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Transformation Attack


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First:  is this in the right forum?  Champions Now is a separate system, and...checking...I don't see a Transform power at all.  (Plus, it's options-light, so minjor, major, and severe don't seem to fit.)

If this is 6E, I refer you to 6E1 p. 306, the Transforming the Mind section.  It may be cosmetic, minor, or major by RAW.


Me, I like the general notion that "the mind fights back."  So I prefer to say you gotta work for it...always major.  But the rules here are rather sparse.  You wanna build a Manchurian Candidate?  That should be major work.  You want to confuse, erase, or plant something briefly witnessed?  That shouldn't take long.  I think the rules are left vague so the GM can adapt things like that as he likes.  For example, something kinda secret...?  That might require a Telepathy roll to find first.

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It depends on how much memory you change.  


A severe transformation would allow you to completely rewrite all of the target's memories.  At this level you are basically completely changing the target into something else. For example, you could cause a person to think they were born and grew up in a different time.  The person would remember a completely different life.  


A major transformation would allow you to alter the targets memories in significant ways, but still have the same basic memories.  You could alter events of his life, but he would still be basically the same character.  For example, you could have him change some decisions he made and have those play out.  Maybe he went to a different college and chose a different career. 


A minor transformation could change memories details of a significant memory but would not lead to major changes in his life.  You cause a person who witnessed a crime to believe someone else committed the crime. 


A cosmetic transformation would be able to change minor details of a recent memory.  Something along the lines of changing the color of what someone was wearing.  

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