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  1. [Yoda Voice] "You should be,. You should be"
  2. Haven't the Native Americans suffered enough?
  3. Wouldn;t the Gestures and Incantations limitations prevent this (PC only has two hands and one mouth)
  4. since the Combined Attack is a strike, I don';t think you can use it to grab. However, you can strike someone with a TK attack so you might be able to use it that way
  5. Combined attacks only have one target and one attack roll
  6. Maybe technical knowledge gets lost as they might not have a copyright system so the only way someone can have exclusive rights to a technology is to keep how it works/how you make it a secret
  7. dmjalund

    Gods in RPGs

    Are any of these Gods responsible for the creation of the world?
  8. It isn't infant Yoda. It is an infant of the same species. Maybe even Yoda's clone
  9. It a drain would reduce the persons speed for every turn. I think they OP only o[wants a one-off removal of actions
  10. There's still Star Trek: Picard to look forward to
  11. is Kirk's father appearing in this one?
  12. and Jean Luc is probably the only person on the crew who would know this
  13. That's the name of an ice themed genius supervillain
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