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  1. who would Loki sacrifice to get the Soul stone? I'm thinking Odin
  2. Mr Tumnus, a bad guy? say it ain't so!
  3. in this case what is broken is the Megascale rules
  4. Dune: Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants
  5. maybe in his case, but I have never heard someone called their dog "THE good boy/girl"
  6. I said you were A good girl, not that you were THE good girl!
  7. I remember a West Coasr Avenges issue with the Head Men in it
  8. I hope that expression isn't caused by a life shortening condition
  9. are we sure this isn't a Dazzler the Movie poster accidentally misnamed?
  10. That's great mate!
  11. I'm surprised that Littlefinger isn't there
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