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Dark Champions Animated

Michael Hopcroft

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Re: Dark Champions Animated


From the "Our Products" Section of the website for 2005:


Dark Champions: The Animated Series: The first subgenre book for Dark Champions takes a look at the less grim side of vigilante crimefighting: caped crusaders with vigilante attitudes but an unwillingness to kill; low-powered superhumans who fight street crime instead of world-threatening supervillains; "theme" villains with clever costumes but psychotic minds. It's a perfect blending of Champions and Dark Champions!

Author: Allen Thomas

Tentative Release Date: Mid 2005

And if you like Teen Titans try this one out:


Teen Champions: "I can't fight Dr. Destroyer now - I've got to study for tomorrow's exam!" Fighting supervillains is a tough job. It can be even tougher when you're in high school and have to worry about finishing your homework, finding a date for the prom, and sticking to your curfew while you're doing it! Teen Champions covers this comic book subgenre for Champions, providing character creation and campaign advice for awesome teen hero gaming fun. TC also includes complete details on Ravenswood Academy, the super-students who study there, and other teen heroes of the Champions Universe.

Author: Allen Thomas

Tentative Release Date: Early 2005

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Re: Dark Champions Animated


FoxBat would be a perfect villain!

Finally, a campaign in which Foxbat doesn;t die a hporrible death many times over!


I always thought one of the powers Foxbat should have is the comic-book abilty to come back from the dead even AFTER the PCs find his body -- or to have his body disappear after taking otherwise lethal damage only to have him reappear a few months later healed up and ready for more. There's no way to write up something like that, but Foxbat lives up to every other comic-book cliche, why not this one?


Speaking of DCA, there's this character called redshot that I've always wanted to try that I might use in a DCA camapign. Redhsot is a gunman who doesn;t kill, using trick bullets instead to hamper and incapactiate his foes. He has ammunition for eveyr occasion -- his ECM bullets are pure hell on power armor, for example. His Glue bullets can literally glue a bad guy's feet to the floor. His Concussion rounds, which release all their force and disintegrate on impact, are designed to hit so hard that even the toughest foe will take enough STUN to lose consciousness without losing any BODY.


Teen Champions sounds especially intriguing. i wonder if you could combine it with DCA to run a teenage-spy campaign?

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Re: Dark Champions Animated


One question: will Teen Champions cover the school outside Millenium City where all the metakids go? Would be nice to see it done as even a brief campaign setting.

Yes, that is what ravenswood academy is. Teen champions is really a champions universe campaign book, not a dark champions book.

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