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  1. This thread, like Jaws Just when you think it's safe WHOOMP! There it is Space Cadet
  2. How about this for possible names for your supervillain: Cyber-Magus Technomancer Space Cadet
  3. Hello? You are still out there, aren't you? BTW, did you ever find a website to post your stuff on for free? Space Cadet
  4. Welcome back, DD -- or do we have to start calling you Planet Lord now? Space Cadet
  5. Thanks for the info on Power Destruction, Uncle Shecky. I used to have that info written down somewhere, but it got lost some- how and I could never remember which book it was in. Space Cadet
  6. I seem to recall an old super-power for Champions called Power Destruction, but I can't remember how it was written up or how much it cost. Is there anyone online right now who could answer these questions for me? Space Cadet
  7. This is one can of worms that should definitely have remained unopened... Space Cadet:D
  8. You don't have any problems with accepting a character write-up based on a character (or monster) from a movie or TV show, do you? The reason I'm asking you this is that I finally got my own copy of the 5thEd Hero System Bestiary, and I'm going to take a shot at doing a write-up of "Seth", the main character from a movie called "King Cobra". I'd say that a 30- to 50-foot-long, man-eating gene-spliced African King Cobra/Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake hybrid would definitely qualify as a monster in anyone's book, wouldn't you? Space Cadet
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