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This might be better directed to @Jason S.Walters, but does anyone know of any Champions posters in the world? I know I'd love to see a poster of the Perez 4th ed Champions and Hero Systems books. Does the art exist in such a way that posters could be made from them? Are there hi-res images that don't have the trade dress in the same manner as the book? 

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3 hours ago, Christopher R Taylor said:

I would love to have a lot of the old Hero covers as posters; Justice Inc, Danger International, Fantasy Hero (any of the editions), Lands of Mystery, Champions 4th edition as you say, there's been so many great ones.


Absolutely. My only request, outside of them being in good resolution, is that the trade dress not be as forefront as a cover is. In some cases that's fine, but that Perez 5th ed Champions cover? I would love to have it as a "virgin" image as they say in the comics field.

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12 hours ago, Duke Bushido said:

If I remember correctly, JI _did_ come1 with a four-fold poster in the box.


I think you're right Duke. I seem to recall the poster when I bought JI back in the day.

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