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For a really interesting "fish-out-of-water" series-based game,

you could use the show Outlaws as a guide for such a

campaign. The show was about an outlaw gang and a former

friend-turned-lawman from the 19th Century American West

transported forward in time to the 20th Century by a lightning

bolt, and their subsequent efforts to fit in to their new time.


Space Cadet :cool:

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Originally posted by Dr Rotwang!



...Fantasy Island?



Actually FI first season (NOT with Ricardo Montilban) and in wich the owner wore black.... was actually pretty good, there was inparty bet's, more supernatural events and other bits of the more fantastic

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Originally posted by AnotherSkip

Actually FI first season (NOT with Ricardo Montilban) and in wich the owner wore black.... was actually pretty good, there was inparty bet's, more supernatural events and other bits of the more fantastic


No Ricardo Montebaun?




Do you not remember the directors cut of wrath of Khan?


Khan switches into a white suit and his companion screams:


"Look Boss! The Enterprise! The Enterprise!"


Just before Kirk blows them into the vaccuum of space.


Ricardo rocks!

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Okies Maybe some of you guys are old enough for this one:


the Tommorow People.


Psionicists who are realistically kids/teens trying to prepare the human race to join the psionicists in outer space....


70's britshow on Nickelodeon....


Cooler than _anything_ listed yet.





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I would not say that, but it is a good game background.


Oh did you see the New Version on Nick or did they also show the original series from the late 70s?


Actually checking out TV shows from other countries is a great source of material for campaigns. (That is how I found Dr. Who when visiting Canada so many years ago). Foreign show sites and fan sites can be a great inspiration.


For example, Water Rats is a great Police Drama from Australia. It would make a great game.


"Water Rats" are the police who spend their days on Sydney Harbour and get paid for it! With the backdrop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, this show started life with a silver spoon in its mouth - or is that a silver badge? This series has all the drama of a land-based police show, with the splish-splash special effects that go with the "dangers lurking beneath the waves". "Water Rats" brings to cop shows what "Flipper" brought to animal shows - an added dimension! Add to this the already proven formula of police rescues, and you have the ingredients for success.


What comes to mind when you think of Sydney Harbour? Lazy days on the yacht? A barbecue at Mrs Macquarie’s chair? Lobster at Doyle’s or the Rocks? Catching the ferry to Manly? Yeah, yeah, it’s all beer and skittles, right? Well, not to the boys and girls of the water squad. "If it’s wet, it’s ours", they cry, and they’re not about to be fooled by all that turquoise tranquillity. For these guys the harbour is anything but - they know it’s a whirling vortex of soggy criminality, every bit as dangerous as the backstreets of King’s Cross, and maybe more so - after all, you can’t drown on a city street, can you (you may, of course, come face to face with a shark)? So next time you climb the rigging, unfurl the canvas and uncork the bubbly, spare a thought for the 70 men and women who have made the waters secure for yet another boozy sunset.


There’s certainly enough happening above and beneath the harbour to fill the production books for at least a few seasons. How many routes to a waterborne mystery can you think of? (tick, tick, tick…) Okay, there’s the high dive from the top of the Bridge; boating accidents; bodies dumped in gangland killings; bodies dumped in non-gangland killings; polluters spewing their evil garbage; oil spills from Panamanian tankers; drug smugglers from Colombia; drunken ferry captains; speeding speed boats; indecent sunbathers; theft from the wharves… you get the idea, thrills and spills galore (there’s even been a maniacal jet-skier intent on homicide whilst he’s on the jet ski!!). And there’s one thing that has to be said for water - the action can take place above and below, two worlds for the price of one. The boat rides the waves to the scene of the crime, the divers take us to the evidence below.


Get some Sidney Travel guides, put some Shrimp on the Barbie, tell everyone to put Crockadile Dundee out of their mind, and put together some 75+75 point police characters. The fun part is that you can rip of the series episode guide for scenarios, and the players will never know.

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