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The golden age


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57 minutes ago, Lord Liaden said:

For most genuine Golden Age games, that's excellent advice. But what I believe batguy is specifically referring to is a somewhat different animal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Golden_Age_(comics).


Pretty 1990s in tone, plot and themes.

Yeah,that is what i am referring to.Thanks for your help!

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From memory, most of the heroes were more or less retired, only coming out of retirement when the plot made it necessary. Good for the story, not so good for a game.


At the very least, the PCs still need to be hero-ing, although you might be able to start with them retired. That would require a suitable threat.

A serious point - the actual plot of The Golden Age should be avoided. It could be fun to run - but would require unfortunate levels of GM manipulation, if not outright railroading. Something like it could happen eventually, but only if it grew organically from the events of the game, using NPCs the players and PCs cared about.

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6 hours ago, Christopher R Taylor said:

Well, I could snark about giving everyone huge shoulderpads and ridiculous guns, but just the Book of Templates series with various suggestions on how to build known published characters gives you the template, then the rest is in the comics.

It's not a "huge shoulderpads and ridiculous guns" book.

Also, it's DC, so the Book of Templates series isn't very useful.

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