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  1. Man in China pays hitman S$385,000 to kill rival, but plot failed as it was outsourced 4 times to others
  2. Couple Stopped At The Airport After Accidentally Packing Pet Cat In Hand Luggage
  3. Thief attempts to take a woman’s bike, but then a cowboy rides up on a horse to lasso him
  4. Stephen King’s Maine Home to Become Museum and Writers Retreat
  5. Inside the Seattle Company Plotting Lab-Made ‘Coffee’ Without Beans
  6. Rathbone vs. Danny Kaye in "The Court Jester". As mentioned, Rathbone is a trained fencer. Kaye wasn't -- BUT he was such a quick study and excellent at mimicking others, in any shot where you don't see Basil Rathbone's face, Kaye is actually fighting a fencing master who was hired to be Rathbone's double. Rathbone had been an expert fencer since childhood, but he was twenty years Kaye's senior and couldn't keep up in a couple of the scenes. The fencing master himself, Ralph Faulkner, is said to have told Kaye to take it easy on him!
  7. Research suggests chocolate chip cookies equivalent to drug addiction in the brain
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