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  1. F1 champ Sebastian Vettel reprimanded over Pride t-shirt at Hungarian Grand Prix
  2. The U.S. Men's Fencing Team Wore Pink Face Masks To Protest Their Own Teammate
  3. Summerisle and Muir are there too. As well as St. Mary Mead.
  4. Aussie medalist finds condom offers added protection – for her kayak
  5. One of my Origins' GMs talked to Wick in the hotel bar about 2e. Now, our tables are 8-10 each for these games and said GM had questions about running for large groups. It never occurred to John Wick that such a large group would play the game at the same time. He had in his mind 4 at max -- including the GM.
  6. ...it's a delicate balance right now. The murdered Sidhe lord's sister has taken over the race -- to the point where she's called it her race now. And the PC's are very uncomfortable about that emphasis. (Game's been on a bit of a break due to my depression issues. My players are aware of this)
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