for that campaign. The PCs are all students of the Revered Elder, and have had many adventures as his pupils, so it seems like a good choice of an adventure to end on, saving the multiverse and all that. I had read in Allen Varney's campaign notes on his own Mystic Masters campaign (of which he used to write the sourcebook of the same name) he had the Revered Elder sacrifice himself to save his students and the multiverse from Tyrannon and his Thanatic Rod. But his writings, nor the Mystic Masters sourcebook, makes no mention of the fate of the Revered Elder's former pupil, Vincent Dimitrios, while the official Champions Universe sourcebook timeline (4th Edition) states that on December 26th, 1990, Vincent Dimitrios was freed from the Thanatic Rod by the Circle. I'm curious if anyone out there has ever run The Confluence War scenario in their own campaigns, and if so, wouldn't mind sharing their experiences with it. Did you run it as is, or did you chance certain elements of the story, and if so, which elements?
  3. Within the next few days I do a complete write-up of the adventure. I keep a detailed timeline of all the adventures in the campaign. I also update the adventure log I keep on each adventure with which characters, NPCs and villains were involved, so I can look and see this info at a glance. If any villains were captured and sent to Stronghold, I add them to my prisoner list so I can remember who's been jailed at this point in the campaign. If I drew out a map of a location that might be used again, I may make a physical paper copy (I usually draw them on a vinyl hex-map).
  4. I have always allowed PCs and villains to push repeatedly to overcome a Mental Entangle. As I recall, pushing costs 10 END, so as long as the character has END I allow him to push on each of his turns in their attempt to free themselves of the Mental Entangle.
  5. Hello There, I was wondering if anyone knew if the Aquatic Powers pdf contains powers different from what was previously released in the UNTIL Superpowers Database I and II?
  6. Ah, okay Archer. Thanks for the reply though! I went looking for the website the Batman 5th Edition character sheet originated from, and it seems it is currently under renovation, so no way that I see to contact the owner. But I did find a parent directory here: http://www.newmuse.com/hero_rpg/ that has many other superhero stats using the same super-kewl character sheet. And I also found within that directory a PDF with what looks like the HTML code to build the 5th Edition character sheets he used for Batman and many others on the site. That link is here: http://www.newmuse.com/hero_rpg/ExportTags.pdf But I don't have any idea how to make use of those Export Tags to duplicate his character sheet. Anyone else understand this hi-tech stuff?
  7. Hi Archer, That character sheet you have for the Batman is fantastic-looking! Is that an export sheet useable with Hero Designer v3? It looks like it is for the 5th Edition, which is what my group still plays. Any chance you could share a copy of it, if it is indeed a HD export file?
  8. My Champions Universe is based primarily on the 4th Edition version of the official universe with a few elements of the 5th Edition added in. My campaign started back in 1993, and has continued on to present day, so when 5th Edition came out I updated all the PCs to 5th Edition rules. I very much liked a lot of the 'new' 5th Edition official universe, so have tried to slowly bring in those elements that I felt were a must, such as the updated versions of Dr. Destroyer, Mechanon, and Firewing. Still, there is a lot of the 5th Edition universe I have not yet brought into the campaign, as it would/will take some work on my end, such as the new version of the Champions, and the existence of teams like the Justice Squadron and Sentinels. For example, I am still currently using the 4th Edition version of the Sentinels, which is the large team of heroes from Canada, and don't want confusion with the 5th Editions version of the Sentinels, a U.S. (New York?) based hero team. A few years back I began taking steps to introduce the 5th Edition version of Stronghold into the campaign by having the old 4th Edition version destroyed in a mass jailbreak. My campaign is now entering it's 26th year (in fact, my first session of this year is this coming Saturday).
  9. SWEET MARY ANN! Thank you, Proditor! That's exactly what I was looking for, and MORE! I sincerely appreciate you sharing these! I've taken a quick look at some of the conversions, and they are wonderfully done. Thank you again! ? Also, thanks to all of you for chiming in and offering your assistance in my request, and special thanks to RJD59 for posting his 6th Edition versions of the characters. Certainly the HERO community is one of the nicest, most helpful communities I've ever had the good fortune to be affiliated with.
  10. Thanks, Archer. I was able to track down all of the Crusaders last night, but only the Shrew from the Crushers. I see your links lead to them as well. But the other Crushers conversions seem to be lost in time. It looks like HERO member Proditor actually made full conversions with HD files of many of the Crushers, but that link is dead and I don't know if he's active around these parts anymore. I do have stats for F.I.S.T., Mace, Hornet, and Shocker, which seemed to come from Proditor, so I have a good start on about half the villain team. Again, thanks for your help!
  11. Hi All, As I recall there was once some old threads with conversions of Villains & Vigilantes characters to the Hero System, specifically the Crusaders and Crushers from the module Crisis At Crusader Citadel. Would anyone still have these around to re-post?
  12. Congratz, Darren! I thought your Golden Age Champions book was wonderfully written and full of fascinating information on the characters of the time period. You certainly deserved this win, sir!
  13. Yep, these are the same ones Lord Liaden had saved and then shared with me above. Thanks for doing these, BTW! These are a big help to me, bud.
  14. That is kinda what I was thinking, but wanted to get some further thoughts on the matter. Thanks guys.
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